Магниты Духа


March, 24         


Through Marina Shults

(from “KRYON in Riga”)

01 – 29 – 2012


Well, my dear ANGELS, the year of 2012 will consist of many important events. The year is rather a long one. I have mentioned very important events or so called “bench mark” points.

 But I would like to touch upon March, 24/ 2012.

Do you remember that last year I told you about A LOT OF NEW TEACHERS WHICH WOULD COME ON THAT DAY?

And what is it about this year? The following might, perhaps, surprise and bring you happiness.

The NEW TEACHERS will not just COME!

On this DAY will get connected to the EARTH TO ASSIST YOU and the PLANET, not just to observe the EVENTS.

The POWERFUL UNIVERSAL LIGHT FORCES ARE COMING, and to add to it THEY will come not only from your GALAXY.

Therefore, you should not MISS THIS DAY!

IT will not be only be saturated with ENERGY, but very many LIGHT BEINGS – ENTERTIES WILL ARRIVE ON THIS DAY!


Later on THEY may join your Support Groups and become your Leaders, and, perhaps, you will be in touch with some of them. Everything is possible!

But March, 24 is a very Important DAY!

Traditionally, you call this Day “Teachers’ Day.” At the same time they mark it as “Master EL MORYA’S Birthday.” Well, it is still the same Day. Yet, this time it will even be a more special one, as the UNIVERSAL FORCES ARE TO ARRIVE! …

Translated from Russian,

With Reverence from




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