Магниты Духа

Krayon in Riga-Latvia. 07.31.2011

Trough Marina Shults

Greetings, my dear friends, at our new meeting with KRAYON! I would like to remind you that today here in Riga, in this hall it is our 9-th meeting with KRAYON. Number “9” is a very special figure in numerology. Our channelings have grown into a serious spiritual work.
Before you usually came just to listen to KRAYON, and since long ago He has suggested or invited us to WORK.
Actually, All Lords of LIGHT and KRAYON Himself have acknowledged  that it works! We can do it! And by doing it we bring a lot of benefits for Riga, our beloved Latvia and also for the whole Planet, and, naturally, to ourselves.

Today, as usual, we shall start with the Crystal of Light building, as we did it last time. I would like to remind You that we did not do it before. KRAYON had paid attention that very skillful and knowledgeable persons usually attend our  meetings, wishing to be useful for the World, so HE suggested us to WORK properly. Therefore, now we shall start from building the LIGHT Crystal.

I shall remind you how to do it.

Let each one of you produce — direct a Ray of Light from each corners of our hall (and it is almost a square onelet the Ray first goes along the perimeter of the hall at the floor level. Then from the same corners raise or lift the Rays up to Our Heavenly Father – Mother- GOD. And from the same corners direct the Rays down into the Core of the Earth.

This way we are building our Crystal of Light. This job could be done by one person, and the Crystal will rise; but if this work is done by 120 persons, that Crystal is getting filled by Light very powerfully: its whole space and all its facets.

We have built 2 pyramids: one with its top is directed upward; another one is its reflection.

And now I would like to pay your attention to this wall of our hall, and one more picture that is to the left from me. You see the symbols of new Chakras, developing within all humans. And the background, which the symbols are pasted on, shows the colors of the Chakras.

The whole Energy supply is getting changed within us, and our Chakras are starting to work at different vibration level.

Right now you can just give command through your Consciousness that all these 7 posters, all 7 symbols could work during our channeling session and assist each of you to adjust – transfer your Chakras to the new frequencies or level of vibration.

And now will each of you look into your Heart. And everybody can see a wonderful flower there. They are all different. And it is also good! Let these Flowers of your Heart get opened, let them brake into blossom. Oh, how wonderful!

Now the foundation of our Pyramid is blossoming with different flowers. Now square is filled with these colors!

Yet, our Pyramid is directed upward that also has its mirror reflection. And each your flower is now reflected in the lower Pyramid that goes into the Earth Core by its top.

Now we shall start with our Meditation, which had been dictated by KRAYON and He named it “Opening the Ascension Portals.”

Now, each of you tries to get deeply into it and do everything it is suggested — recommended there. It is not difficult at all. And I would like to tell you that today Krayon (the way HE did at two previous channelings) will lift the “veil” right before the meditation.

So, naturally, during this meditation KRAYON and also the whole Family of Light will be with us.

And there if one more gift for You; before I left my house I asked Lord El MORYA again (the way I did before) to project His wonderful Blue Rose into our hall. An I can see that this Rose is also soaring in the space being reflected in the lower Pyramid. And now, please, concentrate and we shall start our meditation.

“We are Opening the Ascension Portal”

Now you had joined your efforts and built the Crystal of Light.

What is it? How does the Crystal work in space? Pay your attention to the tops the Pyramids created by the Crystal, that are connected by their foundation. You filled these Pyramids with your Hearts’ Love. And this Love has momentarily spread all over the whole space of the Crystal, reaching the upper and lower Pyramids’ tops, and getting concentrated there with great power.

Now we shall open the Portal. It will be the Portal of connection between Two Worlds: your Three- Four dimensional World and the Five – Dimension one.

The upper Pyramid by its top goes up into the 5-th Dimension. The opposite pole of the Light Crystal goes into the Earth Core. And there is the 5-th Dimension there too. This way you have connected with the 5-th Dimension above and below.

Well, what is necessary to do now? – Start expending the Flower of your Heart both up and down, filling with it the whole Light Crystal. Let everybody do it. It is very important.

Just imagine that the Flower of your Heart starts to grow, filling the whole Crystal. Do not think that there will not be enough space for all Flowers in this Pyramid. Each Flower vibrates on its own RAY. And the spectrum of frequencies, created by you, is filling the Crystal of Light and directs it to the next Crystal that is a more perfect fractal of the Crystal created by you.

Look the Crystals of Light are multiplying both up and down; now you see the endless chain of Light Crystals! It means that the Portal has been opened. And this is the Portal of Ascension, because you, being opened by Your Higher “Self,” have created It by Your Consciousness and filled It with Unconditional Love.

Let’s do another important regulation. Now you will start the Meeting with KRAYON. And HE IS LOVE, which will enter into each DNA of yours and will allow you to make a step to Ascension.

Get filled with Love towards each other and create within the Light Crystal a Whole One Love Entity with which you can now assist the Earth and All People, and All States – Countries.

Send the Rays of Love to the people sitting next to you, in front and behind you. You Love each other! And this Love send upwards all over the dimensions, which the newly opened Portal among dimensions allows you to do.

You have connected the Earth and Heaven! You have opened your Hearts for – before the Coming Future of Earth and your own. You Love, Love, Love!!!

Now, let’s make a big sphere. Fill it with Golden LIGHT. It is wonderful! It is filled with Creator’s LOVE. You have been connected into one goal. And it is CREATOR’s LOVE! Love this World! Love Yourself -ves in this World! Love the World within Yourself -ves! As YOU ARE THIS WORLD!


I AM KRAYON from the Magnetic Service. I greet You in this Blessed Space! We are together again and I would like to tell You with great joy that all those people which had expressed their wish to build Light Bodies at our previous meetings, are having them in wonderful state – conditions.

Express now such Intension and WE shall proceed, assisting you, to build your Light Bodies. And the time is running ahead and each new step in this issue helps Us to transfer your Light Bodies on the new level. Do it now and the whole hall will unbelievably blossom  in various colors?

The race of time is mercilessly

Leads people to the barrier on the Path.

What will be there? – It attracts us unbearably.

But is that moment close? And will everybody manage to overcome?

Is it destined to there where the Light Sparkles are splashing?

Or is it your destiny to stay here? In a moment

The Earth will open Doors into the Dawn Day;

But is that Day close? And will everybody reach it

By their consciousness and with the whole Soul

That limit that is we called “Love”?

Did you warm the Earth with your Love?

Did You bring your Love to all people?

And what about you? Are you infinitively in love

With yourselves? And have you fully realized,

That infinitively you love the whole Universe,

That continuously is pulsating within you?

Have you, Man of Universe, realized

That not in vane you have been named an Angel?

And it is inscribed by the destiny to go high up within

Imperishable bodies. And it is not just in vane

For you all roads are opened.

And do not look speechless over there,

Where getting rid of sorrows and troubles,

You can be proudly reborn into “I AM.”

In that Higher “Self,” that has been waiting for merging,

And tenderly is nudging and asking you to approach.

Pensive, at last, Love merging,

Take heartily the Ascension Path!

And at the moment dating with KRAYON

Answer the main question for yourself:

What are you on the planet during these years for?

What mission have you brought in your life time?

Now and here love yourself infinitively,

And, being overfilled with Love, present it

To everybody always as God’s Gift priceless

As joy to live at the Dawn threshold.

And what you decide that will be inside you.

And the chain of time will make your way even stronger.

And do not forget that people will be around you,

Those who need the LIGHT, who need a friend.

My beloved People!  It pleasant for you to be both

The Angels of the Earth and Heaven.

Let in your life it will be bright and light,

And let your way be clear to yourself, to your own Star!

The Ascension Way will be opened for those,

Who grows the Christ Consciousness!

And the Path is opened! Do not look for the door

Outside, but only inside yourselves!

Yes, the choice is unprecedented right before you.

And the Ascension experience is not a simple one.

Yet, everyone who is in the Earthly embodiment now,

Did wish to go through the Portal and lay the Way to Stars!

And I, KRAYON greet you without any doubt

On this Light and righteous Path!

Let’s express together our INTENSION

The Ascension Portals to go through!


(Written down by Marina Shults)

I, KRAYON today am intended to speak about the ASCENSION Process; to speak about the fact that the most important point is approaching for which sake you, truly, have come into this Life!

And lots of You had dedicated many life periods on this Planet to get approached to this phase, the ASCENSION culmination phase!

Yes, I know that this issue is very urgent, very essential now and, perhaps, WE shall speak to you not only today on this subject, but dedicate to this topic our next meetings.

Today I would like to remind You about your WISH:

To Go through ASCENSION together with the Planet EARTH.

As you know, I – KRAYON usually see off each Human Being into Earthly Embodiment.

And at the critical moment when each of you stands before the vortex, sucking you into new embodiment – birth, I ask each of you again and again:

Are You Ready for This? Do You, really, Want to Go through This Point?

And so far, not even one, which is embodied now on the Earth, refused to go!

Yes, you know, that very many people are sleeping and are not receptive to this Information. And they do not want to wake up.

Well, it will be their choice. Although, later on after passing away – transferring to the Subtle Plane, many of them are sorry about the fact that they  were not able to wake up and realize their Earthly Path, their Earthly Mission.

You do a lot in your Life to go through ASCENSION! I know how many of you have completely changed their ways of life. Having realized, that you can bring a lot of use not only for yourselves personally, but also for your whole Planet, you are joining the work to assist the Planet.

And it is wonderful, as right now, in the first place, you have to think how the Earth Itself will go through ASCENSION!

Before the Planet does not go through this culmination point, nobody of You will manage to go through this threshold. You will just not manage to overcome it! And I know that many of you may object, saying like this:  “Well, in all ages there were people who managed to ascend…”

And KRAYON will answer you:

“You are absolutely right! But the PLANET WAS NOT READY!”

Yes, people did ascend, but even though they had been High Spirits, still they could not prepare their physical bodies so properly or perfectly for the Ascension moment, to stay within them. So, they had to leave their physical bodies, though after that they became Ascended Beings – Persons.

And now I would like to tell you that the Ascension Process in earthly terms — measurements has been happening extremely long ago.

JESUS CHRIST tried to accomplish this kind of Ascension, but because of numerous reasons. He did not manage to do it 2000years ago. However, JESUS had laid down the main foundations of this Process! And since that Time the Process has started!

For all this time WE were repeatedly waiting or expecting that This Process could accelerate, and the EARTH together with Humankind and other Forms of Life would be able to accomplish this ASCENSION. Yet, the Process has been going on rather slowly.

Perhaps, there is a deep sense — meaning in it. Because meanwhile the Earth has prepared, People got prepared, though, as I have told, even now there are a lot of people which can not open their eye and start to see. The hustle – bustle eats them up.

The old energies, that are going away from your life, from the third – forth dimensionality, still try to hold people in their tight embrace. But the ASCENSION Process is unconvertible.

Moreover, I have told already through Nama Ba Hala, that you are within the epicenter of this Event – the Ascension. And you should to understand it clearly.

You have to KNOW that the Planet IS Absolutely Ready for ASCENSION! Some mina preparations are left, some little assistance which will be rent to the planet during this current year.

And it was not by chance, when I told you that 2011 with vibration “11,” would be the year of KRAYON and it brings EN-LIGHT-ENMENT; it means: to saturate with LIGHT both the Planet and You.

Very important events are to happen at the end of this year, which will ultimately make the Planet ready for going through the final culmination point.

I would not like to bring forth into your Soul tension or, even more, fear by with My information. I hope that those that are present now in this hall, understand the Importance of all these Information!

It is important that the Earth and Humankind Evolution can come out on the new level; that is your Consciousness and Planet Consciousness would come out on the that level of ONENESS – Wholeness — Unity or CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS Level, which, and only which, could help you to build up principally New Relationships, New Life.

And then, really, the Epoch of LIGHT will begin which is not somewhere behind the mountains, and which is now going through the last period of its dusk. After the Planet Ascension SATIA UGA is ready to take power and rule.

So, for the Planet Ascension it is necessary that each one could realize the Importance of this Process; each of you should perceive that he she IS already within this Process and there is no way back!

Each Human Being could be aware how it is important for him her to  be calm, balanced and JOYOUS; I would say, that “Joyful calmness” plays an important role in Planet ASCENSION, and it includes – Your ASCENSION too.

I would like to give you a worldly example concerning this topic.

Once I had told the following:

“GAIA has started to go through the Spiritual Birth-giving process.”

And it is truly so. The Earth is now in this process which could be compared with a baby delivery one. She IS both: a Mother and a Baby. Therefore it is twice as difficult for Her, and at the same time twice as joyful for Her! Namely, by this very Ascension She can give a new turn — coil evolution to All Beings — Creatures that are developing on the Planet.

And now let’s compare how you usually behave yourselves when a woman is to give a birth for a baby, when the time came and the delivery activity has started. I think that is quite natural to surround this woman with love, understanding and great joy of a new human being coming into the world. All intelligent relatives and the friends of the delivering woman behave themselves this way.

And how does the Earth differ from an earthly woman? – The only difference is that the Earth carries on Her myriads of lives and now She needs the same assistance!

First of all, you have to realize that it is impossible to avoid the Earth child – delivery Process. And She has already announced you that She is calm, joyful and balanced.

And She is just ready to accomplish the ASCENSION and All Nature Kingdoms are also ready to do it, but Human Beings. Just remember it! And only the Earthly People, Her Children ARE not completely ready for this Event! Some of them are afraid; others — have forgotten why they had come into this embodiment. And only a small percentage of people works very actively, helping the Planet and themselves.

Yes, even though you are working only for yourselves, getting ready for ASCENSION, automatically you are working for the Planet, because You and your Planet ARE A ONE WHOLE ORGANIZM. You know it perfectly well! And since you work for the Planet, at the same time you are building for yourselves all necessary attributes that should appear in you for the ASCENSION. And it is wonderful!

Act in different directions, the main thing IS TO REACH THE GOAL.

The Earth asks You:

“Be merciful for Me, People of Earth! Help Me in My Birth Delivery Process and I shall provide You the possibility to Ascend easily and start a New Life.”

So, just imagine what responsibility is on the Human Race –Clan! Yes, it is necessary to do! And since long ago WE have been explaining people in many channels what is taking place, what is happening to the PLANET and what is happening to YOU. HOW to act, and what is necessary to do; how to behave; what it is necessary to get prepared for?

WE have spoken to you about ASCENSION a lot; though, may be, WE could avoid pronouncing this term. Well, whatever WE have been doing – everything goes into the saving box of ASCENSION!

And since I have mentioned today that very many of you had built their Light Bodies with Our assistance, it is also a step to ASCENSION.

And you should not think that it is possible to build something separately – individually; everything comes into contact in a Human Being, his her whole Light construction is being born anew now.

Some time, leaving for the Third – dimensionality, you used to leave Your Light attributes with US to be saved. WE have saved them. And now WE are returning them, but in what shape? – WE are returning them improved! As know, nothing can be repeated on the previous level.

You have to come back to the 5-th Dimension where You used to live, but to return more En-Light-ed, with more improved construction of all your bodies, and, naturally, to accomplish an absolutely new Evolutionary coil.

And today. in the first place, I would like to talk to you about the main characteristics in the Ascension Process which you have to know. So, you could master and work out these characteristics both for You and the Planet.

Secondly, I would, certainly, like to describe the approximate scenario that, possibly, could be when the “hot phase” of Ascension comes, as We are already at the threshold of this “hot point,” WE are giving you the Information.

But again KRAYON makes a reservation and says:

This information is a preliminary one. I shall speak about “possible scenario,” as You are changing this scenario every day.

And since you have understood long ago that, namely through Your Consciousness, by Your own Efforts You Can Change the Surrounding Reality, then I would like to remind You this very thing before I start.

The way you prepare yourselves and assist the Earth, this way You will create the Scenario which you would like to have on the Planet during the ASCENSION. The Way it will BE! And therefore, We will start with you from the preparatory period. And, in the first place, I would like to speak about your fears.

Inside many (even theoretically prepared) people dwells a very powerful fear. Some of them think: “Why and what for do we have to go through all this?” Somebody recalls the war periods, somebody brings to the memory the calamities connected with planetary changes and they wish that somehow it could go roundabout. And they think like this:  “Well, is not it possible just to fall asleep in the evening and then wake up in the morning and to hear from KRAYON  and other LORDS of LIGHT that the ASCENSION has happened  and I am now in the 5-th dimension?… And nothing bad- terrible had happened… I am fine.”

It is impossible to do everything in such an ideal way! The Earth HAS to make the Quantum Leap! Sometimes WE say to make a “twist — turn about.” And, really, it will be a “turn about” even from the physical point of view. The Earth HAS to open wide All Dimensions for all forms of Life, developing on the Planet!

In spite of the fact that WE keep saying that the great majority of you will move to life into the 5-th Dimension, the Earth must open ALL DIMENSION!

As besides you, mostly ready for the 5-the Dimension, there are other forms of Life on the Planet.

Let’s say, those People which are living in the 5-the Dimension now, actually, they had left for the Inner Realms of the Planet at the Lemurian and Atlantean time. So, now they live in the 5-th Dimension, and they will go out from this 5-th Dimension to assist You. Yet, they have worked out, by all their life, by their evolutionary cycle the possibility to live in the Higher Dimensions. And the Planet has to give them such an opportunity!

Well, the planet will “pull out” into higher dimensions. But can She make this “twist” absolutely painlessly for Herself and All forms of Life, developing on Her?

And again I shall give you an example from your life, though it could sound laughable. Imagine that you have put on some kind of clothes, but now you want to turn it upside down, without taking it off. Well, try to turn it this way without taking it off. I understand that there are magicians among you which, may try and will manage to do it… Yet, the great majority will be puzzled, or, trying to do it, and they may break the dress. The same goes with the Earth, that cannot do this twist – Quantum Leap without damaging Her Physical cover. Besides that, there are certain forces inside the Planet which must trigger this twist, so it could work. And that is why WE say:

It is necessary to do the preparations very seriously!

It is possible to go through this “hot phase” at a very great Working Harmony of All Elements, but at the same time you have to know:

Still there will BE “cataclysms,” as you call them, on the EARTH!

Now I would like to tell you more about Ascension attributes and preparation.

You know that for ASCENSION the Planet Light Body as well as Your Light Body should be modified to a certain level. And you still have a little period (even in your earthly measurements) to do it.

For when in the 5-th Dimension You must be Light radiating. You cannot appear there in that state in which the great majority of Humankind is being now!

You have to develop – work out your Light Bodies!

And your Chakra systems are changing also, otherwise – your whole organism LIGHT supply has been changing. And since long ago WE are giving you detailed information, concerning the way or how it changes and transforms. And you also know that All Chakras are changing their destinations.

Those Seven Chakras, that were keeping you away in the 3- dimensional world, are just leaving. They are getting replaced by a system of great number of Chakras, and first of all by the one that is represented by 12 Energy Centers – Chakras. The Chakras are changing the frequency of their work. And at the same time they will not be isolated from each other anymore. Since before each Chakra had been surrounded with a kind of membrane and worked, as if, within themselves, then now these membranes have been dissolved in All people.

And the Chakras have started to interact with each other that ultimately will lead in all people (in some people it has already happened) to creation — formation of the  Unified wonderful Flaming Chakra. Just like a Light Sphere, surrounds a Human Being.

However, it does belittle the work of each new Chakra. Yet, you have to form the Whole One or United Chakra and it will be a wonderful New Construction of a New Human Being. And it is advisable that you should do all these improvements — modifications before the Ascension “hot phase.”

And you will understand why it is required when I start to tell you about the Hot Phase and the possibility of your Salvation.

Finely, I would like to pay your attention to the fact that the ASCENSION itself is happening because the Planet is getting to the New Conscious Level, — the Level of Unification Consciousness or CHRIST Consciousness Level.

And it is also your goal — task to expand your Consciousness to such extant that you could absolutely get away from those things which were keeping you in the Third dimensionality.

Before you used to walk or followed the principle of separation. It was everywhere: in your life, your science and relationships. And now you have to start sensing and then clearly introduce into your life Unconditional Love, as it is an inseparable attribute of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL.

You see, even though one works only in these Three directions, still you have a lot of work to do!

My beloved People, WE call you “Angels” not in vane! Once upon a time, the Angels from the Central Spiritual SUN did not want to live just an Angelic life, though they had had such an opportunity. And they decided to try a rather complex experience in the condition of this Planet.

Although, there were those, who went to another systems, or different planets. But now WE are speaking about the EARTH. As I had said before, at the beginning of our meeting:

“… Each of you, who are now in the earthly embodiment, did wish to go through this PORTAL, laying the Way to Stars!”

And what does it mean “to go through ASCENSION together with a Planet”? –

It is such an eternal sign within Your Light Body that any Intelligent Being in the whole Universe will recognize!

As I have already told you, it is a Master-class! And YOU wished to reach IT when went into this embodiment – incarnation. Will the whole Mankind manage to do it? – I do not think it will be possible for everybody…

And will everybody manage to transfer into the 5-th Dimension? – I think the Greater Majority WILL!

However, it does not mean that All of them (who will manage to get) will be “Ascended People.” And to “BE ASCENDE” is like a special seal in Cosmos; it is like the Highest Class – category Diploma in front of which Any Cosmic Entity will bow its head! It is a great experience that not all Intelligent Beings in the World, in the Universe can go through!

Understand, that not all the planets and not in all systems go through the Ascension Experience!

And those which do go through this “Hot Phase” and through ASCENSION EACH of them have their own Scenario.

Therefore, WE cannot now completely transfer the scenarios of those planets that had gone through it, into the Earthly Life! It is simply impossible to do!

Moreover, you are such unpredictable ones! Today one quantity of people is ready to assist the Planet to Ascend, and tomorrow – it is will already be a different number! And it means that the Scenario will change!

Today the great majority is thinking only about themselves, and tomorrow – Everybody will realize that, in the first place, it is necessary to ASSIST the PLANET!

And GAIA will rejoice and She will Ascend more harmoniously and lightly than it could be supposed. Therefore, I call upon YOU to study thoroughly all the materials concerning ASCENSION and WORK, WORK and WORK again, assisting the Planet and it means – assisting yourselves! For YOU are inseparable from the EARTH and the whole Humankind!

And now I would like very much to start telling you:

What is really waiting for You during the ASCENSION, or during the “Hot Phase” of ASCENSION, as I have called it.

Yes, you are already within that very time interval (I will use the earthly term measurement) when a reverse motion is impossible. Everything is moving to that culmination point and this is the only way, as the second way should not exist.

And now I would like to tell you that a lot things which are supposed to happen in 2011, will serve as assistance for the PLANET ASCENSION, and it means for you too.

And I would like you not leave even one issue unattended, very important repelled point that will be in this year. And especially, when “11:11:11” Portal will be opening. Is extremely important!

And the SuN — eclipses which will take place at the end of this Year, and the Winter Solstice will put, as if, the last dot in the preparation for EARTH ASCENSION.

I think that many of you feel more comfortable (the pressure has gone from your hearts) and now many of you have said to yourselves:

“Oh well,  IT IS not going to happen in 2011!”

Well, you are close to the guess. Yet, all of you have now to live your life, as if the ASCENSION Can start any Day …

I must say that WE will, definitely, be preparing You. The “Hot Phase” will not come down, falling at You, as Tsunami waves, unpredictable and unexpected.

As a matter of fact, WE are anxious that the as much as possible people could either ASCEND together with the Planet or do it after the ASCENSION, when GAIA opens wide the Portals of HER Higher Dimensions.

And WE WISH ever so much that those, who are now staying in the drowsy state and do not understand what is happening on the Planet and how they should behave themselves, would not lose their Physical Bodies.

I must tell you, that now WE have started to give the Ascension information by ever growing flow. It will go on along all channels of communication with Earthly People, through all their co-workers, and not only from KRAYON, but also from All Being – Entities of LIGHT, that are in touch with the Earthly People, will come more and more information about ASCENSION.


And as the situation will change and a more probable Scenario will be taking its shape out, concerning the passing through this Hot Phase. WE will specify this information.

So, you should not try to compare the following information with the previous one (given two or three months before). Some changes – innovations – specifications — renewals will be on the way.

But one thing is inevitable:

You MUST UNDERSTAND that You HAVE to get ready to help GAIA, and what is the most important – bear in mind the example (I have given) with a woman that is giving birth to a baby.

The most Important is to go to this Event with JOY!

As only JOY and Calmness –Tranquility will HELP both the EARTH and YOU to go through this Hot Point!

How are WE going to spread the information, educating the Earthly People about the coming Ascension Hot Point through Our Channels of communication? —

Well, I think a lot of book will be published; and I believe that if it is necessary, if such a critical –emergency state comes, WE will be able even to get into you media, as it is not a problem for US at all! And then WE will just explain all people how they have to behave during this HOT Phase.

Besides, perhaps, 3 — 4 weeks before the Critical Days, and there will be 3 or 4 these Critical Days also (right now it is difficult to say for sure), who knows — may be GAIA will go through IT within 24 hours, so We are going to inform You 3 – 4 week before She will ultimately go through Ascension, WE will start to save or to rescue people.

You know, it is impossible to stop the Earthly Cataclysms! As, I have told you, anyway they are going to happen.  Yet, I can tell you for sure that some areas of the Earth globe will go through this hot phase relatively quietly or with ease and grace. There will be no earthquakes, volcano eruptions or other destructive actions of the Elements in those areas.

However, there will be, and it goes without saying, such areas where, volcanoes will work, the earthquakes and Tsunamis will come, tornados and all kinds of vortexes and very powerful storms – hurricanes will happen; the water levels will rise in many countries and the areas will be flooded.

And now I want to tell only one thing, that there will several reasons for these processes. There will be heave showers. I would like to pay your attention to the powerful thunderstorms which will start, I guess they have already started, of such distractive power that the Humankind had never experienced before.

Well, as a matter of fact, it did happen before that during thunderstorms there were destructions, fires and people used to perish, but this time the storms will be accompanied by heave winds – hurricanes and the destructions could be very powerful!

But now you must understand one thing:

You MUST transfer into the 5-the Dimension!

And all these cataclysms with their destructions WE would like to give you opportunity to live them through, without participating in them. That is the reason why WE ask all of You to get ready and prepare other people. And the most important thing is you should not to get lost during the most critical moment and KNOW what You have to DO! And at the same time the most important is not to forget to help other people! As it is not excluded that even the most informed or knowledgeable people can get scared or get confused.

Now WE are training a whole team of Light Workers – rescue groups, which will not just find shelter with Our help, but they will be ready in their Light Bodies constantly ply between Us and People on the earthly plane, helping them get into those shelters about which I shall speak a bit later.

WE have already started to demonstrate in the Earth atmosphere appearance of various Light objects. You may call them UFO, or give them some other names. You may guess or not about the Essence of their origin.

But the most important thing is:

WE WANT to train people so they could be accustomed to the fact that in the Earth atmosphere and around there are such things; it is not a hallucination — imagination or optical effects. They CAN appear and look like Light Objects – formations, and even more to it – THEY MAY BE Multicolored!

Yes, partially, they will be UFOs, but the Great Cosmic Spiritual Beings – Entities will also work.

Now Great COSMIC FORCES are gathered around the EARTH! These FORCES had been called up here not just to observe how Planet EARTH will Go through ASCENSION, and what exactly is going to happen with All the Nature Kingdoms on this Planet. They have come with the intension to assist you during the Critical Moment of the ASCENSION Hot Phases.

WE have talked to You not even once, that there are Arcturians (from Arcturus), Pleiadians (Pleiades) and Sirians (Sirius) among You. And now even more representatives of Extraterrestrial Civilizations have arrived!

Some of them even went so far as to put Physical Bodies on themselves, that are equal to your physical bodies! However, principally, these Beings are different. Yet, they have done this to calm YOU down at the critical moment, to help YOU to save yourselves, to be more precise, to save Your Physical Vessels –casings.

For, those, that “perish” (You know, the Soul is Immortal), they will just leave the Earthly plane and get into the Subtle World, where they will be protected by US and get help.

Yet, they lose the possibility – opportunity to live through the Ascension Phase, What they exactly WISHED to Experience ever so much!

So, WE shall INFORM YOU before, and WE WILL BE GIVING YOU VISUAL SIGNS of OUR PRESENCE. This way, people will get accustomed to these signs.

I think that those which are well informed about IT will have to SEE these Light Formations in the Earth Atmosphere, and do their best to pass — convey this Information to Other People, paying their attention to these OBJECTS. And it is already possible to speak about the fact, that, perhaps, precisely, these Light Formations during the Critical Conditions will make You Salvation possible!

So, 3 – 4 weeks before the Hot Phase  YOU will BE INFORMED and the Light Formations will start to appear in the Sky.

This way, I have in genera told about these formations.

Among these formations will also be the spaceships of other Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Yet, as I have already said, besides these spaceships, in the Space – sky around you will appear the Light Bodies of the Highest Spiritual Entities – Beings. They will be White or of other Colors.

Some of them you already know by Their NAMES. And there will be also the KRAYON LIGHT Formation among Them; It will the color of Copper.

Actually, I have already published through Nama Ba Halla what colors They will have.

And You should KNOW  the following:

According to Your Cosmic Structure, You correspond to the Vibration of One of those Hierarchs of LIGHT which will display Their Light Bodies in the Earth Atmosphere. (translator’s note: Jesus told us to watch the signs in the sky…) As you went into this embodiment in THEIR RAYS! That is the reason why They agree to project or develop Their LIGHT BODIES  in the Earth Atmosphere.

Well, how can You See Them, in what shape? –

I have already said through Nama Ba Halla that, perhaps, You will see Them just as White or a colored LIGHT Tetraerds. However, everybody has different vision even on Physical plane. And what can be said about perception of more subtle matter? Therefore, right now I use such a general, streamlined term,  as “light formation.”

Perhaps, somebody will see it as a spot of light, somebody will see it as a tetraerd; for somebody it may look like a formation of different shape. Now it is not on principle. Do not make up your mind to see namely a certain figure. Moreover, not even everybody on the Earth knows the meaning of the word “tetraerd,” but a “light formation” could be explained to anybody!

So, the High Spiritual Entities will start to display Their Presence in the Atmosphere of Earth even before the Hot Phase. And you must get used to it and at the same time you have to KNOW to what VIBRATION each of You belongs to.

WE shall show to each of You (somehow, by special symbols or signs) your belonging to a certain color. Perhaps, one will see some kind of an orb or a small tetraerd of a special color.

In case some ignorant people will ask you, You should explain them:

It is the sign of that Big Tetraerd, that will BE in the Earth Atmosphere and it will be READY to come and help that very person.

I have been asked by many people:

“How is it necessary to behave if s person would not see his\ her special color? Is it possible to find a shelter in a different Light Formation, of different color?”

– Yes, dear heart, it is possible to do!

But now I wish to tell you the main thing.

As a matter of fact, you do not imagine good enough the measurements of those Being – Entities Light Bodies that are going to come for your assistance — rescue.

Their LIGHT BODIES are much larger than the size of a planet…

Therefore, it cannot happen that on one side of the planet they could see KRAYON LIGHT BODY of Copper color and on the other side it will be invisible.

And people are confused, wondering:

“Well, where is my formation of copper color???…”

They will be Everywhere! And from any point of the Earth each person will SEE WHAT he \she is to see!

Moreover, THEY WILL PULSATE . The same goes with You Light Bodies.

And OUR Appeal to work with the Light Bodies and the United Chakra; and you have to bear in mind, that you should not just form it, it is necessary to learn how to pulsate with IT. It is also an evolutionary step forward.

Just because to this pulsation, the Highest Spiritual Beings will be able to draw – absorb people into their LIGHT CONSTRUCTIONS; that will be your real shelter, when the hurricanes – severe storms, earthquakes and volcano eruptions will behave violently on the Earth surface.

Being drawn — absorbed there in your physical bodies, you will be absolutely safe!

YES, such kind of Things had never been experience — lived through before by all beings evolving on this planet! And, perhaps, it looks or sounds fantastic! That is why WE have started to tell You about IT now! That is the way it will BE!

Therefore, WE ask you not only to set yourselves, getting ready for all these things and what You will be able to do it, but to prepare people for it. For there will be a lot of fear: “What is going on? What is necessary to do?”

As you know, the fear appears not only in front of unknown – never experienced something like this.

I told you not even once in My Messages that many of you have encoded “fear” of perishing — sufferings during the former catastrophes, happened in your previous life periods. A lot of You had went through perishing in Lemuria, others – in Atlantis.

Yet, there were those, who perished during volcanoes’ eruptions or floods, or hurricanes, severe storms, or were sinking because of different reasons. This very fear, in spite of the fact that this life time is relatively safe, is inscribed within your Cells, on Your Cellular level.

I would like to call all of you up to start to work out all your fears. And, doing this, you will come to the culmination point quietly; when you become peaceful, then you will be able to help not only yourselves, but also Other People!

The cataclysms will start happening on the Earth and WE would like that the least possible number of people perish in their physical bodies!

That is the reason why WE suggest You such an none ordinary assistance, and wish You to get ready and accept it with absolute understanding and Love. And, please, don’t forget the most important thing to do:

The who wants to go through the whole Process calmly must walk in JOY and LOVE to the EVENT that finally has been happening, the one, the reason why YOU have come into this Life Time! And it is really so!

And did not you experience a lot of difficulties that had constantly to overcome in this current life time?

Yet, all those difficulties are just nothing compared to what YOU CAN GO THROUGH! And moreover, You can walk through It in JOY and to Bring this JOY to the whole Humankind and the Planet! DO IT, PLEASE!!!

The Elemental Forces will go wild on the Planet! But, as I have said, it will be far from all regions. Those zones that had not been marked as seismological ones, the earthquakes will hardly happen! The earthquakes will take place along the serious breaks of the Earth crust.

Even many of those which are well-known to your scientists may not work out, as, at least, 80% of the newly constructed Planetary Crystalline Grid has been done and now it will work as a Balancer in this Process, preventing the supposed — breaks or potential dormant volcanoes to wake up.

Besides, You by Your work, and WE have informed you about it, has done a great job, thanks to which  WE could managed to optimize the volcanoes potential work.

And I must tell you that those volcanoes that are already erupting for two years already predict forecast this Hot Phase. So, it means that the eruptions and the earthquakes are already happening.

WE are trying Our best to dilate this process, so it would not happen within one moment – simultaneously, as, really, it will be very difficult for You and for the Planet. WE are trying do all possible things to optimize the ASCENSION Process. And if YOU actively join this Process, YOU WILL DO a Great Deal!

And now I have to add only one thing more:

The whole Earth atmosphere will be much polluted!

The volcanoes will erupt, anyway; the tornadoes will rise dust and mud, soil and stones into air. And for the people that are not smelted inside these Light Formations it will very difficult to breath! Even in those areas where these destructive activities of Elements do not happen, still the air will be polluted.

Just bring to your memory the eruption of the Icelandic volcano (in 2010). Do you remember how in many countries the airplanes stopped flying, for the air had been so polluted with dirt – dust – ash?

At that moment, for sure, the scenario may be much more severe! That is the reason why WE provide you with the possibility to stay during these difficult days (as I have already told you) in those shelters – the LIGHT Bodies of Cosmic Hierarchies; and there will be not more than 3 – 4 such kind of days.

After that the Earth will be cleansed. After the Planet accomplishes Her ASCENSION, heavy rains will still continue to pour for a while; strong winds will blow, but it will be just a powerful Purification or Cleansing Process.

And then, those people which are completely ready for ASCENSION will get the opportunity of this ASCENSION!

And you, of course, wonder what is going to happen to the rest of people? –

— Even right now people are divided into the layers — stratified according to the levels of their Conscious and actions, to their understanding of the happening processes, according to their desire to participate in these processes or just ignore them. And All of them did wish to go through IT!

As I have already told, of course, a certain part of people will perish, and to be more precise, — they will threw off their physical bodies. These people will be smelted by US in the Subtle World and everything possible will be done for them to recover after the shock state, forgetting about it, and make their decision:

Whether they stay on this Planet to live and develop – evolve, or otherwise they will be provided with the possibility to leave for some other worlds for their further development.

And where exactly they go, will depend on the their Conscious Level and the level of their preparedness for the New Life, which they had developed within themselves before this Hot Phase, if they had (or, it can happen that they did not do it)…

If they are ready to live in the 5-th Dimension, then they will just be born in the 5-th Dimension, it means that they will be embodied right there – in the 5-th Dimension. However, they will not be Ascended People.

Other people, after WE rescuer and shelter them, will be brought back into the 3-d Dimension.

Oh, sorry! I have forgotten to congratulate you that All of You are already living in the 4-th Dimension! It happened on July 25, 2011!

The Earth has fully established herself in the 4-th Dimension!

And that is why I invoke you, My beloved Angels, use this opportunity! Right now these abilities that characterize the Life in the 4-th Dimensions (not in the 3-d dimensionality), could be opened very quickly within You. Therefore, definitely people will come back to the 4- Dimensional world!

And, anyway, it will be a renewed EARTH!

Yes, there will be a lot of destructions; the means of communications will be distorted. By the way, during all these Events you will not be able to communicate among themselves by \ through any means of communication. And people in Latvia, for instance, will not have any idea of what is happening on the other side of the globe, even in the neighboring countries. That is way it is! This is the only way out!

Moreover, all your electric power plants will stop working and all your electric devices – instruments will be out of service, because after the Ascension a dense Magnetic Energy flow will pour down on the Earth.

And you will have to change – transfer all your Life so it could mach this New Energy that will be the main lever, helping you in your life. It concerns both the 4-th and 5-th Dimensions. And WE will actively help you in this situation.

Therefore the process of accustoming to the New Energy: designing — inventions of new instruments – equipments, production of this Energy and its usage up — the direct application it in your everyday life will be very short.

Besides, those who are seeking – working – doing investigations, will be provided by Us with corresponding instructions – admonishing.

WE would like very much that the great majority of specialists – inventers that are involved into this matter – subject, could cross this boundary with full readiness to build a New Life. And, there is no doubt about it! Such people will step forward, as they do exist already and they are working in this field!

I am telling you about this not just to raise the significance of these people, but make you feel more secure and fear free, concerning your Future New Life.

Moreover, the renovated EARTH, filled with LOVE ENERGE, namely, with the MAGNETIC LOVE ENERGE, will BE absolutely different!

You will start to build up new interrelations among yourselves, new intercommunications between – among states and countries. There will be no desire to fight – to wage wars – to kill each other. So, Peace will prevail.

Very soon you will come to the issue that you will put before yourselves:

Why do we need the frontiers – borders? Why do we need the states? Why do we need all these separations?

You just wonder:

What is going to happen to your governments and the whole governmental structure? —

Well, I think in the great majority of countries they will not survive.

And as far as your leaders are concerned, you will accept them temporally reject completely.

And you will wish to bring into power – to your government absolutely New Persons, and this way to eliminate all kind of tension, hatred, fear, greed and anger, so, you may live in Peace and LOVE. And there are or there will be such People!

WE repeatedly told you about the waves of the New Children that WE have already directed to the EARTH.

The First Wave of Indigo Children (and one of their main purposes WAS: to bring the right governing, to establish the proper economy foundation and other governmental structures) has reached already their 40-es or even over it.

After that wave Other waves of Children were coming, including the Crystal Children (children of Crystalline vibration). They are coming with Ready encoded recipes of how to build the New Life.

Therefore, I told you many times and I would like to repeat it again:

It is necessary to provide them with the opportunity to Act; don’t stay on their way!

In any case, people of Old formation, that will still transfer themselves from the life within old energy into the New one, hardly will come to power, or, maybe, just for a while…  But even these leaders will right away start to look for the point of connection for Peaceful Life. And therefore, the Life will start to get built up absolutely different.

How long this Life will last in the 4-th Dimensions? –

Well, the 4-th Dimension by itself is an intermediate and rather unstable one. Therefore, you will not live there for a long time. Yet, this transition period, the adaptation process of the New World building, will take, perhaps,  200 – 300 years.

According to the cosmic measurements it is like a second! That’s the way it is! And I think that from those people which stay in the 4-th dimensionality there will be many persons that will get prepared for ASCENSION in the accelerated tempo and they will move into the 5-th Dimension.

And the conditions for this will much easier compared to those that you are having right now. Although, now You also have great possibilities and opportunities!

And again I feel and mentally receive your messages. A thought is pulsating almost within everybody:

Well, when will it be and how?-

And I would like to tell you once again, dear ones:

It is true! WE cannot draw an exact Scenario for You. It is absolutely impossible to do it now! And WE, as it will go through correction, supposed correction, will inform you:

It will happen exactly the way I have told you today, or with some kind of changes.

Therefore, you will just watch Our Messages and WE will provide you with the required Information more often than WE did it before.

Well, what else I want to tell you? –Of course, you may wonder: WHEN? – But KRAYON has already mentioned that it should not happen in 2011. However, I would like to remind you something, My dear Angels, that you do know fairly well!

WE have been speaking for a long time that the Time is getting compressed!

Time is being compressed like a hard sprig and every day you can feel more and more this time acceleration.

And WE have told you that at the moment of the Planet ASCENSION Time would be clasped.

Well, now KRAYON has a question for YOU:

What kind of three week preparation for the Hot Phase and the three days of the Hot Phase procedure (continuation) we are talking about? And, maybe it will happen within a twinkle of an eye? And you will not even have time to get scared? How about that? Think about! It is an interesting philosophical question, is not ie? May be My remark will tune You into the wave of JOY and you will feel that it is possible to live it through in JOY! How about that, dear ones?

And once again I would to dwell on this subject:

Anyway, how people have to behave to be saved? – And It is very important!

Well, when the Hot Phase starts, those Light Formations, I have mentioned about and which You will watch in the surrounding space, will be ready to receive You.

Those people, whose Light Bodies have already developed, will quite easily get into their Light Bodies just by expressing their Intension. So, get ready!

I shall give You the preparatory methodic for this Hot Phase and the Intension could be expressed in any form.

How should you do it? What will you have to do?

— I guess, WE will specify Our recommendations. So far, I am trying to tell that you should not get scared. You should concentrate yourselves, get into the sacred space of your heat, feel your United Chakra around yourselves and make it to pulsate. At the same time you are getting automatically connected with your Light Body.

Being in this state, get outside, if you are inside the premises. As it will be absolutely wrong if you stay inside!

So, come out in the open air and express your Intension to be sheltered – saved in that Light Formation to which you belong by your vibration.

But if you are confused or could not find out your vibration and color, just express your Intension to get into any shelter!

Don’t worry! WE shall pass you from hand to hand where you belong!

And you should not have even a shadow of anxiousness that you may get into wrong hands. We shall help you to find Your Lord of Light corresponding to your vibrations. Everything will be fine! Their Light Bodies will pulsate and take all people, expressing their Intensions.

And right here I would like to explain why WE ask you to prepare, to take care of other people.

As a matter of fact, since people do not express their Intensions WE will not be able cannot act by force, violating their Free Will. WE cannot take a Man and put him \ her into Our shelter if he \ she does not want it!

However, WE do hope that the following mechanism is going to work:

Since people see that those who were close to them disappear somewhere when they move to the LIGHT and it will so evident that these people do not perish. They just disappear in the LIGH! Then to those people that doubted before and did not believe, it will be possible to say:

Well, You can also do it!

And this way you will be able to assist these people to get into a shelter!

I believe that many of those present in this hall, would like to be assistants in this process. And then WE shall provide you with corresponding training and necessary instructions, concerning their behavior at this moment.

Sure, you may get into a shelter, spending this critical time of indefinite longevity, and then to do whatever you are supposed to do. You may: go away, to ascend into the 5-th Dimension or return into the 4-the Dimension.

However, you may get into shelter under the protection of your Lord of Light and then get out of there and assist other people, sucking them into your Light Body…

Moreover, the mechanism will work like this:

After you get out of the shelter you will not lose connection of your Light Body with the LIGHT BODY of the corresponding Hierarch.

You will be connected with His Light Body by a kind of a thread, that will help you to get or sucked back together with the saved person. It will be not dangerous at all! Nothing to be afraid of!

WE hope that there will be a lot of people who will express their desire to assist their loved ones. Isn’t it wonderful, My dear ones, to assist not only your Planet, but also yourselves and others. Yes, it is, really, wonderful! And this way you may save as many people as possible and allow them to stay in the 4- dimensional world instead of leaving for the Subtle world and to make their choice later on.

Well, KRAYON would like to make you happy, by saying that nothing of the kind will happen.

Yet, I Can’t! For, really, the Earth has to accomplish Her ASCENSION, and to go through certain cataclysms on Her surface. However, the Earth is changing, constantly changing.

And at “11 -11 -11” vibration, not only additional portion of the Planet Crystalline Grid, (WE call it “Crystalline Grid 144”) will be build, but a very important Atlantian Master-Crystal will be launched — ignited, which, as you know, in November will started the Bio- plasmatic Interface. (? – the translator is not sure in the original, the Russian variant)

And I have told you how important will be its activation. It will turn on the Planetary System of Communications and it will be easier for the Planet to fulfill Her ASCENSION.

I am not going speak about the mechanism of its influence.

Just know that by turning on of this Master – Crystal, first of all, the ASCENSION for the Earth becomes ultimately possible, and secondly – it will become much easier. And there is no doubt about it!

And if the previous Master – Crystals that WE have started beginning with 2008 slowly, from year to year are picking up their power, than this very Crystal will begin to pick up its power very quickly and it will get it fully by the moment of Planetary ASCENSION. Anyway, it will be in 2012.

Therefore, a lot will happen both purely Planetary Events and also Cosmic ones, as it is impossible to launch the Bio-plasmatic Interface with\ by the Planetary Forces.

You know that in every case the Initiation Ray comes from Galaxy to ignite a New Crystal or to initiate the next activation phase of the Crystals that had already been started. That’s the way it goes! Now you see how it works.

The Fire of Druids

And now, still dwelling in the “Ascension,” topic, WE shall move a bit away from it. For I wish to congratulate you on the occasion of the Great Event that it directly related to Our current subject.

It has to do with your native Land  – LATVIA and also all Latvians! For it was, namely on your beloved Land, as I said in May, that the Druid Fire had been descended – lowed down.

And the distinction — difference of its present destination from the its ancient work, when the Flame used to concentrate inside its sanctuaries, in special Druidic Centers, now, as soon as it had been sent down on the Latvian Land, it spread – extended in \ by the golden streams all over Latvia.

And now all of you may master the usage of this Flame in your Life for any purposes, and also for the Ascension Purposes.

And it is so simple just to say, invoking like this:

Druidic Fire, will you assist me in building my Light Bodies, or rebuilding the Chakra System.

And there is another very important moment:

You HAVE to get used to nourish yourselves with LIGHT.

And the Druid Fire can help you to break through those channels of LIGHT NOURISHMENT, which are slowly being activated now. However, you can accelerate this process.

And it is necessary to accelerate it! Because at the hot phase moment, I have already told you about, those people that get shelter in the Light formations, will be, precisely, fed — nourished with LIGHT!

However, I don’t want to tell that tomorrow you will have to reject your usual food. No way! You may eat whatever you used to do.

Well, may be, KRAYON would recommend you to stay away from meat and try to reduce the amount of the food you consume.

You must make your bodies lighter – reduce your weight, as now all of them are experiencing great changes – reconstruction.

And, again you may invoke the Druid Flame, expressing your Intensions, so IT COULD ACTIVATE the LIGHT Channels that later on will lead this LIGHT nourishment to each CELL of your body.

You CAN nourish by the Druid Fire your life space; you may BLESS your food with its LIGHT. You can do all the cleansings only with the DRUID Fire LIGHT, without using any other practices.


And now, besides this Fire, THIS SACRED FLAME (as I have told before) the LEMURIAN FIRE had been Resurrected!

It is also a Sacred Flame that in many ways will assist the Planet and Humans in the process of ASCENSION.

And then the ATLANTEAN STAR Flame was brought to Life.

There were always THESE THREE SACRED FIRES on the EARTH!

And these Flames gradually, one after the other, were brought to Life again in such succession:



3.      The DRUID FLAME — FIRE.

Please, do not think that the Druidic Fire was activated ONLY on — for the Land of Latvia! IT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED at All the Point where long ago the Druids used to conduct their Services and their activities.

And finally, WE have managed to DO what has a direct reference to ASCENSION! WE HAVE UNITED THESE THREE FIRES!

And in Our Message to You WE have called these Three FIRES in \as a Trinity or three — folded  — The UNITY FIRE.

Just listen carefully and get attuned to the vibration of this word “U-N-I-T-Y”!

This Fire brings Your Conscious to the Level of Oneness – Unity or on the CHRIST CONSCIOUS LEVEL!

Work with this FIRE!

This very Fire has been in the center of your hall since this morning!

Moreover, this Fire is within each of your Heart!

It is as gentle and loving, as a mother that is caressing her child. This Flame allows all processes to pass away very gently.

However, We are not speaking about some kind of burning fire. This Fire is from the Fiery Plane.

It is the analog of the Fire that is flowing along the Lord’s Coffin on Easter in Jerusalem. Even that Fire is more rough in its vibration, than the UNITY FIRE!

Therefore, I congratulate ALL Earthly People on this wonderful occasion and, namely You, dear heart, because this Fire of Druids came down into your country! It is wonderful!

That is why, you have the opportunity to save your Country and nearby territories from those powerful and, naturally, unpleasant for the Humankind calamities.

In Latvia there are many Spiritual trends. Please, dear ones, make One Mutual Goal for All groups:

The goal of ASCENSION preparation for the Planet, the whole Humankind, and also for LATVIA, as a Special Spiritual Entity.

Work for the neighboring countries, work for all states, as, really, You CAN DO IT!

Each of you, believe into your power! It absolutely necessary!


I have told you in Mediation:

Love the World inside yourselves, Love the World around you; LOVE the WORLD, for YOU ARE THIS WORLD!



At the same time create the SCENARO of EARTH TRANSITION into a new state, the SCENARO of ASCENSION.

And, of cause, take into consideration that anyway IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to eliminate the cataclysms!

However, it is possible to get in touch with the Work of Elements and ask them to set these cataclysms to be put them in order, somehow to balance and harmonize their work!

Just recently, WE asked you to make an Invocation concerning the Volcanoes’ Eruptions and IT DID WORED! I confirm it!

And that chain of fiery Volcanoes – the Ring of Fire that always existed on the Planet had to flash with Fire at the “hot” Moment of PLANET ASCENSION, now will distribute its work in time.

And WE shall do our best to prevent the synchronicity, simultaneous eruption of All Volcanoes on the Ring of Fire. And it is a good thing, isn’t it!

If the governments of different countries could listen, to pay attention to Our Information, it would be possible to do so much for the people salvation or rescue! For it is very important to evacuate people from dangerous territories. It is a GREAT DEAL! And then People would manage to live through all these “Hot Phases” absolutely safely! And WE CAN always point out those places on the Earth, where the cataclysms are not supposed to display themselves very intensely.

Take good care of Latvia! Now it is almost formed in its Heavenly Image.

And if you work purposely then the PLANET ASCENSION Moment will be also the ultimate formation of your beloved Heavenly Latvia.

And therefore, an absolutely New Life will start to develop for you! Then the Heavenly Latvia, based on absolutely different principles of existence and different Energies, will start to low down Its Heavenly Image into the 4-th Dimension of the Earthly Latvia. You see, KRAYON is taming for the of “the 4-th dimension” notion!

That is what I wanted to tell you, My beloveds!

Perhaps, a lot has been left beyond frames of our conversation. But I wanted to tell you much more about the preparation for Ascension. Yet, I believe the best and right way will the one if WE shall speak to you in different regions a little bit differently, taking into consideration the peculiarities of the conditions in which people live and give them special practices, which you could serve them better in their preparation for ASCENSION. I believe it is the best way to do it; however I must tell you again about the things you have to pay your attention to. I just have to do it!

First of all, you must KNOW that your Bodies, absolutely all of your bodies are going through tremendous changes!

Your Physical Body is absolutely different now.  It has gone through a lot of changes.

Your Etheric Body is slowly transforming into a quite different — Electric Body that in some sources is called “KA body.”

First of all, it represents a new chakra system, absolutely new Electric system of a New Human Being. You have to work with this too. All of it is allowed to do! And it is within your boundaries — limits.

Develop the New Chakra System inside yourselves.

And just KNOW that not even one of the mentioned by ME attributes of your Light construction does not exist separately from the others; they do not work separately one from another.

And again, just using the inertness of your lineal thinking, I am telling you this in the lineal way. But everything is inter-conned.

And if somebody will work actively over the creation and strengthening his\ her Light Body, naturally, the Unity Chakra, One United Chakra will be formed. It is just the only possible way.

The Quantum Levels of DNA will go through activation too; and it is also quite normal! Therefore, you may go along the way of mastering accompanied methods and everything will work out perfectly with you.

And, of course, I would like to tell you that now you have to be more relaxed and take all the problems more easy, especially those, concerning your social life.

I know the conditions of each of you. I know what heroic journey many of you have gone through in this life time – embodiment – incarnation. Respect, Honor, Glory and low bow to you from KRAYON!

But now whatever is happening in your socium has nothing to do with you, it does not depend on you! And you are struggling, and even fighting, trying to solve some of your personal life problems.

But you have to KNOW that these problems will be fully solved only then, when you move into the 5-th Dimension, or, at least, for those who will stay in the 4-th Dimension.

That is why, I would like so much that you open this way within yourselves, the Way to LIGHT, to ASCENSION!

By filling with LOVE all hearts

And pressing each of you to My Brest,

The Spirits are leaving, following KRYAON.

Carrying the Good Destiny thread.

It was so bright with you today,

LOVE was flowing from the hearts.

And our meeting is not in vane

And the Creator Plan is clear.

Today HE gave HIS Blessing

To Our swift ascension.

Go ahead fearlessly into co-creation

Of your destiny with Our FATHER Himself!

Yes, the way to the summit could not be manage

By the one who keeps looking behind!

And the one who is striving to the summit

Will see birds in the sky.

And he himself will wish to turn into a bird.

And joyously spreading his wings,

He’ll spiral up into the sky.

Just don’t be lazy, dear ones!

And the House will meet you with

Lights and ringing of bells.

And Crystal ringing will lead you there

Where garden, forest and river are s, familiar!

So, close from childhood and dear.

The golden fir trees wait for you since long ago

And cozy hose filled with fairytales.

Step forward fear free into multidimensionality

And fill yourselves with Over – Earthly radiation.

The three — dimensional world is not good

For Earthly Angels anymore!

Ascension chariot it is time for you to master

And go in the vortex of sparkles

Go courageously in the stars rain

And there is no obstacle on the Way!

And it is Me – KRAYON who calls you

To go all Ascension stages confidently!


(Written down by Marina Shults)

Now let’s say our prayer for Latvia, let Her Ascension be smooth, soft and bright!

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient SINGLE Father-Mother-GOD!

Hear our prayer! Save and protect us!

Harmonize us by Your LOVE

And keep us on the Chosen Path!

Our Beloved Father-Mother–God, hear our invocation!

Send the LIGHT for our beloved Latvia!

Open the Source of the New Testament

And give us to drink a Holy Water draught.

Oh, Latvia, will you wake up, beloved country,

And throw off the old day shackles?!

Our All-mighty Father in the Heaven

Has sent to You His Children.

Those Children, on the wings of Holly Spirit,

Have come to lift the Country Conscious,

Where the old house and old destruction

Have to be changed by the Joy of New Dawn.

Dear Holly Father, receive by Your Hand

The whole lumber by Country taken off,

In which the Divine FIRE has arrived,

And Country Soul Song, that Latvia we call, has flown up!

Oh, Holly Father! In the Creation Chasm

Heavenly Choir of Stars responds

And we do believe that soon the test

For Latvia will be over. And again

Love, unity and concordance in Latvia will be resurrected,

And Peace of Hearts will fill the world of our native land.

You give us Wisdom, Our Ave Father! Send us Revelation

So, we could find the right Path in the dusk.

And in the Present Latvia

Pour Love balm on all People Souls

May over Latvia LIGHT shine!

May Father-Mother –GOD be again with us!

Thank You, LORD, for listening to our invocations.

And over Latvia Love Temple has been created!


(written down by Marina Shults)

My dear Angels, I am leaving and My Retinue also bids farewell to you. We were very glad to see all of you again. And I hope that the closer the ASCENSION comes, the more often we will come together, to ride the Wave of the Great Joyful Cosmic Event. I Love infinite, People of the Earth!

Sounds “The Universal Creation Prayer.”
Marina Shults:

Thanks a lot, beloveds! However, we have not finished our work. Before channeling we had created the Crystal of LIGHT. And during our Meditation this Crystal began to grow upward and down, according to the fractal dependency. I could see how it was extending.

There was a lot of multicolored LIGHT! Your Flowers were so beautiful! The Blue Rose was hanging in the upper Pyramid, and in its mirror reflection, and there was also a beautiful Rose in the lower Pyramid.

And now let us do the same regulation that we did at our previous meetings or channelings. Anything is in our Power, dear heats!

We can control or govern this Crystal by our Consciousness.

So, let us now stretch this Crystal, in which (as KRAYON has told) you have created Love Entity of this Crystal and this Space (together with whole information, given to us by KRAYON during the channeling) to the size of our Riga (capital of Latvia), so It could work for our Good – Benefit of Riga! Wonderful!

Now, dear Friends, we are stretching this Crystal to the size of Latvia. And ultimately we are stretching it all the way that the whole planet Earth could get inside it! Good! You have Done IT! Thank you very much!

Thank You for your time and efforts!

Perhaps, our meetings will take place more often, for the ASCENSION is approaching. And now it is difficult to say, for sure, but KRAYON has already made a hint: evidently, our meeting would happen more often.

I would like to remind you, dear hearts, that on February 22, 2010 it was the anniversary of our 1-st channeling with KRAYON in Riga, right here in this hall.

And KRAYON congratulated all these wonderful women, whom He calls “My Team,” on the occasion of that anniversary. He addressed them like that:

I LOVE you for your heart warmth, to which people are longing. They are attracted by this Heart Flame. People think that they are going to meet KRAYON and their SOUL FAMILY. However, they do not understand that a great part of this FAMILY is sitting right here in this hall! They make this meeting possible by their Hands, their Heads and Heart, and their striving to LIGHT!

The only thing I have to do now is to join KRAYON’s words!

Thank YOU!!!

Translated from Russian

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