Магниты Духа

«WORLD CHANNELING: Divine Messages.

 Address to the LIGHT WORKERS

From the Editorial Group

Greeting Dear LIGHT WORKERS — Collaborators!

We salute all walking the Path of Spiritual Evolving!

Yes, the Magazine of the LIGHT FAMILY has been born in the Subtle Realm and lives its saturated life (state of maximum impregnation), however the eyes of the Readers from the Physical Realm did not see its pages yet. Dear Friends, the New Magazine is not an ordinary means of mass information.

That is what Master KIREAL says about it:

The Magazine arouses a great interest on both sides of the Veil.

A new stage in the Evolutionary development of all Earthly Beings of LIGHT starts now.

It is a Stage of Unionunification, of numerous spiritual groups all over the World.

In the Space of Russian language the new Magazine World Channeling” — the “Spiritual Messages” becomes such unification factor.

The LORDS in charge of this Project or curate it give a great significance, encouraging — inspiring it, and also rendering it a great support.

The Magazine is to become a new tool – instrument of SPIRIT and Spiritual development of Earthly People.

         Many of you already KNOW about your New Mission of Enlighteners – Illuminators, spreading the Ideas of LIGHT. If somebody did it in a passive way, now while reading this New Publication — edition you are getting transformed into an Active Light Collaborator.

         The Time has come for the LIGHT FORCES General Unification.

The first edition of the Family of LIGHT Magazine IS a significant event for the whole LIGHT Movement all over the world.

The Magazine had been called down / in to give an impetus – impulse for the whole LIGHT Movement, though some of you have not yet realized it.


Through Svetlana Drachova,


The Unification has started, though the Magazine is not yet issued.

The Light Workers from: Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, USA, Turkey, France, Sweden, Israel, have already joined their forces.

Our work, as the Guides — Conductors of LIGHT, the Spiritual Hierarchy Light Information Transformers, has reached the new level. Our Hearts have started to beat in unison. The New Vibrations will allow us to fulfill the New Serious TASKS, put before us by the Family of LIGHT.

The accomplishment of the “Lemurian Crystals’ Activation” Project IS ONE of such HIGHEST TASKS.

         During the Lemureans’ Time 33 Master Crystals were delivered to the Planet by the Galactic Federation, the Family of LIGHT and placed – established into the Earth Crystalline Field.

All these Crystals are located in the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth Globe.

         The Eastern Hemisphere of the Planet is similar to the Right Cerebral Hemisphere of a Human Brain.

It is: the Planets’ Spirituality; HER Femininity, the Maternal Energy.

We have to determine the exact location of these CRYSTALS, and then to carry out their Consecrationelucidation and Activation.

The Lemurian Crystals Activation will allow to raise – increase the quality of Spirituality level on the planet and to make an important step forward in preparation for the Planetary Ascension.

Beloved Teacher Ashtar Sheran is Head of this Project; He Represents the Galactic Federation Council of Free Worlds, of the LIGHT Forces’ Fleets Commander –in- Chief .

         Beloved Ascended Teacher Lord EL MORYA, the Chohan of the First Ray (The Flame of the Will of GOD) is the Spiritual Curator of this Project.

All this WORK is enjoying the GALACTIC CHRIST Blessing.

Light Worker – Collaborators, a very special and exiting work is waiting for us. You will not be just its observers or witnesses, but also its direct co-Creators.

The editorial group of theWorld Channeling – Spiritual Messages” has already become the Headquarters of this Project. The Information, concerning the realization of this Project, will be published on the Magazine pages and at the Light Workers’ websites.

My Friends, it is just the beginning. The important place in the future co-creation of the embodied Light Workers and Our Spiritual Teachers has been already prepared for the Light Family Publication.

            Once again we ask you to provide your support for the Magazine!

You can subscribe for the magazine:

E-mail: mirovoy_channeling@mail.ru

If you write down your address (don’t forget the index).

We are glad to inform you that the translation of this Magazine into English is at full speed. We will provide you with additional information, concerning the electronic versions in Russian and English.

Dear friends, the Unification Process has, truly, started!

And the New process of Collaboration with the Spiritual World has started too.

The joint Acts, united Projects of the Embodied Light Workers and our TEACHERS from behind the Veil are taking place all over our World!

         The active movement forward is impossible without OFFICIAL UNITED — JOINT INFORMATIONAL WORK.

The LIGHT FAMILY has already blessed the Magazine!

Will you bless it Dear Light Collaborators!

We are together. We are ONE.

The VEIL is rising!

The Healing Processes and Preparation for ASCENSION could be accomplished ONLY by Our COLLECTIVE Co- CREATION!

We are sending the Energy of LOVE to Everybody, the Whole Planet and all Living Beings — Nations – Kingdoms, living  — developing — evolving on our Mother Earth!

With LOVE and LIGHT,

Editorial Group:
Marina Shultz,             Latvia;
Yelena Martem,           Sweden;
Vasiliy Cuchinin
,         Ukraine;
Svetlana Drachova
,     Russia
Sergey Kanashevskey,          Russia.


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