Магниты Духа

Light holiday easter



Wonderful Days are coming on the Planet when you celebrate the Great Event that is a historical one, and not a legend. It is a Light, Joyous Easter Holiday, the Holiday of wonderful LIFE Transformation!

JESUS has Ascended, JESUS has Resurrected!

He Resurrected for His disciples, for all people, demonstrating at the same time that there is Higher LIFE, and there is NO death!

EASTER is the LIGHT HOLIDAY of New Life Birth!

And now when the inexhaustible flows of the Reviving LOVE are pouring, the flows of absolutely new highly – vibrational energies of Support and Transformation, the Essence of the events of the remote days becomes understandable.

JESUS by the Love of His Pure Heart has brought you, dear people, to the great result of your embodiments – the threshold of Planetary and Humankind Ascension, to the possibility of Transition into the Higher Dimensions in the full Consciousness and without leaving the Physical vessel.

All His Life is the Feat in your name and for your sake!

And now JESUS is with YOU! He is within each of you, creating by His Radiant, Greatest LOVE your Space of Christ Consciousness, the Space through which you can come by your expended, mature Consciousness into the World of New Energy, Harmony, Beauty, the World which is called Your HOME!

Different confessions celebrate the Holiday of the Great Light Traveler’s Resurrection in their own way and time, yet the essence of it is the same!

May the Sacred, Delicate, Healing FLAME of Unconditional LOVE descend from the Heaven and Illuminate the Earth and Humankind with Its BLISS!

May the BLISS descend into SOUL and Heart of each Earthly MAN, may IT set fire to the Touch of Unfading LIGHT and show everyone the Way, presented to Humankind by FATHER-MOTHER-GOD!


May the Spring of New Life, Birth and Blossoming arise on the beautiful Blue Star!

With LOVE to All People of the EARTH, EL MORYA

Received by Tamara Knusle

04-07 -2012

Translated from Russian, Larisa7777@aol.com            

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