Магниты Духа

Alexander Abdulov “Ascension on the East and the West” Project:

The 1-st stage- “Lemurian Crystals Activation”
The 2-d stage “The World of Humankind Future”.
Through Sergey Kanashevskey.

The Lemurian Crystal are within your Bodies!

How do you do, colleagues!
Salute to everybody reading these lines!
Greetings from all of us who are now working here, at the place in the space –time that you call the 5-th dimensional Rehabilitation Center.
Now I address not only the participants of the “Ascension at the East and at the West” Project, not only to those which are taking part in the process of the Lemurian Crystals Activation.
I would like all of those, who are involved in Spiritual developing, can hear US, the employees – collaborators of the Rehabilitation Center; I want to knock till the door of heart of the great majority of the Spiritual people is opened. We know that many of you do not appreciate the Project well enough; moreover they give it negative evaluation. I would like very much to reach you and ask you to listen to your hearts carefully! Many of you have a very powerful mind, as a matter of fact, it does not allow to hearing the whispering of your Spirit.
Understand, dear colleagues, we do not criticize you, we do not even make you remarks; we are just ASKING YOU to reduce the sound voice of your mind and listen to the whispering of your Spirit.
Why the active faze of the Ascension process has precisely started from the Crystals, various crystalline structures activation? –
Because, at the base — basis of your 4- dimensional and our 5-dimensinal Life there are the Crystalline structures of various forms of dimensionality, different forms, various qualitative — quantitative characteristics.

Certainly, if somebody would come to me, to that 4-dimensional man, whom — which you know as Alexander Abdulov, the actor and suggest to work activating some Crystals on the Earth, then my answer could be an ironically – negative… Yes, ironically ….
It is true an Irony is the way that does not bring you to the Truth. An Irony is one of the forms of protection from the outer — external world and a way of keeping your own self — appreciation …
When one starts to perceive the true nature of things or occurrences – phenomenon, the irony first turns into affliction or distress because of the fact that you did not know a lot before, and then it turns into an admiration from the new, wonderful — amazing knowledge and it becomes your joy because of the True cognition and nature of things.
Actually, I was not an atheist in my last embodiment or life — time; deep in my Soul I was a Believe…
I did not discuss with anybody what was hidden in my Soul, not at all. But if now (in my present state of consciousness, from the present level of my spiritual development) I could come back into the 4-dimentional world, then the Spiritual subjects – topics could become the main item in my communication with each and everyone.
Now the absolute majority of people do not understand how the True Spirituality is important. It is important for entire Humankind, for the Planet and also for each individual. The development of human spiritually is the accumulation of True riches.

Only these values have meaning here, after Transition from the 4-d life to the 5-d one.
From the personal Spirituality depends the process of rehabilitation in the New World, your new body, your place of habitation, and your new specialization…
It is not impossible to bring or transfer here, into the higher worlds neither your position in the society, nor the accumulated earthly mastery, or, moreover, the material wealth. One brings here only what may be called “Spirituality,” the Spiritual Mastery.
And this Mastery combined with the earlier gained Mastery – Skill – Trade allows you to precede living in the higher worlds; to live and create …

Therefore, now it is necessary for you to perfect your Spiritual Mastery.
And this process is better developed when you are engaged in Spiritual Creation, as you have started to call “Light Work” now.
So, you are engaged in the Light Work and at the same time you are perfecting your Spiritual Mastery.
At the same time your work should become more and more realized – conscious; you should better realize — be aware what you are doing. It is crucial to know how to focus upon main directions.

Many embodied Masters of Light, Light Workers, have their own specialization in the Light Creation.
However, there is also the main thing, which unites them; it includes the important unifying moments and it is the work with the Crystals, creation of New Crystalline structures.
As I have already told, our life is crystalline in its essence.
The New Crystals create New energy – magnetic fields.
New energy is the magnetic fields, the new Life, new evolutionary program.
And the new Program of Evolution IS the New GENETICS!
It is impossible to create a new Life with the old Genetics.

I think – suppose, you have already understood it, have not you?
To begin with, it is necessary, at least, to remove the gene of aging (becoming old) from your bodies; it is necessary to take away those genes which are responsible for the diseases, for our bodies’ destruction.
It is necessary to create the genes of regeneration the genes of immortality; it is necessary to create the Gene giving birth to new bodies, new forms. It is only for the beginning. I speak only about the initial – elementary program… Because, as a matter of fact, the genetic creative work, creation involves the higher tasks…
As the Genetics – Genetic Science of the 4- dimension world for the present time is far away from the True Genetics; and its goals are also primitive for the time being.
And the most important thing is that the science studies Genetics separately from the Spirituality. Only some scientists have stated to realize that such way leads into nowhere, into the dead end.

Why do I, actually, speak so much about GENETICS? —
The Lemurian Crystals ARE the important part of our MULTIDIMENSIONAL Genetic Program. The word “OUR” means the entire MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMANKIND and even other forms of the Planetary Life.

The Lemurian Crystals Activation IS a part of the Genetic Planetary Program activation.
And at the same time, it is the Genetic Program Activation of each individual being, each Man (human being).

When we are activating the Lemurian Crystals, we are activating Our Divine Genetics, including our PERSONAL DIVINE GENETICS.
(The Lemurians is one of the previous – Preceding Native – root Races of the Humankind that had more highly developed Genetics then the present day one is).

I know that the word “genetics” or “genetic changes” provoke fear. People are afraid of changes; people have used to the existing order of things; people have accustomed to the physical bodies; they associate their “Self” with their physical bodies. But my dear friends, comrades, you have never been only your physical bodies! You have never been and could not BE!

When the Spiritual Teachers lead us, the workers of the Rehabilitation Center to the Higher Level of the SITUATION VISION, we can see how and what is necessary to change in your – our world.


The absolute majority of people feel sick of this or that kind of diseases – illnesses.
The Humankind is keeping to the old habits, which, on the whole, are expressed in the habits: to eat, to drink, to get a set of corporal pleasures.
Actually, a physical body has stopped developing. Even the achievements in sports are built much on the body physical abilities, on the possibilities of this or that chemical preparations – pharmaceuticals.
The habit to take chemistry in human organism, take in the tablets, all kinds of medications -pharmaceuticals has also become one of the most bad habits of the Humankind; the habits which have objective reasons.
These habits appeared because the physical resources of the present day Man have been exhausted; the Man has drained them as a result of the fact that the physical body is rather isolated from its Spiritual Source.

The reunification of the physical bodies with their Spiritual Source will allow the PHYSICAL PLANE of the MAN to get changed; it will transfer him — her to the new level.
And it is one of the stages of general ASCENTION process, ASCENTION ALONG THE SPIRAL OF THE GOD’S EVOLUTION.

You may suppose that the Ascension process abolishes — cancels the existence of the physical bodies.
You may think that since we ascend into the 5-th dimension and we do not need the physical body then, don’t you?…
One may agree with this phrase only in the following meaning: “The Ascension process gradually abolishes the existence of the present type of physical bodies.”
The Physical matter (physical plane) is just one of the aspects of various Universal matters (planes); for there are: astral, mental and others. It exists also in the higher dimensions.
Therefore, it is simple to imagine the following: creating NEW GENETICS of the Physical Matter, you also create the NEW GENETICS of the 4 -dimensional Physical Bodies of and the NEW GENETICS of the NEW GENETICS of the physical plane of the 5thdimention.It is what you now call “the ether.”…

Moreover, that is what is necessary to know now: People cannot take with them into the 5-th dimension their debit card, a favorite country house, loved beverages and cigarettes. But… THEY CAN TAKE Their PHYSICAL BODY GENETICS . However, at first it is necessary to change, transform it (this genetics) in a special way; and the transformed genetics of the 4-dimensionl physical body is the real TREASURE – RICHES in the 5th Dimensionality. And I am telling you about it without any allegory or exaggeration.
So, my friends, colleagues and those who are just interested in it!

The activated system of the Lemurian Crystals network will just allow people to TRANSFORM THE PHYSICAL BODY GENETICS, SO LATER ON THEY COULD CARRY IT WITH THEM INTO THE 5-DIMENSIONALITY.

It takes place when the Physical Plane joins with the Spirituality. And the Spiritual wealth is just the thing which one can take into the Higher Worlds, more Spiritual ones!
The possession of the transformed genetics of the physical plane gives the Beings of Light of the Higher Worlds new important qualities. And YOU ARE these Being of Light, when you leave the 4-dimensional word for another one.

The situation could be compared with gaining of extraordinary abilities in your world. And it is not selectiveness; it is receiving of Creative Abilities in the higher dimensions that you use for the highest good of all.

Now there is also the crystalline structure within your physical bodies which is just like the structure of the Lemurian Crystals’ planetary net. It is possible to say that on the micro level there are also Lemurian Crystals in your bodies. And as you activate the Lemurian Crystals, you are also activating your NEW, MULTUDIMENSIAL PHYSICAL GENETICS.
The Lemurian Crystals are complex living Beings – entities, keeping and transferring the Genetics of higher dimensions to the Humankind for accelerating the process of human (Man’s) evolution.

And now, let’s speak about the Lemurian Crystals’ peculiarities marked under number 20. They are Svetozar and Miroslava.
You have read already that they have special Still Points (Zero Points) and special Magnetism. But both the Still Points and Magnetism could be brought together to one important characteristic — ESTABLISHMENT OF CONNECTION.
The Still Points IS the connection among the worlds.
Magnetism IS the connection of subtle (material) energies and even the connection of various forms of LIGHT.
Of course, you have already realized: Miroslava and Svetozar connect so far the separate – odd – occasional structures of the Lemurian Crystal of the East and West. But they also begin the process of unification of the RIGHT AND LEFT BRAIN of the PEOPLE.

Long ago, in the old days in the well known (to you) Lemuria there were no division into left and right brain hemispheres. It started more then 16, 000 years ago.
You know, it was necessary to get – obtain – gain the experience in Duality, develop the INDIVIDUAL MIND, the ability to analyze, reasoning, and to live by the INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE DENSE LAYERS OF MATTER. YES- YES, that’s the way it is!
Well, (here it is), the experience has been gained, and now the form of the Humanity’s consciousness is changing. The structure of brain starts changing. The left and right brain hemispheres of the Light WORKERS are functioning differently compared to the great majority of people.
And in future they will start merge into new oneness – unity.
Actually, it is not the same unity of consciousness that the Lemurians had.
It is the NEW LEVEL consciousness – awareness.
We will be able to have simultaneously both the Lemurian Oneness of Consciousness and the ability to use the individual mind which is able – capable to analyze and produce right opinions in the conditions of developing in the dense layers of matte.

So, the Lemurian Crystals are that structure which will change the arrangement (organization) of people’s brain! It will also find reflection in the Humankind Collective Consciousness and in the United Structure of Planet EARTH!

Moreover, the structure of the Lemurean Crystals network develops the connection of your Spirituality with the physical bodies! This connection develops on the micro level, on the cellular level, in the nano – world and even in the more subtle – matter structures.

Do you know the reason of so many that are called “incurable” diseases? –
It is the absence – lack of necessary – required energy exchange between a physical body and SPIRIT! And the human mind, the individual consciousness is between the physical body and Spirit.
And as long as, this mind rejects Spirituality then the required energy does not go – enter into the physical body.
As a result of it is the development of diseases.
As soon as the consciousness changes, — the energy of Spirituality becomes stronger, the physical body changes too.
The Lemurian Crystals activation will assist the Arising of the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PHYSICAL PLANE ITSELF, that is to say being conceived the consciousness of new cells, atoms, microstructures; that is to say, the physical body gives birth to new consciousness, which will rebuild the body, bringing it into the accordance with the present time requirements, — the time of serious changes.

And now I appeal directly to the participants of activation of Crystals Miroslav and Svetozar.
Your responsibility is great!
You bring New Unity and New Consciousness! It is necessary for you to carry out not only magnetic activation with the help of symbols, and not only to unite (bring together) the SOUL of the Crystals throughout all dimensions. You unite the SPIRIT and the Physical matter, transferring the last one to the new level of consciousness.
THE Quantity transfers into Quality!
Therefore, you are to perform absolutely special work of combining the left and right brain hemispheres, on creating new consciousness for the 4-dimensional matter. Your Teachers will give you for this necessary spiritual practices.

Friends, Colleagues, it is a great joy to participate in such kind of work!
We feel – experience great joy because we have possibility – opportunity to associate with you and work together. We did not experience such joy during our last embodiment, though!
Many of us, the workers of the Rehabilitation Center are those who are well known to you.
Our embodiment was in many ways connected just with the task to become famous or to become a celebrity that is to say to create spiritual – energetic connection with many people. Now this (our) celebrity, these threads of spiritual connection allows us to interact with sufficiently great quantity of people.
Your the 4- d world and our 5- d world go towards each other to create extraordinary unity which is called as “Polimir – Poliworld.” And it is true, our dear comrades! It is true!
The joint work of various worlds has started; it is developing! Hold us tight by our hands! Think more often about us, all those who has left the 4- d world. Think about your past away relatives, friends. Naturally, we are not exactly the same we used to be, the way you used to take us for or perceived us. However, still we are not less native and close ones!
Though, You have become for us now closer, more intimate – kindred. For the feeling – sense of relationship, unity with you do not just become stronger here, sometimes it turns into a tweaking — pinching pain. It is true! When I passed away, some of my friends asked me mentally: “Hello there! Sasha, how are you?” I usually answered: “Well, I am fine. I am just fine! However, it is boring; I miss…” But not everybody could hear me…
Well, listen to me now… We embrace all of you! We are together; We are together…

Sincerely yours.
Alexander Abdulov,
the worker of the Rehabilitation Center, the 5-d, not embodied Keeper of the Lemurian Crystal Svetozar, 03 – 24 – 2013.

www.lightgroup. Lemuriancrystals in your bodies. Alexander Abdulov, 24 -03 – 2013

Translated from Russian, Bartone





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