Магниты Духа

The great experiment is over

Through Marina Shultz



Dear People of the Planet EARTH!

You have started an absolutely New Period of Life Reconstruction about which you had been already informed by GALACTIC CHRIST on February, 21, 2012.

You may ask: “Well, new period? Why do we need it? And how shall we live? Has anything all of a sudden changed for you after the 21-st of February? And what has really changed? And why does not the NEW way of LIFE open by itself?” — And it is a fair – just inquiry.

There are a lot of question for those who are seeking the Truth. Yet, those People, who have responded the Information of GALACTIC CHRIS with all their HEARTS, understand the gravity and responsibility of such Statement — Declaration. And This New Period means a LOT! And, actually it is the subject of my today’s Message.

The considerable part of your history on this planet has gone with \ into the PAST. The preparation for Ascension into the c Celestial Heights out of the Dense Matter depth and absolute  oblivion of your Divinity – Divine Origin IS OVER!

And everything I have just said is just a general characteristics of the WORKE that all of you once agreed to do! And in order to accomplish it many of you had left your quite harmonious and reliable Worlds to live in.

Many of those SOULS who wished to participate in the GREAT EXPERIMENT came into the Dense Matter from the World of rather rarefied Matter; and it was especially difficult for them to develop, striving towards LIGHT!

There are also those (and they present the majority) who were developing, being formed, namely, on this Planet and had gone not an easy path of growth, slowly descending from the wonderful full of LIGHT Higher Dimensions – Realms into the depth of Material Density.

And speaking about TIME.

Who could suppose that the artificially created TIME was added to your Three – dimensional existence could enslave you by its unprecedented linearity to such extend that you would expend – spread its influence on – upon the whole, suggested by you, life in this Universe? …

A lot of things had been distorted – misrepresented!

Yet, that Game – Play which your SPIRIT had joined was worthy both gains and losses; actually; a “fail,” in true sense does not exist for SPIRIT!! Any result of the GREAT EXPERIMENT was meaningful for the whole UNIVERSE.

When leaving the Dense Matter and ascending to your Higher “Self” in-between the embodiments you realized the whole depth, meaningfulness and complexity of the work that you were fulfilling.

            Nevertheless, the great majority of the Experiment participants did want to experience again and again, getting to know the World of Density and Lineal Time, behind that was the retuning to the World of Divine Truth.

 The contrasts of your Existence in the Dense World and behind the “Veil” o on Our Side Existence WERE SO GREAT that some SOULS refused from repeated embodiments. However, new participants from the far- away worlds would arrive and continued the Experiment.

Nevertheless, the course of all this complicated work allowed to start the final stage with the complete assurance that the Experiment has been giving — producing the sought for result; and, namely, the Angels from the Great Central Spiritual SUN has started to come out to the LIGHT confidently, leading the EARTH to LIGHT. Otherwise a POSITIVE RESULT could never be reached in this Experiment!

Never separate Your Divine Essence — Entity from that Highly Divine Entity Which participates together with YOU in the Evolutionary Projects and allows you to develop, getting perfection. And the Planet EARTH HAS always BEEN FOR YOU THIS WAY!


Although, the result began to bring JOY to everybody: the Earthly people, the Experiment organizers and also all its Participants at all Universal levels (just note, that not only the Embodied on the Earthly Plane Beings were accomplishing this Grand Project; the work was carried out at many UNIVERSAL Levels). And NOW THE EXPERIMENT HAS COME TO THE END!

I CERTIFY it with all responsibility!

However, it does not mean now ALL ARE FREE from the Experiment Program and your World WILL change critically, starting with February, 21 – 2012.

You have started moving out from the former state and you do not have any restrictions for changing your LIFE in the New Direction.

Namely, right NOW, you will start mastering in more real volume of All those New Energies and New Programs of Development that have already come to the Planet and waiting to be claimed by those who had awakened the Angels from the Central Spiritual SUN and having the awards – decorations for the courageous Experiment.


Learn, at last, the JOY of VICTORY!

All of YOU have been presented with the “Diplomas of the Great Experiment Participants;” this Experiment has allowed to sum up extremely important total results — balance for further Cosmic Construction — Creation.

 And IT IS IN PROSPECT NOW FOR YOU TO BUILD NEW WORLDS OF TH THE STAR FAMILY PEOLES OF OUR UNIVERSE, taking into consideration the results gained by You during this Experience. And this Experience will spread far beyond OUR UNIVERSE!

Just Understand, DEAR HEARTS, how much you have managed to bring of early unknown knowledge into the General volume of KNOWLEDGE about the Manifested Worlds and the Regularities of Their Multifaceted Existence. And this Experience has never been obtained anywhere in the whole Universe!     

 Now it is a new stage in your LIFE.

Only each of you will determine whether it will be like the Life you lived before February, 21.  

I have already told you that the EXPERIMENT Program has been accomplished.

And you have been informed that now a peculiar “archiving” of the results achieved will be carried out.

Some SPIRITS will participate in this responsible assignment, but their number is limited. And each of such persons had been informed about it beforehand.

And is going to happen with the REST? — For the Rest People now comes the Possibility of the easier transition to the new principles of Existence on the Renewing Planet.

 And WE ARE constantly TELLING you about this opportunity.

And from now on WE are determined to admonish you even more intensively on this New Path of Returning to your Divinity, while you ae staying on the Planet in your Physical Bodies.


And, believe ME, IT WILL BE NOT LESS EXCITING as far as its context is concerned and also it will be wonderful in its striving towards ONENESS.

The UNIFICATION will go along the Spiral, uniting your INNERMOST with Everything EXTERNAL.

Even though you will chose to leave this Planet, that is absolutely real, still you will wear the rewards — regalia of the Participant and Victor of this Great Experiment of Duality Existence with honor.

May be blessed Each Choice!



02 – 23 – 2012

Saint Germain



 My dear Earthly Angels!

We have been waiting for this Final Gong for so many ages! It is possible to say that the Experiment on Planet EARTH is OVER! And finally the Gong has sounded!

And since GALACTIC CHRIST HimselfHgh has sounded IT, then one should attach special importance to This Experiment!

However, you cannot be surprised by my Words, and it is absolutely right! I know that this Information has provoked a wave of doubt in some of you: Well, is it possible? The 2012 that had been marked as the Ending of the Experiment has just started, and THEY HAVE Announced about ITS Completion?! What is next? Where are the differences in our LIFE? HHH ave we missed something!

  Let us dwell upon these issues.

I shall give you exhaustive answers. Surely, an endless number of questions may appear, but their main mass can be integrated to some general ones. It is easier to formulate these some ones and therefore it is easier to answer them.

So, you have been informed about the End of the Great Experiment.

And it seems that absolutely nothing has happened in your LIFE!

Moreover, I assure you, that many people will face even greater problems in their personal relationships in the social problems solving and in the Spiritual Transformation issues, and just concerning your physical health issues.

And why all of these things could have place since the Experiment is OVER, and you are free from the programs connected with it? —

– For sure, I shall answer all your inquiries to eliminate all problems that could appear during that Transition period which each of you will live through now.

I would like to start with the fact that during the process of the Experiment you were supported by special Energies which allowed you to act and fulfill the suggested or given program in those conditions.

          WE have been telling you since long ago that those energies which WE call “old energies should be completely eliminated from your life.

And since long ago there are all reasons and possibilities to do it.

The old energies support the Duel Existence status which you do not need to follow now.

And those people who are consciously supporting New Energies for a long time, letting them completely to get into their life, since long ago have reorganized  and walking along the bless Path to the New Life and New Evolutionary Programs. 

And those people, that are still missing the information about the Events which are taking place on the Planet or they do not reorganize to New Energies or unwilling, very slowly transfer to their usage.

What is going to happen now, after the Experiment is OVER? –

Strategically the New Energies are taking power in their hands.” And it is absolutely fair for YOU and the entire Planetary Life.

Take in consideration that the Planet has been reorganizing since long ago, in spite of all people’s efforts to slow down the New Energies’ entering, and continue strengthening, establishing the old ones. Now this process is coming to the end.

Understand that the term of old energies’ life is running out!

And in case that you delay or cultivate them in your life then you will walk as if against the current of the new Evolutionary Turn.

Now I would like to ask you to do the following. It is the simplest way!

 Just by your Intension exclude the way to the old energies into your life, including all your bodies and all your structures.

 It is very important! Make your decision through your Intension to live your LIFE in absolute harmony with New Energies, and they will promptly respond your verbalized Intension and start assisting you in every way.

          I cannot assure you that the old energies will surrender without fight.

And here you are; it is very important. Only YOU yourselves will be able to determine that time interval during which YOU MAY ELIMINATE THEM COMPLETLY FROM YOUR LIFE.

If you do not do it they will start to act distractively.

Yes, it is quite possible. Some kind of old disease may start bothering you. You may find out that some kind of old passions are still within you; they had not been released and will come out to the surface, surprising you by their existence and persistence with which they are trying to stay alive.

Perhaps, you will not be able to keep your beloveds. A lot of negativity may begin to happen in your life just because you will start to “give shelter” to the old energies.

I would like to affirm — strengthen your consciousness by the fact that EVERYTHING WILL DEPEND ONLY ON YOUR INTENSION! Yes, it is just like that!

The “beast” may wake up within you that one which you could be, perhaps, once, long ago. However, you also had wonderful, harmonious embodiments. And now you should work with your Akashi Recode: all manifestations — embodiments that are capable to provoke and bring to life again the old energies, existing in your Akashi Recodes, could be archived.

Ask about it. Send YOUR IINTENSION or even YOUR COMMAND. You have the legitimate right to do it!

And everything harmonious and full of LOVE; your Mastery worked out through ages; your wonderful interactions with other people let all of it flow into your LIFE and will be supported by the New LOVE Energy that has come to the EARTH

The 2012 will be a rather intricate period.

And I would like you to understand:

ALL PROGRAMS for which sake you would strive to embodiments on this Planet ARE COMPLETED!

 The Experiment is OVER. Wake up!

You have done what you had wished to do!

And now you may transfer to the New Stage of your Living on the EARTH.

New Programs, suggested to you, are also very interesting and not less attractive than the former ones.

          And nevertheless, WE shall accept any of your decision.

I just suggest you now:

Look around! You have finished the EXPERIMENT; yet, still it is far away from the New Planetary LIFE Accomplishment.

And if you wish to stay on the Earthly plane and follow the Path together with this Planet, then you should to get connected to the wonderful — Transformative WORK that many Earthly People has started since long ago.

The Earth has shaken off the Experiment load, but IT needs to return to the Multidimensional State of existence with All Life Forms.

Moreover, IT does not NEED just to return, but to change it into DIFFERENT WAY that IT had not had before.

And you may take part in this wonderful Reconstruction of your beloved Planet, which had given all of you the possibility to accomplish the Experiment!

And for this you have to believe that the OLD has gone away!

You have fulfilled your Task and may go ahead with confidence, yet in new conditions and within New Energies, enjoying new unknown before opportunities. And now you are making your own choice: either to be the nursery of the old energies that are holding their rights, or to say them decisive “NO” and release them, getting rid of them. Think about it, MY dear Angels!

On my part I assure you that the realizing the old energies you may accomplish very fast. You just have to realize it and wish to do it. And WE are assisting each of you to do it and WE are doing a lot of other things for you. But without your sincere desire We cannot interfere into your Free Will – Freedom of Choice.

On finishing our conversation I would like to draw the line – make … Now the old energies are getting – becoming hardened. It is possible to throw them aside not allowing them to govern – control, as they used to do it before in your life in your bodies. It is easy to do it. Now, as never before, there will appear tension both in the natural environment and in among people. Set yourselves for harmony. As never before, your Thoughts will have strong governing influence. Remember about it! A THOUGHT IS STRONG IN EVERYTHING. Leave for your Thoughts only constructive direction. And then everything will be just wonderful about you. And then your life without being influenced by the outer influences of the imperfect environment will be changing for better. And in this striving you will lead others. Give people insight, having got it themselves.

People of the EARTH, I address you with great reverence. You are the Victors in Cosmos for today. However, you must be the victors of your own negative facets. And now has started namely that very period when releasing of one’s own negativity will become not just possible, but it will happen very fast. Good luck, My dear Ones!

Remember that each of you IS the Angel from the Central Spiritual Sun! And it means that you MAY DO ANYTHING! WE ARE ALWAYS NEAR AND CAN ASSIST YOU AT ANY MOMENT!


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