Магниты Духа

Prayer of Oneness with Earth.

Wake up, Mother – Earth, from the oblivion of Your Cosmic Beauty!

Beloved Earth, will YOU bring us Your New Energies!

Will YOU also give us opportunity to receive Your whole transformation into our total Essence of Cosmos People.

We are getting filled with the Crystalline Energies, coming — flowing from the Ineffable LIGH SOURCE.

We accept all Crystal structures of the New Human Being of Planet Earth and Cosmos.

We reflect our New Light Structure to Mother – Earth, consolidating and confirming Her LIGHT Transformation.

We join Her Novelty with our own newness and project Our New State, merged in resonance, to all Forms of Life on the EARTH and also to All Earthly People.

We open New Portal Vortexes within the Earth, and also inside ourselves to get joined with COSMIC MIND!

May our c Interconnection with Planet Earth be consolidated by Our Heavenly FATHER-MOTHER- GOD Blessing!

May all Planet progressive transformations be reflected momentarily within our And We, Children of Mother- Earth declare:

We walk in the First ranks of the Planet New Life Builders!

We build up New Light Structures within us and consolidate by them the new Structural Changes in the Earthly World.

We are the resonance of Planetary Reconstruction.

We are the ocean of LIGHT, flowing into Light Space of the Planet.

We are the Essence from the Earth Essence and together with HER walking to the New Evolutionary boundaries.

We are ONE with the Planet!

We and the Planet are ONE!

We and the Planet are ONE Whole!

We Love YOU, dear Earth, and shall do everything possible to make You radiate – shine as a Wonderful Star in Cosmos!

May it come true henceforth ever and forever! And so it is! Amen.


Through Marina Shultz,

Translated from Russian
Larisa Bartone



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