Магниты Духа

Message from GAIA.

After Service on “11:11:11” Vibration

My wonderful Children! The Fairness of the Festive Ball at “11:11:11” Vibration is over, yet the Festivity of Our (both My and Your) Transformation is still in progress!

Me beloved People! I express MY deepest gratitude to all those, who were together with ME on this radiating with Transformation LIGHT DAY!

WE merged with you in a single impulse of LOVE. And this very LOVE has transformed many processes in MY and Your Life.

I have always felt deep down in My Heart each Human Being, as well as each blade of grass! But on Vibration “11:11:11”DAY, as never before, I felt how from your hearts came the unexpressive return wave of ineffable Love and Joy!

We were together during the most responsible moment of My Crystalline Body activation, and also at the time of the Platinum Crystal activation which breathed in, resurrected and has already started to Light up all those Dimensions that I have to open for Your and Common — Whole Planetary Life.

This Crystal will be the Greatest Assistant for Us at the ASCENSION Moment! And for those, who will be the Ascended Pioneers, the Crystal will become the “Lightener,” Illuminating the Path, and the linking Light between – among Dimensions.

         My Dear Children! On this Wonderful Day You felt yourselves the Wave on unprecedented Oneness that rolled out from East to West. And I would like so much that this feeling of Oneness of All LIFE could become stronger and get confirmed within ME, inside each of you, within all that exist and also in the whole COSMOS!

You are the Cosmic Angels. And these Angels have awakened and declared their Right for all LIFE Transformation in its fullness. I AM overwhelmed with Joy and happiness! From now on WE shall go to the Main boundary of Our Transition – Shift into the Multidimensional Existence.

I send My LOVE to everybody who on this DAY conducted all necessary rituals, joining with ME and other People in one Aspiration — Intension! You supported each other so powerfully that All your sent impulses were multiplied and reverberated across — through the exponent.

The Magnets of Spirit in all countries conducted unprecedented Services and therefore I send My most profound reverence to All Servants of the Magnets of Spirit! Really You have magnetized a lot of people, involving them into the orbit of your Services.

The Chain of Services, supporting the Reconstruction Processes has been multiplying with great speed.

The former Priests have started to fulfill their duties. In many People the deep memory of their complicity in \ with the Earthly processes of governing have awakened. The Angels have started not just waking up, but they also join in their missions fulfillment with which they had arrived into embodiment.

My beloved Children, WE shall go ahead together, and fulfill everything essential for accomplishing our ultimate goal in Unification, Friendship and Great LOVE towards each other!

This is the only way We shall manage to go through ASCENSION harmoniously, and IT IS approaching relentlessly! And it will be a Cosmic Holiday of the whole Universe! And WE shall make IT possible!

With Love from GAIA

 For MY Children – Angels

Through Marina Shultz, 11 – 13 – 2011

Translated from Russian, Larisa7777@aol.com    Larisa Bartone        

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