Магниты Духа


Through Marina Shultz

My Beloveds! It is the time to speak about LOVE today.

You will ask ME:  “What kind of LOVE are you going to speak about? Do you think that we cannot LOVE or we do not know what LOVE IS about?”

Yes, you have asked quite reasonable questions! However, many of you will keep themselves from questioning, for they know that the Epoch of New State of LOVE is waiting for Humankind, and that is the subject I would like to discuss today.

Yes, My Dear People, I begin to talk to you about the LOVE Feeling Transformation; about the great reorganization in your hearts which will open the Source of Pure and Unconditional LOVE.

It is not for first time I speak about it, though. And many Teachers told you about it. Yet, I would share with you one secret today:

It is necessary right now to grow – raise this wonderful Feeling without letting its tender shoots — sprouts to fade in the abyss – deep gulf of the leaving old energies, old habits and also the habitual notion of LOVE of the former  — previous times.

Let us clarify what the New Feeling of LOVE really IS, and how you should treat — foster — nurture it so it could become stronger, bringing you into the New State of the New Fifth dimensional Life. And this is the only Way to go!

I apologies for saying that the “New Feeling of LOVE is still unfamiliar to you.”

That is right; it is familiar to many people. And if I tell that is familiar to everybody? – Then, naturally, you will ask ME: “Well, where is it? And how it could happen that you have not noted it so far? And may be nothing is going to change? Is it possible that it will be necessary to change his — her LOVE? Actually, it is the Main form of your Energy of survival, creation, childbirth and so on.”   

And I answer your inquiry absolutely seriously:

Two feelings of Love have always lived in you.

One was, naturally, connected with the necessity to have and raise Posterity. And you scientists have developed many formulas of certain hormones’ actions which prove it.

And what about love between two persons when they fall in love?

Can it be that the only motivation for Posterity provokes the falling in love feeling or even the long term feeling (sometimes for the whole life) of mutual connection with a certain person, or “kindred souls” that many people call “love”?

My dear Sunny Angels, it is not my purpose to disappoint you, but in reality that what you used to call “love” is a stimulus for clan- kin continuation. Some people live in pairs being or staying in love for a long time. Absolutely different feelings start getting formed towards each other which they do not know how to call. It could be: a friendship, and former feeling of being in love, or mutual interests, and the feeling of responsibility in front the family they had created.

Children take away a part of Love. However, it is a special topic on LOVE for CHILDRE.

Now we are speaking about the fact: where are there in your current life the embryos, the sources  or even the ripe — mature sprouts of that LOVE which will give its shoots in the New Epoch and allow you to extend to the Higher dimensions.

And it is, namely, the New LOVE can assist in this extension, because the Transition into the Higher Dimensions IS YOUR EXTENSION into the UNIVERSE, thought, is partial, temporarily it is a partial one.

We shall speak about the difference in the level of the energies that are involved in your habitual Love and the New Feeling of LOVE.

There is no secret that the Love Energy for Conception and Posterity exists on the level of lower Chakrs of the Energy System: the First, the Second and partially the Third Energy Centers. In this very case different combinations of these energies can work in different people.

And still, I confirm that there is place – space in your Energy System for the New LOVE!

You think that you Love with your heart, don’t you?

Why do you need to Love with your heart to conceive a baby? —  It is a mistakable perception.

But the NEW LOVE, really, starts to flow into your LIFE through your HEART!

And I would like my partner (the channelor, receiving the Message) from now on should write “HEART” with capital letter.

Namely, the HEART is that organ in the Energy plane that starts to transform the Energies of Unconditional LOVE which used to be characteristic of you in those distant times before the Great Experiment. Now IT is returning to you! And IT is returning through your HEART!

I would like you to understand the main thing about which it was said and written repeatedly, yet it will take time before it gets instilled into your Consciousness, before you comprehend how you should exist in future.

I mean that you know perfectly well this LOVE to which level you can come out again! And you can do it now in this current time.

I told you that this LOVE has always been inside you.

And in what aspect was it?

When you behaved regarding your relatives, loved ones, strangers or your Country absolutely selfishly, wishing to help or do something for the Higher Good. Such LOVE often times required sacrifices; however, it was always a splash of pure LOVE, without any conditions!

 It was not supported in its even burning permanently, because there were no conditions for this in the frames of the Great Experiment. Yet, the term itself “Unconditional Love” has not disappeared from your Life!

Different Time has come now!

The Energies’ change has given you opportunity to move gradually, very smoothly away from the old level of Love, transferring to its higher frequency level. For this purpose, first it is just required the proper understanding of the thing that the process of Childbirth also may take place at the Higher LOVE vibrations, and, moreover, all Creative processes of your life.

I would like to start with the fact that your HEART in New Energies starts to work as the Center of the absolutely New Construction of your Organism Energy Provision on all its levels. Soon you will know more details about this.

The formation of this New System which KRYON called the “Fiery Energy Provision of a Human Being,”* has started for the Planet and, it is already possible to start forming it in you.

With this System the HEART becomes the Centre of the extremely powerful UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Presence that you will be able to assimilate and start living your LIFE through ITS prism. This new System can be purposefully built and activated.

But what can you do right now? – How to make your Life richer and more beautiful through mastering the Unconditional LOVE Energies?

And it is not just possible to do, but it is necessary to do in the compulsive order!

You should understand that preparing for Ascension it is impossible for you to remain on the old principles of LOVE!

You have to grow this New Feeling and make it predominating in your Life. And you will quickly understand how easily all life problems can be solved; how easily you may become absolutely different beings; how the ability to LOVE without conditions brings you to understanding of the new quality of interrelations, and building a new Disposition. I would like to give a practical advice, and if you do it, it will be not difficult at all to master Unconditional LOVE

  1. 1.      Make a list of Unconditional LOVE qualities. Collate it with your desire to get such LOVE from other people. Describe in details your own understanding of LOVE without conditions. Allow this list to be corrected, and it is absolutely normal.
  2. 2.      Describe, based on this list, your personal actions, concerning the perfection of those qualities that you have enlisted.
  3. 3.      Make it a must to analyze the past day, judging your behavior and considering your actions without any compromise, concerning your Unconditional Love manifestation. All your actions you should subdue – bring under control of this firm direction: Live in the Energy of Unconditional LOVE!
  4. 4.      Remember that now this very LOVE flows absolutely freely through your HEART. And it is necessary to give IT the fulcrum — prop for its anchoring. Only your actions can do it!
  5. 5.      Do what you have never done before in this realm! Give your HEART an opportunity to create your LIFE through Unconditional LOVE! And for this purpose it is necessary to ignore many conditionings of your Beingness, supporting and forcing you to take the decisions within old energies’ limitations. If you can to think over your actions beforehand, then do it. If you have to make decisions right “on the spot” then invoke your Higher “Self” through your HEART to make the proper decision through Unconditional LOVE Energy.

And now it is quite appropriate to speak about the fact that Higher “Self” as the very Channel through which the Ray of Unconditional LOVE descends into your HEART.

Appreciate OUR endeavors to accustom you to contact with your Higher “Self.” And you will understand that there are many reasons why YOU NEED to establish this CONTACT.

And it is much easier for those people who have established this Contact it is easier to walk along their Life Path under the guidance of their Higher “Selves,” invoking the Energy of Unconditional LOVE through IT.

The Unconditional LOVE needs – requires a careful attitude towards itself. You may ask: “What the feeling does this LOVE manifest? But a human being is used to the stormy loving emotions of the Lower Chakras. And how can one feel this LOVE? What kind of feelings or experiences does IT bring? How can one determine that it is accepted and used by you? How is it necessary to carry and develop IT?

Well, it is absolutely necessary to speak about it!

First of all, Unconditional LOVE should be marked by its evenness – even temper. It is like an even burning of a tender, soothing Fire.

You have already started to work with the Sacred Unity Fire. This very FIRE is the main factor of Unconditional LOVE!

It not the only one, though, but their Energies are compatible.

For the first training take the merging – blending with the Sacred Unity Fire.

Walk the Life Path, lighting it with this Beneficial FIRE for you and other people!

And you, even without noting it will let the Flood of this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE into your LIFE.

Well, a lot has been said to start mastering the Unconditional LOVE Energy.

However, it is only the beginning of the Path that leads to IT.

You have to step on this Path if you intend to stay on the Planet, successfully complete the Experiment and go through the process of ASCENSION. You have to know that without New LOVE you will not be able to live in the Planet’s Higher Dimensions.

Just recently I spoke to you aboutJOY.”

I repeat again and again that JOY is the Strong Foundation of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Go along your Life Journey with joyous smile on your lips.

Present this JOY to PEOPLE and the whole surrounding WORLD!

And UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will Flow into your Being, filling the World around you!

And YOU, the ANGELS from the Great Central SPIRITUAL SUN, on reaching the end of the Experiment, MUST become the Source of LIGHT, JOY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for the Whole UNIVERSE!


02 – 09 – 2012




Dear Ones! I would like very much to assist you, while you are doing your first steps in assimilation of the Unconditional LOVE Current that, as I have already told, permanently flows through your HEART.

It is necessary to anchor IT and walk along the Life within this Beneficial Flow, giving IT as a gift to the surrounding World. It is the Main Task of a Human Being, mastering the Unconditional LOVE Flow.

You have to understand that it is necessary not just to anchor this LOVE within your Being. It is also necessary to become a Free Conductor of this LOVE into the Surrounding World! ONLY THIS WAY and ONLY then you will become the True Bearer of LOVE without conditions and dogmatic limitations.

I have already recommended you to do corresponding theoretical preparation and self – analysis every day. And now I would like to give you a small Meditation that will allow you to become the Unconditional Conductors of this Divine Unconditional LOVE pure Flow.

So, let us start:

Sit in front of a mirror and look intently into your reflection.

Imagine that in front of you another person is sitting which you have to Love with all your Heart, constantly pouring your Unconditional Love to her – him.

Create a Light sphere over your head and watch what is going to happen to the person in the mirror. See the same sphere over the head of the person in the mirror.

Then invoke your Higher “Self” and say to that person that her – his Higher “Self” is absolutely merging with your Higher “Self.”  Salute Your Higher “Selves” merging with JOY and LOVE!

You should not experience any limitations! No limitations at all! The person will smile at you. She – he feels good; it is very pleasant for her-him that you are together!

And now ask her – his and Your Higher “Selves” to join the Light spheres into a single ONE. At the same time your feel how you are getting drawn to this person. And at this moment ask already your mutual Higher “Self” to let the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Flow through you.

Enjoy this powerful and tender Love Energy Flow without any conditioning. Just give yourself to this Flow and also accept it for that person which is sitting in front of you, in the mirror.

Beloveds! Whom do you Love now? – Your GOD’s Perfection! Enjoy these moments! Are not they touching?

Now receive the Love Impulse from the person, sitting in front of you. He – she is also sending you her – his LOVE. That is the way it should be! He –she is giving you his – her Love without remainder. How does it feel? It is pleasant, isn’t it? – Yes, it is!

And now you have to accept into your Consciousness the Unconditional LOVE Impulse from all surrounding World. (Does not matter how BIG IT IS). And it happens within a moment, as soon as you think about it. Enjoy the merging with the Whole surrounding WORLD on the Unconditional LOVE Wave. Does it feel pleasant? – Yes, it does!

My Beloved Angels from the Central Spiritual SUN, you just lived for a while within the Unconditional LOVE Energy.

And now imagine that this Energy IS EVERYWHERE; IT IS boundless. Well, it means that IT IS FLOWING through each person.

You just have to fasten in your Consciousness the statement – affirmation that IT IS PRESENT IN ALL FORMS OF LIFE.

And ONLY YOUR JOY CAN Assist People to unseal the Unconditional LOVE Energy!

See in each MAN the GOD’S SPARK that is flaming up more and more in the Unconditional LOVE Rays. Start assisting Other People to open this LOVE! And then its Flow will go through you freely and beneficially.

You may perform the same practice with other people, and not only with your reflection in the mirror. Practice in pairs and the result will be manifested very soon.

And how does the person in the mirror feel? – He – she is joyous together with you; he – she Loves together with you, carrying LOVE to Other People! Ask her – him to get up and give thanks to CREATOR for the Infinite LOVE Flow, and go into the surrounding World as Light Bearers and also as the CREATOR’s LOVE Bearers!

And this is your Mission, My Dear Angels from the Central Spiritual SUNYou are learning to return that LOVE which you used to possess in full! Accept it with the Open HEART!

And the most important thing is: Do not block it flow outside, into the surrounding world! It must flow freely through you, restoring the balance of perfection and harmony of the Whole World both Earthly and Cosmic Ones.

Be Loved! And from now on, Love only at the Unconditional LOVE frequencies!

Always with You,



Through Marina Shultz
02 – 11 – 2012

Translated from Russian,
Larisa7777@aol.com     Larisa Bartone       

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