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WORLD Channeling

Once again about “World Channeling.”

Greetings, Dear Light Workers! I salute those seekers, who follow the Spiritual Quest Path!

Almost a month ago the author of these lines put an address on many esoteric websites about the birth of a new Magazine “World Channeling” – the Spiritual Messages.

We have received a lot of questions, opinions and responds on the publication of this new LIGHT FAMILY publication, but first of all I would like, my Friends, to share very pleasant news! The first greetings have arrived from the Spiritual Realm. Here they are:

Message from SANAT KUMARA

The World Channeling is gaining its strength and it absolutely corresponds to the situation that is developing on the Planet.

            During all years of Earthly Humankind existence WE, the Lords of Cosmic LIGHT have been using the channels of communication with Earthly people through our specially trained collaborators — partners

Some of them come into embodiment – incarnation with a special purpose – task, — to be a channel of communication between the Worlds, separated by the “Veil” of your Exceptional Duality Experiment.

Our Dear Channelers! Now you have got another opportunity to bring, the Information you receive, to the Planet Population, through the possibilities that the New Magazine opens for you.

Any possibility — opportunity of spreading Our Information among Earthly people gives US joy. It is very urgent!

            And WE greet you again, OUR beloved faithful – experienced Channelers, while you are fulfilling your Predestination Given from GOD!

Thanks for your Strained Work! And

WE also send Our Thanksgiving to those who are organizing, publishing, translating and arranging all the received Information!

            May OUR FATHER’s Blessing descend on YOU!

With much LOVE to the Guides of Divine WORD


Through Marina Shults,
October,11, 2011



Message from Archangel MICHAEL:

World Channeling Magazine is Spiritual Information.”

         Greetings to All PIOUS SOULS of PLANET EARTH!

You are creating your PRESENT and FUTURE under Tireless Gaze –Observation.

Your work is getting more polyhedral, and the connections are strengthening. Your knowledge has become deeper and the things, being revealed that became obvious to you, are getting drawn to the surface.

Today you are creating and co-creating your own methods, getting joined together into groups, and it makes you more powerful both collectively and individually.

You are getting filled with Grace, enriching with the True LIGHT – LOVE everybody and everything around you!

The JOY fills US, while WE are watching all your steps on the Path of Perfection, and all directions you choose.

The Angels, being rejoiced, are singing the Supportive Song.

All Guardians have lined up ready for protection and association — cooperation with you on this Way, so you will not be alone, being supported for Your Highest GOOD.

Your Intensions are decent and filled with Grace in your meditations, in the Truly Received Messages and manifested methods.

The results will grow, becoming more tangible, and they will come in proper time.

The changes will start happening at accelerated rate, getting spread all over LIGHT Networks.

The Initiations have been done \ conducted. As the result of your merging deeds are the platforms, that are uniting your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

You are displaying — manifesting your multidimensional Gifts – Abilities, carrying them to everybody throughout the energetic and electronic websnetworks. Other resources are also being activated by you!

The created magazine “WORLD CHANNELING — Spiritual Information” will be manifested with friendly infusion.

Actually, even now it has absorbed the multifaceted Information which useful for being sounded.

         The magazine will develop, becoming \ getting extensive and multifaceted. On its way of development it will reach the transformation stage, as the number – quantity of sections will reach (be on) a large scale.

The magazine will unite many people, giving the possibility to touch that Information which had been hidden till now, and unreachable for many people to be read.

Each one will find something useful for in it: somebody will get an answer, somebody will manifest oneself, displaying his – her abilities; somebody will distribute it, spreading a Ray of LIGHT into Shadow space… And everything has its ripe time!

Today the magazine is very topical! You will gather even more Particles of LIGHT around yourselves, thanks to this magazine.

And all Light Particles will merge into a LIGHT LOVE Radiant Flow, and they will envelope Planet EARTH. And you will become aware of the Essence of your Initiatives, bringing to LIGHT your True Being and ASCENSION.

We keep you in Grace, under the protection of the Most Highs,

Leaving you with the Parting Words for the Great Truth.

Through Alla (LIGHT GROUP)


Greeting from EL MORYA

Dear Readers of the New Collection – Magazine!

I AM, EL MORYA, glad to greet all LIGHT WORKERS, who have happened to be within this wonderful collective body of the creators of this New Megaphone of LIGHT!

Yes, that is right! I just say:the Megaphone of LIGHT.”

Today the Informational war for Human Consciousnesses is going on and on.

And now, the most urgent issue is to bring the True Information to Human Masses from the Cosmic Forces of LIGHT, that are trying, as never before, to assist the EARTH and the People of the EARTH to come out to the New Evolutionary Development Boundary.

The EARTH, as a Spiritual Entity, and all people on this Planet, together with all New planes and sub-planes that were formed on It, —  everything is ready for Quantum Leap into the New, though, yet unknown for people, State!

And today the most Important Thing IS:

To explain the Transition Period Situation that has turned out to happen on the EARTH, and Active Assistance to All People in Realizing the Importance and absolute inimitableness (second to none) for their Development – Evolvement moment.

The magazine – the LIGHT FORCES, LIGHT FAMILY Megaphone is as topical, as never before!

And the more differences between the old Life and the New Tendencies will be brought to Light –pointed out, it is more important to have a printed – published Organ of the LIGHT FORCES!  As it will become a lifesaving BEACON of LIGHT in the midst of the Transition Period menacing Storm.

I greet the LIGHT WOKERS who have agreed to support this magazine with \ by their creative forces, giving the possibility – opportunity for the Reader to have the efficient Information, concerning the happening Events.

I salute YOU, the Divine Knowledge Guards — Stewards on the Planet’s Physical Plane!

I salute the practical LIGHT Attendants who, by their work, introduce balancing and harmonizing influences into the Processes that are happening on the Planet!

         Glory to ALL LIGHT WORKERS who had come into this given Embodiment – Incarnation as the Guards of the LIGHT FAMY, and have become the DIVINE LIGHT BEACONS among\ for People!

         I command the magazine a LIGHT WAY and give the BLESSINGS from the Galactic LIGHT FAMILY!

Good Luck to the creators, co-workers and the Readers of this New magazine!


Through Marina Shults,


Message from Ascended Lord Nikolay K. Roerich

(1874-1947, Russian Painter)

            It is so wonderful that a new magazineWorld Channeling” has been created, and, moreover, it will be published in Russia!

The time for this kind of work has come! The time has come to revive the best tradition of Russian Esoteric!

You are on the right track, dear hearts!

            People are awakening, for the Resurrection Flame is burning brighter and brighter over RUSSIA!

Our People are modest and reticent; they cannot always to confess and disclose themselves and this is the reason why it looks as if the process of personal evolvement or movement to the LIGHT goes slowly with the People of Russia.

However, the LIGHT RUSSIA is waking up.

Let the whole World See Its Bright — Clear LIGHT!

It is so wonderful that the “World Channeling” magazine will be published in two languages: Russian and English. You have something to tell the World! And believe me the world public is waiting for Your WORD!

So, good luck, Light – Bearers of Russia! You will manage! You will be able everything! You can stand anything!

Let each page of this Light publication radiate the LIGHTof ILLUMINATION and TRUTH!

We see and support Each of You.
Do not stop and go ahead, Blessed Hearts!

With LOVE for RUSSIA and RUSSIAN People!

Through Vassiley Kuchinin,
Eupatorium, Crimea, the Ukraine.

Translated from Russian, Larisa Bartone

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