Магниты Духа


 We walk hand in hand to the horizon where the Dawn of the New Word is rising.

We walk hand in hand towards the New World of Love and Harmony.

We walk hand in hand, up and down, with all strings of our Soul merging in the Celestial Space.

 To the New World we carry our smiles, joyous expectation of the raised SUN with the New Message from the illusory distances of the vanishing old days.

 We carry Our LOVE and by IT will be left behind us all obstacles on our Way.

We carry JOY to the Planet and everything existing on it. And we shall nourish all the space surrounding Our Blue Perl Planet with this JOY, spreading it all over our life activity system.

 We carry Good News about the New Era Coming for Humankind and Planet Earth.

We build up New Jerusalem through the New Consciousness and New way of Thinking.

May Our Mother – Earth be Blessed, Our Refuge, Our Cosmic Shelter that had given us the Grace of Eternal Existence!

May all Nations of Planet Earth be blessed which have created New World on the Earth in their single aspiration!

May the Blue Perl Earth appear in Her new Wedding Dress before CREATOR.

May GOD’s WILL be Done on the Earth forever and ever! Amen.


Through Marina Shultz

Translated from Russian Larisa Bartone


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