Магниты Духа

Central Crystalline Channel Activation

LIGHT WORKER! KRAYON suggests a meditation – the spiritual practice, dedicated to Multidimensional Human Genome activation. This work should be done only in that case if it finds spiritual respond within your Heart.

The Ascended Master KUT HUMI, who serves on the Second Ray of Illumination and Wisdom,     will conduct the practical part.

Meditation: “Central Crystalline Channel Activation”

Greetings, My beloved Angels! I AM Master KUT HUMI.
The multidimensional Human Genome is closely connected with the Planetary Crystalline Grid. The Earth Crystalline Body is partially interweaved with the multidimensional Human Genome both Collective and Individual (of each embodied human being).
Beloved Light Workers, I am so glad that finally We have got the opportunity to begin a new stage of work! The Planetary Crystal Grid activation and the multidimensional Genome, magnetic layers of DNA is a very long awaited stage of work for which the LIGHT FAMILY has been getting ready thoroughly.
You are not just the Keepers of the Planetary Crystals, you are very closely connected with them. You cannot even imagine how closely! Each of you has a Crystalline Structure, that is tuned in with the Planetary Crystalline Structure.
The activation of any of your fragment of the Crystalline Structure leads to the Individual Genome activation, and as a result of it comes the multidimensional Collective Genome activation.
And, at the same time, it is the Most Important Fragment of which WE have marked as a Galactic Library, or as an instrument for the future Galactic and Universal Evolution.
Today our meditation is dedicated to the activation of the human Crystalline “core” which is where the subtle plane is situated along your bodies central axis — spine column. It could be named as the Spiritual Crystalline Rod, where the main Seven Spiritual Centers (chakras) of a human being are interconnected.
The subject of our activation could be called »Crystalline Sushumna» – the Central Crystalline Channel of a human being.
The work that We are going to perform today is not very complicated. (Kut Humy smiles). However, it is difficult to overestimate it. This spiritual practice is the foundation for further activation of the Multidimensional Human Genome, and as a result, comes the activation of your spiritual multidimensional abilities.

1.    Invoke for collaboration  the LIGHT FAMILY, your Masters, the Support Group, that is always with You… Feel the LOVE Energy, flowing from the Great Central SUN… Do it slowly. You don’t need to rush… Breathe slowly… Close your eyes… Serenity… Absolute tranquility…

2.    Draw mentally seven small sections and color them with the seven main colors of the visible light spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and violet. Now depict a figure when all these sections under the same angle are getting crossed at one point, creating our future crystal. To get a crystal instead of straight lines mentally draw the rods of the eight sited figure with pointed ends. Each half of the rod is the crystal ray. This crystal has 14 rays and seven colors. Let us call this crystal “Sushumna Diamond.”
(Now our crystal looks like the one depicted in picture One).

Picture #1. Crystal of Sushumna Diamond

3.    Now we shall surround our seven color crystal with 14 rays with a bright silver sphere. Sushumna Diamond really exists on the subtle plane over your head as a fragment of the Eighth Chakra. If you double the distance from your pelvis to the top of your head, then you will get to the point where the Sushumna Diamond is situated. It is placed in the Eighth Chakra. At that point mentally place the Sushumna Diamond.

4.    Imagine all Eight Energy Spiritual Centers (chakras) in the shape of silver spheres, situated along the line of the spinal column (just direct your inner vision to your Chakras). Attention! The seven colored Crystal starts its work. Sushumna Diamond is connecting with each chakra, giving them its energy. You may imagine this energy as flowing silver rays.

5.    Now the main work starts! In each of the Spiritual Centers (chakras) along the spinal column there is its own crystal mini-structure. It can be visualized as two eight – faceted rods crossing each other with 90 degrees. Finally it comes as a crystal with 4 rays. All people have the same length of each ray 3.4in (8.72cm), the height and the width of the whole crystal is 6.9in (17, 44cm).

In each chakra the crystal with 4 rays has its own color:

First chakra        Red

Second chakra     Orange

Third chakra        Yellow

Fourth chakra    Green

Fifth chakra        Blue

Sixth chakra        Dark blue

Seventh chakra    Violet

Gradually, starting with the first chakra “ignite” the crystalline structure and move upward. When you finish with “ignition,” color the seventh chakra with a Violet Light. As soon as we finish this stage, start the next one.

Each Crystalline structure (crystal with 4 rays) of each Chakra place in a sphere (its diameter is equal to the length of the crystal rod).

Each sphere has its own color; however, now we will work with the colors in an opposite order:

First Chakra — Red crystal in a Violet sphere

Second Chakra — Orange crystal in a Dark Blue sphere

Third Chakra —  Yellow crystal in a Blue sphere

Fourth Chakra  — Green crystal in a Green sphere

Fifth Chakra — Blue crystal in a Yellow sphere

Sixth Chakra – Dark Blue crystal in an Orange sphere

Seventh Chakra – Violet crystal in a Red sphere

Picutre #2. Scheme in Crystalline Structures Chakras

Now when each crystal is placed in its sphere, we connect All Chakras vertically with one Crystalline eight faceted rod which starts in the 1-st Chakra and ends in the upper part of  Sushumna Diamond which is in the 8th chakra. WE visualize the same rod at a 90 degree and draw it through the center of the vertical rod.

Color the outline of the vertical rod with Violet and the outline of the horizontal rod with Red. As a result, we get a double color crystal with 4- rays.

Place the whole geometrical figure into a big sphere; its diameter is equal to the diameter of the big rod. The contour of this spehere is a bright sparkling Violet color.

Picture #3. Scheme of Crystalline Sushumna (central crystalline channel).

Beloved Angels, The Central Crystalline Channel is ready!

Now, in order to activate it, it is enough to place your pure Intension.
Do you have this Intension? – Since you DO, fill the whole Sacral Geometrical figure with Your LOVE. Breath IN Your LOVE into IT!

Be attentive! One may see how the big Violet Sphere, in which the Crystalline Structure is situated, is slowly getting compressed and decompressed.

The Crystalline Channel is Breathing! It is alive! From this point on, your Crystalline Sushumna is Your Faithful Assistant! You May Restore Connection with The Planetary Crystalline Grid Fragments.

The Galactic Library IS You! You ARE the Galactic Library!
Do not get surprised if the recollections starts to work…how exactly you were creating the Planatery Crystal Grid. Be happy and joyous when New Knowledge comes to you from “nowhere”… This KNOWLEDGE has always belonged to You, and it is still yours. It will help you in your future work as Light Workers.


6.  Express your gratitude to the FAMILY of LIGHT, Masters — Mentors, your Support Group for their support and collaboration. Give Your Thanks to your beloved Higher Self – I AM Presence and All Angels from the Great Central SUN.
Take your time before you open your eyes. Listen to the reply from the Family of LIGHT. You will hear IT, for sure!

Ascended Master KUT HUMI
07 – 25 – 2011

Through Sergey Kanashevskiy,
Novokyznetsk, Siberia,

Translated from Russian:
Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone,

Edited: Katherine Mezheritsky

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