Магниты Духа

Invocation to Our Planet s Higher «Self».

We graciously ask the Higher “Self” of Our Planet to turn our Planet into LIGHT Planet!

Will YOU cleanse HER from all accumulated obsolete information, in order Our beloved EARTH could accept the New Programs of Development with ease and grace, getting perfectly established on the Path of Ascension.

We accept all Your new work, regarding the Planet Transformation, and ask You, the Earth Higher “Self” to perform harmonious alignment — tuning  with our Higher “Selves” and this way, in absolute unity with the Evolutionary tasks, we could become Single with our Planet in the Ascension flow.

We invoke to the Divine Sources of all Kingdoms, developing on the EARTH:

In the name of our New Evolutionary boundary, let us get united in a single LOVE impulse, in order to reach it confidently without unnecessary loses and destructions.   

We do believe that Christ Conscious is becoming the prevailing Consciousness of Earthly People. This clears, for everything, existing on the Earth, the way to reunification with their Divine Source and tuning into accordance with the Planet Higher “Self.”

We welcome the Earth Higher “Self” work, concerning HER and Our ASCENSION.

         May the New Stage of the Earth Conscious and all forms of LIFE on Her come true!


Through Marina Shultz

Translated from Russian Larisa Bartone

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