Магниты Духа

To Earthly Mothers Uruswati

Through Marina Shultz,

My dear Women of the Plane EARTH!

 Today I address my Words filled with LOVE to all Women – Mothers; some of them have undergone not easy severe trials during the Process of the Great Experiment execution. Yes, today I wish to speak about MOTHERS and with the MOTHERS of the EARTH!

I shall start with the fact that by far not many people changed their gender in the process of numerous reincarnations.

And those who most of the time chose to stay in the female body had taken not an easy task to carry the Cross of a Mother.

The MOTHERS of all nations of the Earth, whatever differences they used to had, first of all, WERE MOTHERS. And a MOTHER, in the first place, IS the STRONGHOLD of LOVE and a Family Unity — Rallying; and the whole World people connection goes through Mothers’ Hearts.

And not a single MOTHER ever wanted to kill or destroy anything on the Planet!

A MOTHER has always glorified PEACE and the JOY of BEINGNESS!

            A MOTHER has always protected Her Children, and Husbands, and Brothers and all Members of Her Family – Clan by Her LOVE!

            ANY MOTHER has always been a LINK with their DIVENE ESSENCE for All People. How has it happened? Why did people lose their Divinity, namely, through MOTHER’S HEART?  — Well, everything is so simple!

          Each WOMAN and, especially, the MOTHER WHO had given New Lives has always been the MOTHER the WORLD’s Ray .


Sometimes SHE turns on at full Power the Mothers’ right hemispheres brain work, so they could FEEL HER DIVINE PRESENCE in their LIFE, especially during gestation — pregnancy period.

 Yes, ALL MOTHERS of the Planet EARTH HAVE always been in constant touch with MOTHER OF THE WORLD through their Divine I AM Presence, through their HEART.

Therefore, your LIFE in Duality was protected partially from the absolute oblivion of your Divinity by the RAY of MOTHER of the WORLD, acting through the HEARTS of all MOTHERS of HUMANKIND.

          And I AM SINGING THE SONG of GLORY to All MOTHERS who have carried quiveringly this Chanel of MOTHER of the WORLD in all collisions of the Earthly Dense Existence.

          You know, MY beloved Angels, how a WOMAN was humiliated – oppressed on the EARTH.

You know perfectly well how difficult it was for HER to survive, literally “to survive” at some dark epochs of your existence.

And nevertheless, just LISTENT:

Even in those duality conditions your unsinkability was provided by these humiliated by you Mothers, Wives, Sisters and just by Strange Women, coexisting next to you through all AGES.

And what is going on now? – Just Consider!

Why since long ago do they say that the New Era will be the ERA of MOTHER OF THE WORLD?

Why at the Process of the new rebirth of the Planet is the Feminine Energy coming in the first place?

Why does the spectrum of these Energies constantly change?

And, finely, this year you are expecting the congenial, harmonious (and the most important) Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies.

          What does it say, MY beloveds?  —

Now MOTHER of the WORLD is acting in your WORD in full, giving, in the first place, to WOMEN and MOTHERS the opportunity to Mother of the World Rays to rise up in their True Glory.

However, the Harmony of Feminine and Masculine Aspects will not be restored till the Human Consciousness does not release the affirmative and abusive for WOMEN and MOTHERS formula about the women’s inferiority in the human association. 

I am telling you now, and it is not accidentally, what a WOMAN – MOTHER meant for the whole EXPERIMENT.

And you should quickly realize this important detail of your work in Duality!

There were, of course, such Souls which harmoniously embodied in both genders. And I should like to tell you that their Tolerance towards WOMEN and the harmonious interrelations between genders are expressed the best way. And now such people walk in the vanguard of the rest of Humankind as far as the reformation of the Planetary PEACE are at issue.

          And what else can I say to WOMEN – MOTHER, but expressing the GREAT COSMIC GRATITUDE for THEIR Heroic Deed that they had accomplished for the whole Period of the Duality EXPERIMENT!

And I would like also to mark their, verily, Vanguard role at Present Time!

Just look around, to what degree there are more Women of / with advance intelligence and advance way of thinking!

Count up the number of Women among the LIGHT WORKERS and how many men are there in these groups and circles! Look through the social events chronics how powerful Women are how much the acceptance of just decisions depends when Women participate in social life.

The number of Women is growing in the role of country leaders or in the frames of the governmental organizations. And those Women who for ages were carrying — fulfilling the connection not only with their Divinity, but also supported this thread of connection for their beloveds, now have started restoring these connections in the whole Humankind, and also in the Planetary Mechanism of the coherent – coordinated interactions of all forms of LIFE on the EARTH. 


Now I address you just like this!

Let me bow low to you low and confirm that you have managed to hold out through this Experiment!

It was not accidentally that you would take upon yourselves these arduous mostly Female embodiments. And today you receive not only the Diplomas of the “GREAT EXPERIMENT PARTICIPANTS” but also Diplomas from “MOTHER of THE WORLD” for unprecedented Greatness in HER RAYS!

03 – 23 – 2012

Translated from Russian, Larisa7777@aol.com



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