Магниты Духа

The First New Moon of Aguarius

Through Marina Shultz
01 – 20 – 12

My dear Angels from the Great Central Spiritual SUN!

Today I shall not speak about the coming Year of Dragon, as many of you could think when you had read the heading of the message.
I would like to speak to you about the meaning of the New Moon on December 23, 2012 and what it holds or brings into your life and the LIFE of the whole Planet Earth.
Last year I also paid your attention to the First New Moon of Aquarius and it was not just the reason that according the Oriental calendar this Day is the traditional beginning of the New Year.
Let us start from the here: you should not forget that you have already lived in the Epoch of Aquarius.
And this is the reason why, you have to pay attention to the Dates that are connected with the coming of the Aquarius Sign – the Water Bearer.
And it goes without saying the First New Moon always brings – carries a powerful impulse for the accomplishment of many events in the current year.
And even more to it, there is much sense when you note everything happening during the Aquarius Sign activation as it is the fundamental for each year. Well, such is the influence of AQUARIUS! This way your connection with COSMOS works!
It is necessary to bear in mind that the New Moon always gives New Programs, liberating you and your planet from the old experience.
The old experience is not erased or destroyed. Not at all!
It is precious, priceless for the whole Universe!
Yet, at the given moment of your development and Transition into the Fifth Dimension it is a heavy load — burden that you should not drag with you!
And that is the reason why I wish to pay your attention to the First New Moon in Aquarius, as it suggests a very topical theme in the transformation of your Consciousnesses.
While the astronomical events analyzing it always pays when you consider those degrees of the Zodiacal Signs in which the event takes place. I know that the Astrologists will support me with pleasure.
Let us go back to the New Moon on January, 23, 2012; it is the 3- d degree of Aquarius.
You can to read about the meaning of this degree in many sources. However, the notions — interpretations in Astrology must go through the same changes as your whole LIFE DOES ON THIS PLANET.
And I shall give you the real meaning of this degree.
It is informatory connected with the Consciousness of Each of You.
As I have already told, you had been prepared for a long time to be able to leave behind yourselves, dropping off your shoulders, the old experience and start a New Life.
The Consciousness of the Earthly People, starting from 1987, has expanded tremendously!
How, in what measurements it should be measured?
– People, as a whole, have awakened, realizing more and more their Divinity and their Missions in the current embodiment: somebody has become a powerful Light Worker; somebody started to struggle for liberation of his — her people from the age long slavery; and somebody has already moved, thanks to the level of his – her Consciousness into the Higher dimension and from there he — she creates New Earth and New Humankind.
Yes, people’s Consciousness is changing swiftly and, ultimately, it has reached that border after which starts the abrupt — steep ascension. And the beginning or, rather, the potential of this ascension is loaded in the significance of the degree in which the First New Moon of Aquarius happens.
It is the very IMPULSE that will allow you to turn your back to the PAST; move the old Life Energies away from your life; start to  ratify  your Higher “Self” as the main Life factor of not only of each of you personally but the whole society taken together.
Take into consideration that starting with January, 23 you get the Cosmic Support in realization of this Program.
You can rise over the level of the old fashioned values of that society in which you are still living. Your Consciousness is ready for this!
You can establish your New System of Values and keep to it.
But the most important thing:
Based on the New Progressive System of Values you can start to think over and mentally building that New World to which you are walking together with the Planet Earth.
Help your Planet doing it!
On January, 23 the Planet will experience exactly the same things which are going to happen to you. However, the Planet is ready for this! It is building New Constructions and getting illumined – Enlightened very intensively. Go with Your Planet in full unity and everything will be wonderful this year!
Dear Angels! I am not going to affirm that the Year of Dragon will bring you what the ancient Chinese treaties used to tell you for ages.
Think about your Cosmic Status of the Creators. And then you will be able to understand to what extant everything is in your Divine Hands!

I AM KRYON and as usual I will be with you in all your Strivings!
And may Your Consciousnesses will sound – be tuned with MY MESSAGE on the FIRST NEW MOON!


Through Marina Shultz
01 – 20 -2012

Translated from Russian
Larisa7777@aol.com – Larisa Bartone

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