Магниты Духа

Meditation «Crystal Almena_s Triad»


Greetings, beloved Angels!

The ALMENA Crystal is the core of all of your Crystalline Structure, for each human and the entire Planet. Sixteen crystal rods connect you with the Sixteen Star Parents: Fathers-Mothers, Sixteen Galactic civilizations that inherit the Galactic Spiritual Material Genetics. These rods create 32 rays: 16 rays have Feminine energy, and the other 16 rays possess Masculine energy.

Right now we suggest you to work, focusing only at the Crystal Sacred Geometry, for its entire structure is rather complicated for your perception.

You know when Feminine and Masculine principals merge they bring forth a new life.

A Man and a Woman are able to manifest in the Material world, by joining their energies, to bring forth a child. A girl or a boy is born depending on the energy which prevails.

However, our task, while working with the Almena’s Crystal is different. We have to join Masculine and Feminine energies to form a TRIAD, the Unity of three principals.

There is neither a “minus” nor a “plus” within a Triad, there is no leadership of any form of energy. Here the masculine and feminine energies are merged into ONE, creating a new Universal harmony.

Well, what is the third principal? It is known to you, it is the ENERGY of LOVE that brings forth the worlds, moves stars and planets, and it is the foundation of a universe. The Love Energy unites opposites and a significantly new kind of energy is created in the Triad. The Triad replaces Duality. Harmony and unification replace the separation. Masculine unites Feminine, Spiritual unites with Material. The subsequent loop of the Ascension Spiral comes to an end.

In the nucleus of the Almena’s Crystal there is a seed. When we evoke the Seed for awakening and growth, it turns magically into a beautiful Plant, which transforms and  emits Energy for a New Life.

So, we need the third principal. Hence, it is necessary to connect the third ray to each of two rays. It means that we must add 16 rays into the Almena’s Crystal to the 32 rays that are already available. It is easy to calculate: it makes 48. Sorry, beloveds, we cannot solve the problem by simple addition. It is impossible to add 16 rays to the existing 32 rays and  get the miraculous TRIAD. However, the ANGELS from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN are able to GROW Wonderful Rays!

How can you do this? Today our spiritual work is dedicated to the solution of this task. You will be able to “sprout” the Almena’s Crystal seed, invoking Love, Pure Intension and Sacred Geometry for assistance.

Bringing forth the New Almena’s Crystal reinforces your connection with the Great Central SUN, opens the possibility of a unique ASCENSION. The Almena’s Crystal is an important key for MER-KA-BA activation.

Well, let us start our Spiritual Work.

Call upon the Family of Light, your Masters–Mentors, a Support Group which is always with you…Feel the Energy of Love flowing from the Great Central Sun… Don’t be in a hurry…. Breathe slowly… Close your eyes….Relax…Silence… Absolute tranquility…

Imagine all Seven Chakras of your body. You should know that the Almena’s Crystal is located in the Third Chakra. You may imagine its nucleus as a golden-yellow sun from which pink rays are emanating. The diameter of this nucleus is the same for all people, it is 4.02 inches (10.2 cm). Now you should know that two star tetrahedrons come together in the center of this nucleus. Imagine these star tetrahedrons as emerald–green and sparkling. One is above the third chakra and the other is below. The height of the pyramid that forms the Star tetrahedron is equal to the distance between the Third and the Fifth Chakra.

Picture # 1.
A three dimensional picture of Almena’s Crystal.
A simplified depiction of this star-tetrahedrons is two “Stars of David” or six-pointed stars.

Picture # 2.
The schematic presentation of Almena’s Crystal.

3. A star tetrahedron has eight tips. And accordingly, there are 16 tips in two star  tetrahedrons. A rod comes out of each tip that contains spiritual-genetic information about one of your Star Civilizations–ancestors. If you could only know, My Sunny Ones, how much Love, labor, and great care has been invested in the creation of the Almena’s Crystal! The Family of Light has embedded tremendous amount of Galactic and even Universal experience into the Spiritual–Crystalline Structure!

Right now you may express your Love to this amazing Creation – the Almena’s Crystal! So, do it! Send the Energy of Love and express your pure intension to revive the CRYSTAL’S SEED so that it can sprout.

Attention! Now, watch what is going to happen! The Crystalline Structures are alive! They will start changing! Your task is to assist this process with your pure intension and visualization.

4. Place both star tetrahedrons into a golden-yellow sphere. The diameter of the sphere is equal to the general height of these two figures. Now place the entire sphere with the two star tetrahedrons into a larger star tetrahedron. You should get a figure composed of two smaller star tetrahedrons, inserted into the sphere that is placed into another larger star tetrahedron.

Picture # 3.
The schematic presentation of the New Almena’s Crystal.

Picture # 4.
A three dimensional picture of the New Almena’s Crystal.

Now you should know:

The Eight tips of the newly created Star Tetrahedron emits 16 Rays of the New Age. The entire figure unites the Energy of three principals and creates the Harmony of this Triad.

5. Keep your attention on this figure for a while. Believe in the reality of its existence. Understand that it is not just geometry, it is a SACRED–GEOMETRY. From now on the Almena’s Crystal will assist in your further Spiritual Development along Your Life’s Path.

I plead you:

Feel the Love in which this Crystal was being created!
Feel the Energy and Concern of those who were preparing you for your remote and complicated journey through your material world.

Duality is getting replaced by the Energy of Three. My dear ones, spirituality is returning to you. You are returning into the Spiritual World and Your Path is unique!

Once again, take a look at the Crystal with your internal vision. Send it your LOVE and the Energy of LIFE.

You should KNOW:     The Crystal is not just REAL! It is FANTASTICALLY REAL! Because it helps you return to the Path on which your Fantastic Possibilities turn into Real Abilities. And this truly is!

6. Thank the Family of Light, Masters-Mentors, and your Support Group for their cocreation…Thank the Higher “Selves” of All ANGELS from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN… However, do not rush to open your eyes… Wait for a while… Listen to Our Response… YOU WILL DEFINITELY HEAR IT…

The Ascended Teacher KUT HUMI

The Message and Meditation was taken by Sergey Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberia
Illustrations were prepared by Victor Truhin, Russia, Siberia

Translated from Russian
Edited by:  Katherine Mezheritsky

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