Магниты Духа

To all people of the Earth. Message from AA Michael.

11 -21 -2011

            Beloved People, Unconditional LOVE is flowing into your hearts from the Higher Realms. How should you respond it? What is necessary to do to let it flux into your lives? How is it necessary to learn to Love without conditions and definitions, restrictions — limitations and reservations, without all kinds of obstacles that forge you in the major skill to BE a MAN – HUMAN Being?

Yes, today, on November, 21 – 2011, I, Archangel MICHAEL call the gathering of the Light Warriors Council.

But Who ARE THEY? –How is it possible, in the new conditions of Earth, to understand who are MY WARRIORS, MY LIGHT ANGELS, whom you invoke to for so many centuries, asking their assistance and protection? – They are, namely, those who have passed the Way of True LOVE Mastering, and giving their LIGHT for the Highest GOOD of other forms of Life.

You should understand the main thing: the very idea – conception of a “Warrior of LIGHT” is changing today, and together with this new notion YOU, DEAR ANGELS of LIGHT, are raising over all old dogmas – paradigm. 

Warrior of LIGHT” are not only Archangels, Angels, Lord (Holly Farther) and Ladies, they are also Numerous Cosmic Light Forces.

Today MY host is expanded extremely! — Why? – Because Many People of the Earth have become steadfast Warriors of LIGHT!

And today My Council which I convoke, as usual, on November, 21 (I just like this Date, as it is Trinity + Vibration of Illumination – Enlightenment!) includes an extremely great number of Earthly People who have managed to grow up to the level of LIGHT WARRIORS.

I constantly induct — conduct Initiations into the ranks of My Host.

You have begun to return Your Light Armors.

You have accepted the Mission to be your Planet’s Creators, and also to live on it.

Now you are the Main Protectors of the Planetary Life.

And it does not match you to stand, bending your head begging and asking for mercy and all kinds of allegations.

Your position is: shot up Wings of Light!

And your duty is: to go ahead, perceiving your own Light Might and Greatness.

Joyous events are taking place on the Earth.

The Earth is radiating with unprecedented Light!

But the most remarkable thing is the fact that more and more “fire flies” appear on it. They are looming with their enlightenment and calling other people to follow them.

The Planetary structure is transforming into the Light Crystal of unprecedented power, that the whole Cosmos is enjoying and admiring this beautiful, fairytale — fabulous clothes of the NEW PLANET.

And MY whole HOST takes an active part in all Planetary Transformations.

And even more to it, — WE participate in your awakening and your growth as Light Beings.

WE assist all Earthly People, even without your call, creating Light Garment, and make radical transformations in all our structures.

WE are the Bearers of all new elements of your bodies which will allow people to go through ASCENSION in their physical bodies.

WE are getting ready together with you for Planetary ASCENSION. And WE shall be with YOU at all critical points of the Great Transition.

And who are the Warriors in my HOST, My dear People? –

Well, first all YOU ARE!

Especially, those of you who are building their perfection, assisting other people and the Planet.

Warriors of Light! Today I, Archangel MICHAEL call the gathering of a very large Council. And I AM happy that in its staff there are many Angels, awakened from long sleep.

WE call you “Angels from the Central Spiritual SUN,” not in vain. You are finishing a complicated work on your planet.

And now, precisely, right now on this Solemn Day of Archangel MICHAIL’S Council I again admit into its staff new Angels – People, who have raised their Hearts up to Serve LIGHT. And there is reinforcement — replenishment in MY COUNCIL today! And it happens this way every year!

And the moment will come when the old staff of AA Michael’s Council will leave for other Worlds, to fulfill a new Task, leaving on the Planet Earth Angels, who had become the Bearers of LIGHT, LOVE, Harmony and Perfection.

And I, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, give you MY PROMISE that I shall never leave You without My Presence even then, when IT HAPPENCE. And, may be, some of MY New Warriors of LIGHT will be with ME in other Worlds, bringing Protection and LOVE there!

I Glorify the Humankind of EARTH!


With LOVE from
Archangel MICHAEL

Through Marina Shultz

Translated from Russian Larisa Bartone

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