Магниты Духа

Message of Saint Germain

Saint Germain

My beloved Earthly People, Extremely Important Stage in the New Planet Recreation has been completed — concluded by you, and this Stage had been marked by the “11-11-11” Vibration Day.

What next? – As you know, three important dates are coming yet. And they are not worth just to be passed by YOU!

And the first one of them, on November 25, 2011, will be the partial Sun Eclipse (not total one). And, as at any Sun eclipse, it is worthy to affirm — maintain,  Sealing  ALL those Changes that had taken place or passed on the Planet and also in Your Lives (just remember: in YOUR LIVES!) within the period from the previous Sun eclipse  till the coming one (note by Marina: the previous one was 07-01-2011). Perform your own detailed analysis, and on November, 25 carry out:

  1. 1.      A accept your personal detailed Life Contracts — Agreements no longer than for the first half year period of 2012 (don’t rush – harry up to put your look into ahead – henceforward; the great changes are waiting for you).
  2. 2.      You should affirm — confirm the Planetary Changes, that have happened within — during last three months. It is your most important Investment into the Planetary Reconstruction.

Still there will be Other Programs that the Earth is to receive during the Sun Eclipse.

But the MOST Important thing that is going to happen is:

All Planetary Changes and especially THOSE, connected with “11-11-11” Vibration, will be SEALED on that DAY. 

How is it supposed to be understood?

Within the terms (before the next Sun Eclipse in 2012), the Programs of development will be confirmed concerning those issues that HAVE BEEN Started on “11-11-11” VIBRATION and also some of those which had been started before it – within the last 3 months’ period.  I hope it is clear.

Concerning MY recommendations for the SERVICES — rituals on November 25, 2011:

1. First of all, in Your Consciousnesses, I suggest you to become valuable and competent Beings, responsible for the Planet’s destiny. And take this peculiarity into consideration. I spoke about it before, but now it is very important, realize, at last, both your responsibility and your Cosmic Power.

2. Secondly, You have to become the Main Participants of the Planetary Events. And understand that it is possible to turn your Planet into a New ONE ONLY through / by your efforts – strivings:

To accept New Energies; to anchor them inside the Planet; to saturate the Planet with your LOVE so powerfully, that SHE could literally bathe in your LOVE. Your can do it! And your Planet deserves such flux of your tenderness and Love.

My Dear Earthly People, the process of Sun eclipses is a complex Cosmic Mechanism of the Evolutionary programs’ transmission to planets. And it concerns not only the EARTH, but any planet that has satellites.

However, right now Special Programs are coming for the Earth, which are preparing HER, together with the SUN, for Galactic alignment. That is why WE point out to you the advisability of providing special sustain – support, giving countenance to these Cosmic Switchings.

I have already called it a “Cosmic Waltz.” And so it is! And on this Day listen to the sounds of “Cosmic Waltzes,” that some of your famous composers have impressed, which had heard the Music of Cosmic Strings.

My dear Earthly People! On this Day, together with you, WE will salute the whole System of the Changes that have already started, sealing and affirming – confirming the Planetary Transformation Programs. Please, BE the Cosmic Builders on this DAY too!

             With best wishes and Love

Saint Germain

Through Marina Shultz

            Translated from Russian, Larisa Martone          Larisa7777@aol.com           

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