Магниты Духа

Invocation to the World OCEAN

We address our Unconditional Love to the World Ocean, offering assistance (within our power) in \ for Its waters’ purification, and restoration of Its waters’ structures, in order to sustain the flora and fauna in all multitude — diversity of manifested Life forms.

We bring about our determination of turning the World Ocean into the receptacle of Powerful Information and Life Forces for the further evolution of OCEAN Itself and the Earth Evolution Program, which Ocean supports.

We send Unconditional Love Impulse right into the very Core of the World Ocean with the intension that our impulse could reach, by spreading in all directions all over the Ocean Essence and saturate with our Unconditional Love all corners of Its Being.

We remove all obsolete blocks of information, that have become meaningless and prevent the Ocean and Earth to be present in the Higher Dimensions.

That is why we saturate the OCEAN Waters with the Royal Violet Flame of Freedom, Transmutation – Transformation of Beloved Lord SAINT GERMAIN, and we also bless the purification of the World Ocean waters and total neutralization of the negative information within it. And so be it, beloved “I AM!”

We raise the World Ocean Conscious Vibrations, by enhancing Its own Light level — quotient. For this purpose we infuse Pure CREATOR LIGHT, kindly asking HIM to provide Assistance for our Planet and everything existing on It:

Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent FATHER, we address YOU, asking YOUR Permission to infuse YOUR inexplicable LIGHT into the World Ocean Structure of Beloved Planet Earth.  

            Oh, Omnipotent FATHER! Will YOU fill in with YOUR PURITY the waters of all Earthly Oceans and Seas, Rivers and Streams, Lakes and Ponds both large and small.

Ave FATHER, will YOU help Our World Ocean to recreate within New Structures of Recorded Information and move up, together with Earth, into the Higher Realms — Dimensions of Planetary Life!

FATHER – MOTHER-GOD, the Children of Earth ask forgiveness for the waters’ pollution and the World Ocean Life destruction.

Be our Tutors in the New Life and assist us, Your Children, to finish the Cosmic Experiment of Duality, and come out again to the level of merging with our DIVINITY.

Our beloved TUTORS, stay with us in that complicated work, concerning the recreation of the new status both the Earth and the World Ocean that we would like to accomplish.

We shall consolidate our connection with the World Ocean in future.

Now and here we address the Great SPIRIT of the World Ocean, asking HIM \ IT to accept our confession for all destructive actions committed to Him and all Marine Life by Humankind.

         Oh, Great World Ocean SPIRIT, from now on we reestablish our connection with You, sending the Unconditional Love of our Higher Hearts to all forms of Life, developing within YOUR REALMS, in total awareness of the significance of the processes that are taking place inside YOUR SPACES.

From now on and forever we declare our Intension to be the guarantors of the creative processes within the World Ocean and on Our beloved Mother — EARTH as a whole.

And so be it, by beloved God — Presence “I AM.”  Amen.


Through Marina Shultz

Translated from Russian Larisa Bartone


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