Магниты Духа

Galactic Christ

February, 21, 2012

My Beloved People of Planet Earth,

Today the Most Important, Main Work will start concerning lifting your Planet to the new frequency level. Why, precisely, today? – Just because the Galactic possibilities coincide with the Planet’s readiness – willingness to accept the New Influence and the New Status in the Family of the Galactic Alliance.

Well, you have been walking to this Moment for a long time. And today I Congratulate All of you: those who KNOW about the Events that are taking place and those who are still ignorant about them, on this extraordinary, nevertheless, surely accomplished Change of the Earthly State.

            Now you will have possibility to go much easier through all preparatory stages of Your and Planetary changes in the ASCENSION process preparation. And it is not just that!

The Event that starts today should be realized on all levels of your Consciousness, maturing for Cosmic Perception.

Today many essential characteristics of your Planet’s interaction with the Galactic Family WILL CHANGE.

And in the nearest future, namely in 2012, it will lead to the shift of your and the whole Planetary Consciousness towards the Cosmic UNITY, without which in future it will be difficult for you to go though that colossal shift that the Galactic Alignment IS,  which is coming at 12 – 21 – 12.

I surges all of YOU, and the LIGHT WORKERS in the first place, reward — decorate all People of the EARTH with special orders – decorations, gifts, congratulations for the excellent work in the Duality Conditions. And also to give them out – issue the Diplomas of Participation in this Great Experiment.

Yes, you are modest and you do not agree to decorate yourselves! But My Dear Ones! Each of YOU IS ONE OF US! And this is the only way!

And I suggest TODAY and TOMORROW sending an instant IMPULSE of LOVE to All People of the BLUE FLAME PLANET concerning the EXPERIMENT END and HANDING them the DIPLOMAS of Participation in IT.

The Diplomas will be given to all your Higher “Selves,” but in your Meditations you may to celebrate your participation in the handing in of these Diplomas to All People of the Earth, and somebody will not forget to hand in the Diplomas of Glory you, MY DEAR MAN – HUMAN BEING!

I do not rush the events. Yet, I AM Empowered to State that TODAY the GREAT EXPERIMNET is coming to the END and nothing stands on the WAY of your Planet to get ready for HER WAY out INTO the another zone of the Galaxy.

However, still you will struggle with the old energies, letting their interrelations with the coherent vibrations within you. How long will you torture by the Duality the whole world? – Yes, everyone will do in his — her own way, unfortunately. However, the Planet and the Galactic Alliance do not support your old way of living on the Earth any more.

Do not destroy your own Light opportunities! Start living on the New Earth and in New Energy. And, truly, the EARTH is changing with great speed! And SHE is, truly, preparing to get out into LIGHT. You should know that now your possibilities — opportunities to walk together with the Planet are not limited by anything! Nothing restricts you, My Dear People!

And again I suggest you to focus your attention on the possibility to decorate all People of the Earth and also Planetary Mother Herself, with the Diplomas of Graduation, for the Great Experiment Ending.

Let us do it together tomorrow, February 22, 2012: everybody according to your local time at 2 : 00 P.M. present SUCH A GIFT to all People on the Earth. We shall thank Everybody and Your Higher “Self” for Ending of this uneasy Game. Congratulate each other with the VICTORY! You will see how easily it will be to fulfill your obligations of LIGHT WORKERS after this! And not only these obligations.

Everybody who realizes the mystery of this moment will be able to become participants of the next closing act of the Duality Drama, about which WE will, for sure, inform you on time.

Happy Holiday, People of the EARTH!

Galactic Christ.

Received by Marina Shultz

Translated from Russian, Larisa Bartone

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