Магниты Духа

Ченнелинг Крайона в Риге 31.10.10 на английском языке.

Kryon in Riga, Latvia
October 31, 2010
Through Marina Shults

Good morning, dear Friends! Greetings, Beloveds! We are at our new meeting with KRYON. I am very happy that you have come and there are so many of you! And those who usually come here (they are not new comers) know perfectly well that it is a serious spiritual work!

Today the subject of our discussion is: The EARTH and reorganization of our planet.

And you know that it directly concerns all of us. Therefore I would like you to join our work, opening your Hearts, by opening your Heart Lotuses.  And you should work from the very first moments of the meditation which will start right away. Tomorrow we’ll learn the results of our mutual work, and today it would be fine if you to feel it through.

         I ask you to focus yourselves on meditation after which we will smoothly pass over to the contact with Kryon.

         I AM  KRYON  from the Magnetic Service. Greetings, beloveds!

Today We salute you in this hall in which We enjoy very much to conduct meetings with you.

We were preparing this hall for three days and three nights to remove all negative energies which had been accumulated here since our last meeting in May, 2010. I know that many of you were present at that meeting. I congratulate all of you and those who has come today for the first time because you will have a holiday today. It will be a holiday and at the same time a spiritual work.

I am, Kryon from Magnetic Service lifting the veil and removing all obstacles for your connection with your Higher Self.

As usually, I have not come alone; I am accompanied by the escort which will be glad to present you the Love of your Home, the Home about which you forget, when you descend into the earthly existence.

And now you have an opportunity to reconnect with your Home Energies, with that Divine flow of Love that is now flowing into this hall, into this sacred Space which is preserving the energy imprints of our previous meetings.

My dear Angels, I would like you so much to recall your Angelic Lineage, so you could realize to what extend all of you are great Souls in Cosmos. And here you are participating in gaining an extremely important, at times a very hard experience for you, yet it is so priceless not only for you yourselves, but also for the whole Cosmos! And especially it is important for your Planet!

I know how you were looking forward for this meeting. And We waited for this even more then you did! And today We would like you so much to open the buds of your hearts just a bit. In some of you they are opening fast and some of who has come here for the kind of meeting for the first time are contemplating timidly, trying to figure out: What is going to happen? How it will be?

         Please, don’t put any obstacles! Your Heart is a wonderful Lotus! Give  the pallets of this Lotus an opportunity to break into blossoming today and enfold by this Lotus all those present, and the whole Earth, and the entire Cosmos. For YOU ARE THE CHILDREN of COSMOS. Thank you for coming and giving Us today the opportunity to communicate to you!

Today we shall proceed with our talk started in May, 2010. And We shall talk about Serious Planetary Reorganizations.

Joy has come with the Earth renovation!

The joy has locked up our Hearts

With the silver thread — sutratma. This thread will spin,

Running onward among our Hearts,

To the stars and planets, into our Milky Galaxy,

Carrying to the world a special message of joy

About wonderful, fantastic transformation

Of our Planet which IS!

Our planet has freely breathed in,

Taking into its Crystal additional Light.

Our planet has got dressed up meritoriously,

Declaring the world: I AM!

We were helping to get rid of the shouldering

The Planet that We call our “Cosmic Home.”

Dear Earth, We, without doubt, will nourish You,

Without fail, with Emerald Flame,!

We’ll spread the message of Your Resurrection

In Cosmic Space by praising You, our Precious.

We’ll take from You all doubts,

To stimulate the coming Dawn

For Our Beauty — Planet Earth.

You are worthy of this fate!

We are triumphing in the rays of Dawn

And We will make our Earth the Beauty of the coming days.

Long live, beloved Planet, the Blue Pearl of Heaven!

The Holidays of the Wonderful Earth accomplishments

Will be written down into the Cosmic Tablets of Love!

And may the Victory of Invincible Love — LIGHT come true!


Yes, My beloved Angels! Today We are talking about the Earth Reorganization.

And I am glad that We are conducting this conversation on October 31, the last day of October, which is a very remarkable month in 2010, concerning the issue of Planet reorganization and all Life existing on it. You know, at least very many people know about the fact that after 2000 came into existence so called “tripled dates” during which global reorganizations of Earth structure are taking place. These dates started their activity from 2001 and they are signified by identical dates, months and years.

On October 10, 2010 was exactly such a day. On this day the sacred vibration “10-10-10,” as We call it, was opening the Cosmic Portal that has brought to the Earth a new impulse of Cosmic Initiation.

So, today with great pleasure I shall tell you about the thing that could be considered as an accomplished one. Yet, do not think that all those things which were supposed to occur happened on October 10; actually, October 10 is a tripled date of coming of Impulses. I am using “impulses” in plural as We are speaking not just about one event of a planetary significance. These are the impulses that have given the start for serious processes in the planet’s reorganization and it means the reorganization of ALL LIFE on the Planet Earth. It concerns Human Kingdom too.

And the first thing I would like to draw your attention at is finishing or additional building of the Planet Earth Crystalline Greed 144. The work has been started and it is getting done by stages – step by step, and each new additional building takes place on a “tripled date.” And now at “10-10-10” vibration the Earth accepted the new Light Impulse with new programs for activation of this New Crystalline Greed which is under construction.

I mentioned about it in May and, evidently, you have read about it in other sources of information, given to Mankind about the fact that a complex figure has being created named pentagonal dodecahedron (having five angles with 12 plane faces). And on the day of “10 – 10 -10” the impulse was launched from the center of Galaxy and the Earth received it successfully. This impulse gave the ignition to the recurrent building of this Crystalline Greed 144.

At each “tripled date” one of the global plates of this complex Light construction is being activated. I would like to remind you again that the Planet Crystalline Greed is in the first place a LIGHT construction. Yes, in its construction it also has dense layers which represent the Mineral Kingdom, and in the first place, the Crystal Kingdom. Yet, the Crystals are the dense LIGHT.

And you must understand that We are speaking about Light Construction of the Planet. The Planet has successfully accepted this impulse of Initiation and the construction is going on quite successfully. It will proceed for a while.

And today on the last day of October it is possible to say that the Impulse has been accepted normally, and soon the Earth will get additional construction in full because of the arrived Impulse.

As a matter of fact, it is not abstract information. You should know that your Planet will become absolutely secure for ALL Life on the Earth when the It is in the row of the Light Planets. And it will happen when the whole Light Construction of the Planet radiates by the Heaven Light.

And now We have been already speaking about the fact that the Earth has been transformed and became visible from Cosmos. It is acquiring again its ancient name as “the Blue Peal of the Universe.” It had lost this name when it started to descend into physicality – materiality.

On the Earth You were going through the experience of duality – polarity, separation with the Higher Realm and with your own Divinity. And the Earth was helping you to do it. It could not help but to behave that way. You had descended here for gaining special experience, concerning not only you own personally, but for the sake of the whole Cosmos and Galaxy to which you belong.

And the Earth had been created for You. You ARE Its Children, and at the same time It She IS Your MOTHER which had been born — created to allow or provide You with the possibility of getting the required experience. Therefore everything that is happening to the Earth concerns you, People! Yet, it also concerns all other Kingdoms of Nature and today I would like to tell you about it.

Well, what else has taken place in October 2010? – The activation of one of the Atlantean Master – Crystals has taken place. You know that there were such Crystals in Atlantis. They were carrying out many important functions. And through my collaborator (Marina Shults) I gave detailed information about these Atlantean Master –Crystals.

Some of them have been ignited partially, though they are not working at full capacity. And on October 10 one more — the Violet Sound Crystal Crystal of Sound was started.

I have told you what this Crystal will bring for each of you and for the Earth. The Crystal was activated by Tow Rays:

The First Ray that came directly to the Crystal removed or unlocked, so to say in human language,  the locks placed on it for its conservation by the end of the Time of Atlantis.

The Second Ray – Impulse which came on October 10 directly started the Crystal, putting it into service.

The Crystal is still monitored by the same Atlantean Priests who used to word with it at the time of Ancient Atlantis; and later on during long millennia they have been preserving these Crystals, including the Violet Crystal of Sound. And right now They, the very Priests have started to work with this Crystal again.

Yes! Everything is going on safely! And in this case I should admit that this work has been accomplished exactly in that bulk as it had been designed.

You know that every year Atlantean Crystals, Master Crystals will add a certain percentage of their capacity till the complete turning on happens.

But those that are supposed to get started on vibration11-11-11 and the last vibration12 -12 -12 (which is the last Sacred Vibration) will also pick up their power later on, starting with the end of 2012 and further on.

So, one more Crystal has taken its place in the family of activated Atlantean Master Crystals.

And these two events I have told you about happened on October 10 are the most important ones in this month!

You know that there are several most important dates in this year (2010), related to the planet reorganization – transformation. And this one was the second important date. And We shall finish this year (2010) by December 21. It is an important one. One can say that it is not as important as the Vibration 10-10-10, yet it will be the last accent of the transformational processes which will be accomplished in 2010. It will be a very interesting moment when the full Lunar Eclipse coincides with the Winter Solstice. And We shall give you corresponding information. And those people who are ready to help Planet by the Services We will, naturally, give main directions – instructions for conducting these Services.

And now before to proceed with enumeration of events that happened in October, 2010, I would like to congratulate and to thank those people who were assisting the Planet on that Day, October 10, 2010. People were working very powerfully all over the Planet! A great number of groups were working all over the Planet organizing their work in different way spiritually. Yet, the effect was the same! And their work was focused, assisting those processes which were supposed to take place on October 10, 2010.

I know that now in this hall there are people who were doing it. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Our deepest reverence on behalf of all our FAMILY! Take the limitless flow of never-ending LOVE and Our support, and continue to do what you’ve been doing. For only through your efforts the Planet will ultimately acquire that outlook that It She is to gain in Cosmos now.

And the process is interconnected. If you help the Planet, the Planet supports you too! And it is difficult to figure out where, how and who is getting or giving more Assistance and doing a good job.

For You ARE interconnected with the Planet just like with your MOTHER, You ARE interconnected c IT HER by your LIFE which She has given to You!

And I have already told that the whole Planet had been created for the Purpose that You could here, on this Earth get a certain, very serious experience.

Now I would like to tell you about other events that took place on October 10. I have to admit that the conditions had been created by the first two events I have already told you about, and by the additional Cosmic Rays which had arrived for easier expansion of human consciousness and  more gracious and harmonious transition into the New State of the Collective Consciousness of Humankind.

You had paid already attention that people have become different. They started to show interest to such things as: Where they live? How they live? Why do they live? Why do these or those events happen? Why do people have become so different? Why does the life bring shove together people whom they had never heard about and they become so close as if they were their family? And at the same time the same Life leads away from them their very close people…

And all of it is normal! For the exfoliation of the Earthly People Consciousness is going on. This is the call — commandment of our Time! And it cannot be differently! This is the only possible way!

And so, in this month, beginning with October 10, 2010 conditions have been created that the Human Consciousness could accept easier the New Processes which are happening on the Earth and to the People, so these processes could move on in harmony.

And you will see how the Collective Consciousness will respond to the New Information and to the example set by others who has already become the LIGHT Workers, the Beacons of LIGHT. And it is very gratifying to certify! Where will it lead to?  — It will lead to the alteration of the Collective Consciousness.

We have told you long ago that there is a Critical Mass of Earthly People with required New Level of Consciousness.

And only when it is reached the Human Collective Consciousness will start to change in an avalanching way. It will change evolutionary in the right way to recognize themselves as the People of Cosmos. This way you will be able to accept those processes which are taking place on the planet and participate in them actively. And only then people will be able to come into the harmonious state of being that will draw them to peaceful existence. That is what was done in October, 2010!

Yet, it is not all! I would like to tell you about one more event that had taken place and which could look strange at first sight. I would like to tell you that in the Cosmic surrounding for a long ago time, for many millennia a train was dragged after the Earth that We used to call a “train of decomposition.”

Now I shall explain it by another example, so you could understand it clearly. Those who had been involved in esoteric evidently know about the fact that if the decomposition is taking place within a human being at Moral or ethic level (a sense of common purpose and confidence in the future or individual psychological well- being), then it doesn’t matter how particular he she keeps the rules of hygiene, and no matter how beautiful – handsome and well-dressed a person could be, he she will produce a bad smell or stink. And people know about it. It has to do with the decomposing of the subtle bodies; Moral decomposing is taking place.

I have to say to my great regret, at a certain time period something like that happened to the Earth primarily because of your, people, human actions. And since that time the Earth was dragging behind itself this “train of decomposition” which could be seen by many planets and worlds.

On October 10, 2010 that “train” was completely cut off by the Cosmic Beam. That “train” will get certain neutralization in the Cosmic Space and will not cause harm to nobody. Anyway, the Earth has been liberated from it!

And by setting or placing into action the Violet Sound Crystal the additional cleansing of the Earth on all planes will take place, and the Earth will really breath in freely and start to turn into the very Cosmic Beauty which It She is supposed to become. So, here you are! Now, I have told you about all main events that happened on October 10, 2010!

And now I would like to tell you what is really happening to you, people, to other Kingdoms of Nature or the Nations of Planet Earth caused by the accomplishments of these events. Since We speak about the Earth Light Construction perfection and about the fact that the Planet Light Body is getting perfected, it means that exactly the same things are going on with All Kingdoms of Nature. Don’t think only about yourselves. It is happening to All Kingdoms of the Earth.  For they also have to go through their own transition and commit their Quantum Leap or Shift in this Great Transition. And therefore all of them are changing — transforming and mutating.

I shall start with the Mineral Kingdom.

I think it will be interesting for you to know about that Minerals are the dense part of the construction of the Crystalline Greed 144. And since it is changing and getting filled by LIGHT, then, naturally, the qualities of Minerals of the whole Mineral Kingdom are altering or changing, and in the first place, it has to do with the Crystals. Even their crystalline structure may change, and in the due course of time your science will notice or observe it. Their healing properties, LIGHT qualities are strengthening, becoming more powerful. And you are to learn a lot about crystals which are going to acquire even greater meaning in your Life.

Since now you are getting to know with joy and astonishment about the way the Atlanteans were using the crystals; what the crystals allowed to do, how they helped them; that the Atlantean Master – Crystals have already started to take an active part in your life, —  then you have to know that All Crystals, even small ones, that you keep in your houses and also the big ones which are on the surface and inside the Earth, now all of them are acquiring different meaning, significance and different power. And to be more precise, they acquire New Informational Programs. And you are to lean to use it, as they will bring you only benefits. Bear it in mind as far as Crystals are concerned!

And now let’s speak about Plant Kingdom.

Plants are also going through changes and these changes are very serious. Let’s have a look at two main life-providing schemes for the Plant Kingdom. First of all, the Mineral Kingdom, about which We have already spoken, is located within the ground.  Plants live on the ground or soil, so all evolutionary things happening to the soil (or inside it) and crystals are getting transferred to the Plants when they absorb the juices of the mineral substances for their existence.

And here comes the second factor – Water.

WATER is a Liquid Crystal, and it has been changing its own qualities, and in even more powerful degree than all other dense crystals.

The World Ocean is changing; its informational orientation has been changing too. A lot is going to change in the World Ocean.

Yet all waters of the Planet wherever they are located: within the soil – ground, in brooks, rivers, lakes, ponds, seas and oceans – all of them go through their changes – alterations.

Therefore how it is possible for the Plants to stay away from changes since the two main factors: Water and Minerals are changing their qualities in a most wonderful way!

So, the Plants has started to change as well, and they are doing it according to their own specific Evolutionary Program.

Yet, as it used to be before, according to the Cosmic Law of Offering — Sacrifice, they sacrifice themselves to other Nations – Kingdoms of Nature, and, definitely, including you, people. But you should know the right way to accept the Gifts of the Plant — Vegetal Kingdom.  Give the Plants an opportunity to grow, blossom and ripe. And then with thanksgiving take from them everything they are able to give! Don’t transgress their own circular of Life on this Planet. And then everything you take from the Plant will b ten times more beneficial for you than if you violate its life construction prematurely. Anyway, I must to call upon you to pay special attention to eating vegetarian food!

As far as the Healing (some kind of treatment) is concerned, you know perfectly well, that We don’t like to make any kind of diagnoses as everything gets materialized! And you also don’t need it! Grow out of this habit!

So, let’s speak about the fact that Minerals and Plants will assist your balancing and some kind of necessary adjustment within your complicated organism. And they will fulfill this role in greater degree, having even greater significance than it was before both as far as nourishment and also balancing or correction are concerned. You just have to learn to use it correctly!

And ultimately, We are getting to the Animal Kingdom.

And at this point I must put everything into one phrase: And the Animals are becoming smart, very clever!

They are getting very smart! And Animals are passing over into the category of intellectual, or to be more precise, they are turning into reasonable beings which start to think. I believe that many people have already noticed it, while watching their pets – domestic favorites. And if before people have kept domestic animals at home or at their farms for all their life, they should notice the great difference between the former animals and the present day ones. Really, they are becoming intelligent.

Therefore think over your responsibility in front of this getting intelligent Nature Kingdom. Now it is extremely important to realize it for you, for your own evolution! If you become conscious about it and will assist the lower Kingdoms of Mother-Nature, and in the first place to assist the Animal Kingdom in their Evolution, without violating it, then the Transition — reorganization Process of your own Evolution will move faster, and you will get to that level which is designed for you evolutionarily. I would like you so much to pay a special attention to it, dear Ones!

And now I would like to tell you something about 10 -10- 10.

This date is very interesting! It carries extremely serious energies. Once We told you that 2010 would be a catalytic year. It should be understand that in this year different in their setting — trend Energies came to the Earth. New energies used to come in which the Earth is supposed to live, to work, to be constructed and perfected, but among those energies there were absolutely new energies(actually, they arrived in 2010) which are the catalyses.

They don’t do anything by themselves; they just reinforcing the influence of other energies and other processes. And this is exactly the peculiarity of 2010 when the energies which were intensifying another the other energy, another the other information used to come. They were reinforcing evolutionary events which were taking place this year.

See, how everything is interconnected. This year (2010) 13 Energies all in all have come to the Earth to build your New World. Hopefully, figure “13” doesn’t frighten you anymore. It is a sacred vibration and it should be treated this way!

For the whole time of existence in duality Human Consciousness has created a lot: it has generated many irregular incorrect notions which were intensified behind figures, words and events, phrases and even after coming Great Spirits, their embodiment on the Planet.

Now We allow you to purify cleanse ALL in your consciousness. Therefore treat figure “13” in the right way.

And today (October 31, 2010) is the day of vibration “8” and it is also a good vibration! This vibration allows the rebirth or transformation and that is exactly what you need.

And today is also the day of the 10-th layer of DNA; it is the 1-st one, out of the last three Divine layers in the DNA which consists of 12 strands (spiral -like threads), that carries Divinity. This is the same energy of figure “8” which allows people to sense within themselves the Divine Birthright and tap to the level of Divinity.  And everything that is happening to you right now, allows you to accomplish it.

Will you, please, do an effort to feel the Presence of your Divine Essence! Is so important! For if you feel or recognize Its Presence now, you will carry this feeling into the flowing Life. Now you need to stay together with your Divine “I AM PRESENCE.” And make it your main aim, target purpose to put all your life under the control of your Higher Self, your Divine “I AM.”

That is what your Planet is doing now. You are doing it too. So, I ask you again, People — Angels:

ASSIST now the process of Regeneration of other Nature Kingdoms and revise your attitude towards them!!!

The whole EARTH together with the multitudinous Life on It, had been created to accomplish YOUR EVOLUTION in the first place.

Therefore, look at the rest Life on the Earth as the one that is contributing to Your Evolution.

         And right now it is exactly the very period when you must learn to think creatively, act constructively and then you will go through the threshold of the Great Transition – Quantum Shift, you will pass the process of Ascension and that New World will be established on the Earth about which WE have been speaking all the time. Actually, you are saying it to each other. And at the same time you are asking a lot of reasonable questions: And what kind of world, this New World is going to be?

         Gradually, according to your consciousness expansion, WE add you portion by portion of this information about what kind of world this New World is supposed to be.

I know it is still difficult to put together the leaving Three-dimensional existence for the multidimensional one, and naturally you ask questions: “How it is going to be? How it will look like?”

And some people have already being existed in the Third Dimension and at the same time they are present in other dimensions. How is it possible? – And they are asking the same questions: “Shall I disappear from this world or shall I stay in it? And what is going to happen with others if I transcend into multidimensional existence?”

And in the Fifth Dimension the cities – towns which you had left once upon a time are waiting for you… Yes! They do exist! And they have developed, come into blooming and improved, waiting for your retuning. And when you come back you will recollected that period when you had been there and you will see how these cities have changed…

And in those cities the highly evolved Entities — Beings were staying there; they have been keeping and perfecting these cities; and now they are waiting impatiently for your returning. That is what has been designed for you!

And now We are telling you again:

You have to take good care of your PLANET!

Yes! I do believe that now without any doubt it is possible to say that neither for us or for the Planet there won’t be a way back into darkness, into rough, dense materiality or physicality, duality – polarity.

However, it does not mean that you may relax and think that somebody will make this Great Transition, and that the Planet can manage without your efforts. No way, dear Ones!

I would like to remind you that namely in 1987 (when the question of “to Be or not Be” for the Planet was at issue) the group of Enlightened People made a declaration that They had raised the vibration of the Planet. And it was really done by THEM! THEY had raised the Planet’s vibrations and asked The Galactic Counsel to allow the Earth to proceed with Its Evolution.

And at that very time, in 1987 (even though you may not remember it) at the Higher Realms of Being of this Planet, You accepted a long termed process for program transition (but it was not a “long one” in cosmic measurements) into a New State. It is possible to consider – count that it has started from the Harmonic Convergantion conducted in 1987 and so far the Plan is supposed to be over in 2025.

However, I told it many times that You are unpredictable, as You can change a lot! You can a program, set by you, finish even sooner, or you can make corrections -alterations in your own program.

However, so far you follow the plan — program, composed by you before. And everything that is taking place on the Planet is happening to you namely because you also took part in compiling the New Evolutionary Program of the Planet.

Now I would like to mention one more event in which should participate all of you. Since the Planet Crystalline Light Structure is changing, accordingly your Light Structure is changing too. And We have told you long ago that your Light Body would change too.

However, to the great regret, I must admit that so far some people don’t even have a Light Body embryo rudiment. And now it is absolutely different time! Now it is already high time to have a developed Light Body and follow the Planet.

We called the Light BodyMER-KA-BA” before. Thanks to the additional construction procedure of the Crystalline Greed 144 and the whole Light Structure of the Planet perfection, the Earth has already transferred to a new Light Body structure which is called “MER-KI-VA).” And, I already told you about it in May, this Light Body (MER-KI-VA) excludes the polarity of Light and magnetic field polarity. And this Light Body is harmonious; it allows you to move away from duality – polarity faster.

And I would like to recommend you not to wait till your Light Body will change by itself, but endeavor that by focusing at the process of activation – ignition of this the new Light Body  — “MER-KI-VA; then — MER-KA-VA and, ultimately, it will turn into MER-KA-NA.”

It is so wonderful when more and more people willingly and through their own efforts illumine on the Planet!

Yet, you should know that You ARE CONNECTED WITH THE PLANET AS A SINGLE Holographic Object!

Therefore, each one who ignites or illumine oneself in this Hologram will right away add Light to the Planet. And each one who ignites one’s own         Light Body will help all others, the rest people (by taking into consideration the property of a hologram). So, if you work actively with yourselves now, as I have already told before, you will globally assist Planet, Humankind, the rest Kingdoms of Mother-Nature, evolving on the Earth, and the whole Cosmos.

For, ultimately, the manifested Universe, material Universe is a huge Global Hologram and each of you is its element.

So, think about it! “Don’t wait for,” —  as one of your scientist has told, — “favor from nature,” as You yourselves ARE Creators! Actually now you are becoming the Co-Creators of the Supreme CREATOR and you can do a lot of great things!

I would like to tell you a lot. And We are telling you a lot in Our “Messages.” Especially now, We give you very many “Messages” from different sources, on various subjects, and We have many collaborators all over the world.

Naturally, We cannot have just few collaborators, as such is the command of time! For none Earthly human being, no matter what a good “channel” of anybody of the Higher Realm Teachers or Me (Kryon) he she could be, is able to stand it if We would demolish at him her all Information which the Earthly people need to get now. That is why We distribute Our Information along different “channels.” Now this Information goes all over the globe widely and very purposefully.

That is why now We are working with the scientific world and a great number of scientists receive our “Messages.” Why should I, let’s say, start to burden my collaborator (Marina Shults) with complicated formulas or scientific equations or definitions. Perhaps, she could be able to write them down, but first of all she will not be able to use or apply it and secondly, — what for? Actually, she does her business.

Now there are a lot of channelers among scientists. They receive the Information. And if the scientific world is now ripe enough to use widely Our Information and these sources of information, then it is just a matter of time. However, a lot of publications have appeared where the scientists publish the Information received through the channels of “clairvoyance.” That is why We are sending Our Information all over the world and each of our collaborators receives through his her own “channel.”

And now, mainly thanks to the Internet web, you may receive the Information very efficiently about the events which are taking palace in your World all over the Earth. Even translations are getting accomplished in your world very rapidly.


I also wish to give the best regards filled with exceptional Love, the Greetings from The Whales and Dolphins Kingdom.

Many of you already know that this is the greatest civilization, an intelligent civilization on the Earth. And at least their example can show you to what extant the Mind may exist in various forms in Cosmos.

These two kingdoms, existing on the Earth, are highly evolved. For a long time they exist here in such forms to assist you, people. And I know that many people have already realized it. And we called upon you to get in conscious contact with the Whale and Dolphin Nations. Some of you have done it, and it has been done successfully.

Get interested in these two Intelligent Kingdoms! They have been doing a lot for the Planet! Now they are going to do a lot for the World Ocean: for its purification and total reprogramming.

The World Ocean is a large Matrix of Information. Now, thanks to these Cosmic processes that are directed to the Earth assistance, the Global Reprogramming of the World Ocean is happening. It will gradually and with a required recurrence produce this New Information for the Earth reorganization and for the alterations in all Nature Kingdoms, including you.

So, start to realize to what extent the whole Earth in different ways, sometimes complicatedly, sometimes very simply, but is doing what is necessary for you. That is the way you are evolving. I’ll repeat it again: it is happening both simply and complicatedly at the same time. Yes, everything is wonderful!

I know that right now the Earth is enjoying our conversation, as I can see it and She feels how the hearts of those sitting in this hall are responding to this subject.

You will bring joy to the Earth, joy to the New World and We are sure about it. I would like so much that everything could proceed this way and may more and more New Consciousnesses, Awakened Consciousnesses, capable of doing their evolutionary business, could be born around you.

Wake People up, beloveds! I have told you already that now the conditions are just right for this purpose!

And now, before proceeding with our topic concerning “EARTH and YOU,” dear Angels, I would like to stop at the following issue:

How or in what way all the Planetary Changes and those ones which are happening inevitably with you, as a result of them, getting reflected in your life?

And now We shall speak about socium — socius (society). We have spoken about socius many times. As for the most part socius reflects the departure of the old energies, their concentration, their urge to stay longer, to hold on (as I told you last time) even within your organism by some kind of energetically condensed blocks or sealing, that you must remove or sweep away from your organism under the presser of the New Energies, Energies of LOVE, which is a malty-faceted Energy in Cosmos. Now It is present in a wider spectrum of frequencies on the Earth. And you must feel it as well.

Those who have come here for the first time, who has just get in touch with these issues, I think by opening their hearts they will open their eyes and see absolutely differently all the processes which are happening on the Earth.

I would like to suggest you something that had been suggested to you by Us long ago, but, evidently, it is necessary to speak about it endlessly — indefinitely when you are observing all those things which are taking place on the Planet, from the Earthly cataclysms to the serious disasters or unpleasant things in your social and political life. Learn to view these processes globally.

First of all it is necessary to comprehend why they are happening.

And when you know WHY, then you look at all of it with by absolutely different eyes. Your reaction upon these events will be absolutely different!

Stop share teas and cry, stop strain your Emotional Body! As It (emotional body) has to come out on an absolutely different level of vibration, and it must become beautiful, light- bearing enveloping within itself only the matter with the high level of vibration, the matter of the Higher sub-levels of the Astral World.

Don’t block your life with by lower vibrations! Don’t follow the beaten track well-trodden road by Humankind where it had been perfectly accepted, in certain situations what — when — where it was necessary to sob and mourn: here one has to cry; there one should mourn; and in this or that case one has to get frustrated.

And exactly this very word “it is necessary, it has to be done…” should be removed from your life as it causes damage to a lot of things. It harms the right global understanding of the happening processes.



And many of you through their MONAD right now have reflection, existences, real existences in other — different Worlds about which now, while in the Physical body, you don’t even guess or suspect. But this tells about the fact to what extent you all of you are malty – dimensional beings!

And only one aspect of your Monad (your Higher Self through its seven parts) is gaining experience now on the Planet Earth. Yet, by gaining this experience you bring it to the whole Milky Way Galax, and through your Monad you deliver this Experience to Our CREATOR, into HIS Treasure Box, into HIS SOUL, from which Your Monad had come out.

That is exactly the Period that is going on!

That is why now you must remember that you have to observe everything from the Cosmic Point of View!

You will see how the Life will change around you including the social one. You will start to bring balance, harmony and joy to all surrounding you, as you will be peaceful and you will be smiling.

Don’t yield the old emotions, old stamps or imprints, images and standards or modes of behavior. Now it doesn’t work! It won’t do! It has got over within humankind! That is what I wanted to tell you.

And now I would like to enumerate the most common or widespread Symptoms of those planetary reorganizations which are taking place on the Earth and that transformation – reorganization which you are experiencing now. I would like to speak about those symptoms that many people and especially medical doctors – physicians call as “painful symptoms” or the “symptoms of a certain disease.”

And again I want to bring you back from this delusion so you would not use these words or definitions. No dis-eases should exist in your life!

Now it could happen some temporary destruction, imbalance or disorders which We are assisting you to remove by teaching you special methods that have nothing to do with taking medications – pharmaceuticals and paying visits to doctors.

You yourselves can lean a lot of things. We have given so many extremely interesting methods methodic which are corresponding to that level of Evolutionary Process, you are going through now, that you just have to know about them and use them on your own. When We say to “use by yourselves,” it means “on your own.”

If you may or would like to ask your friend’s assistance who had mastered these methods, just do it! However, you must select those methods which correspond to your Evolutionary process. Namely those methods (for instance, “balancing”) that pull or lift you to that level on which your Planet will move in its reorganization and, accordingly, you will move too.

So, now I would like to enumerate the “symptoms” of such kind of imbalance, sometimes such slight distraction which many of you are experiencing now.

I have told you about it partially. I also told about it through Lee Carroll. There are also other channels that are speaking about it. And how possible not speak about it!? For sure, We don’t want people to bring forth through their consciousness the sicknesses because of these slight deviations. I would like to enumerate some of them, as I think even those who are present now in this hall have noticed these symptoms in their own life. And I want you to take them easier and know how to reestablish balance within oneself.

The first thing I would like to mention is what I said almost 20 years ago. Yet, this symptom is still present. It is the sleeping disorder. And to be more precise, it is, perhaps, the balance between the hours of active existence and passive night existence. This very balance is broken with many persons.

And I don’t want people, who are not sleeping all night through or wake up at night and become active for a while and then go to bed again, call this situation as “insomnia.” Let’s move away from this medical term again and we shall not call it “insomnia.”

This is not “insomnia.” Your Light Bodies and the whole system of life support is changing now. That’s what it is! It also means that some changes are happening within endocrine system, cardiovascular system, the hormonal system, and the locomotor apparatus about which I shall speak separately.

All systems as a whole are going through changes, because within you structure as well, you are to transfer to absolutely new bodies and your organism new functioning. Many of you already know about the fact that the Humankind is facing the situation (one may even say that it will happen in the nearest future, — yes, it is already possible to use such words) when a human being will be nourished by PRANA.

There are already such people among you and you call them “sun-eaters.” But this is your future. You will move away from animal food, vegetarian and from other kind of food. You will be nourished by PRANA. And you organism has already started to reorganize for this future process of nourishment.

I don’t call upon you to start your fast right away, or to go outside, facing to the Sun and from that very moment on switch to PRANA nourishment.

Yet, I believe that 0.001% of Earthly people could already manage to do it, but not all of them. And you should not violate or force yourselves by something, it is just necessary to transfer slowly, shifting or getting adjusted to the new circumstances in your life that are molding and shaping on your Planet.

Now, -“sleeping disorders.”

How could it be expressed?

First of all, some of you may need a short break – rest at day-time. I think many have noticed it. If you can afford it, do it. I assure you that it will be really a short one.

And if you get in contact with your Divine Essence or Higher Self, then you may ask It to provide you with deep sleep for 15 – 20 minutes and then followed by quick awakening an activity. Surely, I repeat it again, that it will happen only in that case if the circumstances allow you to do it.

Don’t take it for appearance some kind of sickness within you. It is quite normal for the time being (the current time).


Another sleeping breach – it could be night infringement.

First of all, many of you don’t already need 7 – 8 hours sleep. Or, as I have already told, you may wake up at night, feeling wide awake; it is all right to be active for a while and then take a few hours sleep and it quite is normal! Just learn to keep yourselves busy with something useful at night.

And, in general, you may switch to a 3 – 4 hours sleep all in all (during 24 hours period) and I think that it will be quite sufficient for you soon. Many people take it as a problem for they don’t know what to do when they wake up at night. Well, I understand the situation, as people have families and when the family is sleeping and you are wide awake and you don’t want to bother or disturb those who are sleeping.

I would like to recommend you (since only some people are facing this deviation so far) these hours dedicate to wonderful spiritual meditations and this way you will not disturb somebody’s peaceful time. If you are alone in the room it is possible to listen to a recoded meditation. And when you are not alone, you may put on the ear-phones and listen to the meditation. This way you will compensate this new deviation, that appeared in your life and combine it with a useful activity – time spending. It will be extremely useful as the night time is the best time when it is not so noise, nobody bothers you, nobody asks you: What or why are you doing this or that? – So, these hours will be very beneficial for you. That is why don’t be afraid of these deviations, dear ones. Just know that there is nothing wrong about it!

Then I would like to hold up. I have already told that many systems of yours are reorganizing. And, naturally, it means that this reorganization will cause some deviations in your state of being, your sensing and feeling of yourselves, or the work of those systems that are getting reorganized.

What do you think if the endocrine system is getting reorganized, can other systems work the same way they used to do? – No, they cannot! They also feel these changes within themselves. Therefore you may feel the tides of heat or cold. You may feel energetic expansion, as if your volume is expending, yet at the same time your Physical body doesn’t expend; yet something else is growing, your whole Being, your Essence, all your Entities are becoming bigger.

Some people feel that these entities are expending aside, others say that they are growing intensively and as if they are looking at the whole World from above. Well, it could be in different ways, but it is happening because your systems are reorganizing and it is also caused by the changes of your Light Body. No wonder, this is the way it is supposed to be! You Light Body declares about itself and you feel these changes. Now the alterations are also happening in the work and in the arrangement – configuration of energy channels inside your body.

It can be followed by the feeling of energy shifting, some kind of traveling pain in your body, and this sensation is unfamiliar to you. These kind of pains just appeared somewhere in your physical, wander around and go away.  You even cannot understand where and what kind of pain was it.

And there is another symptom which appears very often, it is a Tingling Sensation.

It feels as if some light electrical discharges are taking place, or tiny needles are pinching you. And this kind of tingling can appear in one or in another part of your body. And it can move, changing its location.

Some people like it, others don’t. Yet, the fact is: it exists! And you just take the way it is with gratitude, as the reorganization of your organism. It is quite normal! It will go away gradually. And if you will perfect your Light Construction consciously then it will never happen to you (this sensation) or it will go away very quickly fast rapidly. That’s what you have to know!

Next symptom, I was going to tell you about and which will manifest itself evidently or not evidently, is Dehydration.

I think that many of you during hot summer in 2010 experienced dehydration, but I am speaking about different type or kind of Dehydration.

Actually, when it is very hot outside then mainly the evaporation of liquidity is happening because of perspiration through the pores of your skin and, naturally, you are losing it.

But now, as I have already told you, the alteration of the programs (reprogramming) of Earth and Humankind development is happening.

I have even told you that the World Ocean reprogramming is taking place. And the WATER inside YOU is the same water.

So, it is also experiencing reprogramming. The functioning – work of your organs and systems is changing. It means that colossal changes on cellular level, on the DNA level are in process. Good for those who are consciously activating their DNA! Then these processes are taking place harmoniously and they don’t cause any undesirable feelings or sensations.

Even during cold seasons, though you may not sense or feel it, very serious changes are happening on the cellular level. The programs of your development are changing and for these changes the cellular water is being used. And you should give more WATER to your organism. Your doctors – physicians have been telling you about it since long ago. And it is very interesting, — just pay attention, — that they have quite different argumentation for this issue. They substantiate this necessity differently.  And they are also right! And at the same time, it is the Command of the Time!

If you compare present period with that one when your physicians used to tell you 20 – 30 years ago… Actually, they did not tell you at all that it was necessary to drink 2 – 2.5 liters of water a day; and then you will understand, that something had changed inside in their consciousness.

It looks as if they are taking their argumentation from some kind of books or lectures, or publications. And the truth is that they are just getting this information about the necessity to tell this Information to their patients and  follow it  — walk their talks.

So, you should know that the alteration of Cellular Memory is happening. The Informational Reprogramming on Cellular Level is going on. It makes you to lose more Water.

Therefore give your organism more of this Liquid Crystal,

 As it is the Source of your Life!

That’s what I wanted to remind you by all means, dear Ones!

Next subject I would like to note is the possible deficiency of some representatives of the Mineral Kingdom. We have already spoken about the Mineral Kingdom, and We have told you about those changes that are happening in the Mineral Kingdom. Yet, you yourselves also consist of a great number of minerals!

         Mother – Earth has provided you with these Minerals for your existence in the Material Realm. And now your Physical Bodies are going through changes! Let us bring to your memory the fact that your Physical Bodies have already started the process of refining, and, to be more precise, getting more subtle, or, as I have told before, the process of refining — losing its dense.

This process will grow and a graduate transition to quite different bodies will take place. We are not going speak about their names now, as at different times since We have started to give you this information about body refining – becoming more subtle, We called them differently.

Let’s take our time and will not rush, trying to give the latest definition for this refined subtle body. The bottom line is: the bodies are getting refined or becoming more subtle and you should feel it. At the same time their components, their structural filling has to change.

And it turns out that these structural alterations on mineral level and they are already happening rather fast to some people. With some people the processes are lagging behind, and with some people these changes are, as they say, are “keeping pace with the time.”

Your medical doctors also notice these anomalies and they tell you that you may have deficiency of some chemical elements or “microelements,” as they say it.

And I would like to tell you about some of them.

First of all I would like to mention those which you should pay your special attention to. Yet, before I tell you about it, I would like to give you a resemble advice: since your time dictates you the necessity of watching the quantity and quality of microelements availability in your organism, lean to test their necessity by yourselves, without applying to any medical methodic. What element are missing within your organism and in what dosages you should infuse them into your organism.

There are very simple methods of testing; master them. But if you go in touch with your Divine Essence, It will give you (just pay attention to what I am calling you up) every day exclusive answer what exactly is lacking in your organism. And since it is lacking then in what dosage it is necessary to take in or infuse.

You are moving away from that time when you were told what and for what you have to take 3 or 5 times per day. You go away from this even with taking medications – pharmaceuticals. As the situation is changing with your state of health so fast that this testing should be conducted every day and it would be even better if everyone could master it. Take the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table and learn to test it. Right now I am going to name you only some of them.

I place SILICA (Si) at the first place.

We call it “radiant silica.” And I have to tell you that silica will gain more and more significance in your structure than ever before. And the Silica Life will be establishing on the Planet.

And you should know that now you should lead silica into your organism and, perhaps, you will need more and more silica.

Silica is also the element which possesses incredible possibilities of the information recording and transmitting of this information. There are a lot of various technique in your World built on silica. Yet, your organism needs silica very much therefore silica is that first element which I would like to draw your attention to.

And now, by deviating from microelements, I will give you an advice: many of these elements you may use from Homeopathy. There you can find the very silica, and you can buy and use it, testing the dosages for yourselves. But because of the qualities of minerals, crystals and plants changes, as I have already told, the Homeopathy will goes to a significantly significant level in your life, even more meaningful compared to what it had had before.

Yet, you should bear it in mind that the Homeopathy will have to go through great changes, as the specialists who are working in this area will have to study new qualities of minerals and plants. And I have told you what changes are happening to them. That is the exact reason why you have to use that very Homeopathy that is being prepared now, yet one should take into consideration individual testing. However, future belongs to Homeopathy. Perhaps, not always but it will work trying to assist you for a couple of dozen years more.

And now I return again to the elements which you may have in deficiency.

All of you know and your medicine supports it that many of you are having Calcium (Ca) deficiency. Yes, it is true; Calcium should be introduced into your organism. Even your babies are being born with calcium deficiency. And it could be explained by two absolutely opposite reasons: on one hand it can be a manifestation of a common pathology; on the other hand – the organism of a newly born baby (by the structure of its body) outstrips or leaves behind those conditions in which it gets born. Otherwise, it is that refinement — mutation (less dense and more subtle) of the new body, to which all of you are moving.

And some babies may be born with such body. They need a temporally help; so, for some time they could exist in this physical world which is still quite dense, till that time when the general situation on the Planet will come to the condition that they will be able to take back the state they had been born.

Gradually this process is taking place within you too, as your physical body is changing and it is possible to say that within this body a new body is getting born.

It will not be the way as if you shake off this body and the new body would be put on from somewhere; nothing of the kind is going to happen, dear Ones!

A gradual rebirth will take place. And in this very rebirth all of you will walk with different speed, at different rate or pace. That is why I am telling you that it may be a temporary deficiency of this or that element.

And of course, just imagine, when your bodies reach the highest degree of refining – losing its density and acquiring subtlety, you will not need such a solid locomotor apparatus; it will be just out of need. That is why in some of you the process of refining of this locomotor apparatus has already started. Yet, it is not quite the ripe time, and you have to take Calcium to avoid Ca deficiency. Moreover, it is well known that Calcium participates in all biochemical processes in your body. It does not only concern your bones, therefore, will you, please, pay attention to Calcium!

Soon Calcium will be out of use for the building of your locomotor apparatus but for this it will take time. And now supply or nourish yourselves with Calcium add it to your nourishment!

There are 2 more elements about which I wanted to say without going into details, just to ground the information about them in your consciousness, just  that they are needed right now and they are: Cadmium (Cd) and Vanadium (V).

I don’t want to go into details about the participation of these elements in the current reorganization of your organism, but you must find the corresponding food-stuffs, containing these two elements and use them in your food. They are present in many sea weeds and also in Spirulina, which is becoming extremely actual for your nourishment now.

All other elements you may just test individually, because for general information I don’t want to accent your attention on something else. And these four elements, I have already mentioned, plus dehydration, it is possible to define as “water or liquid crystal deficiency,”- that is what you have to KNOW!

What else may occur, what kind of declining could appear at this time?

I know that before we started with channeling today a note came. I would like to answer it. They ask:

What is necessary to do when people have great changes — fluctuation of blood presser?”

Some people experience jumping of blood presser up and down, while others are having experiences of blood presser boundaries are very close and people live within this very little difference between these boundaries. These are all those infringements of the cardio-vascular system, I told you about.

They are not really “infringements” but the “reorganization of System;” the “violations” caused by the reorganization of the systems. Some people may have it, while others – may not. Or it can be manifested in different degrees.

Naturally, you must understand that since at the present moment a human being has come to such a great event of planetary scale as the Great Shift or Transition with a luggage of mass diseases, chronic sicknesses or they are at on a certain stage of severe illnesses, then all these reorganizations may aggravate the state of this person. And this person should pay a special attention concerning himself herself.  Certainly, We do not forbid you to visit your medical doctors and undergo some kind of treatment, if it is necessary to do.

Just don’t make sick persons of yourselves, who did not have any troubles or pains before. Just be attentive to yourselves!

And I come back to this the abnormal behavior of the blood pressure.

I think that you could correct this problem if you would focus yourselves on Balancing Your Electromagnetic Field, Activation of DNA and Perfection of Your Light Construction.

Because the only thing I can suggest you to do is: to accelerate the Process of New Systems Ripening in that quality as they are supposed to manifest themselves in your organism, — nothing else I can advise you to do! Of course, — if you find some kind of preparations – medications (and again I accentuate that it is better to find homeopathic preparations – pharmaceuticals, plants or mineral) for temporally regulation of blood pressure and in general the state conditions of your cardio – vascular system, it will wonderful!

If not, then go the Evolutionary Pathit is the main insurance of your state improvement!

I would like to pay your attention on the fact that now Homeopathy and Medical Doctors are working very hard with the preparations made of Plants, the representatives of the Plant Kingdom.

It has always been in the history of Humankind and now, as you could understand from My words, it is becoming actual as well. Therefore, besides the fact that you yourselves can directly consume all kinds of plants, for instance, you can eat them, using healing herbs (actually the healing plants – herbs you can use as food, and there are lots of them) and at the same time you can use preparations — remedies from these plants.


The only thing I would like to give you the same advice which sounded in my first messages through Lee Carroll:

There are many preparations on the Earth today, containing vegetative basic materials. Select those which are produced by special technologies that preserve living cell of the plant. It is extremely important!

I have called these preparations “living substance.” They could be called differently, but their essence doesn’t change. I shall explain what it means.

When you use the vegetative preparations — remedies prepared according to the old technologies, in fact, you apply the chemical formulas of the plant.

When We speak about the technologies that preserve a living cell in this plant then this cell gets into informational connection – communication with each of your cells. And it turns into influence not only on the biological level, but it produces the influence on the cellular level as well.

Don’t forget that the Plants are also going through their Transition and Quantum Leap. And it means that with every passing month, every year (even though it is written on the tablets or capsules that they contain some kind of herbplant, let’s say “mint,” for instance, it will be a different kind of “mint” already.  That is why it is extremely important that it should be a “living substance.”

And now I would like to tell you about those unusual symptoms which could manifest themselves in your life. And this refers to Good Symptoms because those changes that are happening in your organism in fact They Resurrect Cosmic Human Being inside you! And you are acquiring the ability of receiving the Information the way is happening with many people on the Planet.

The ability (that you had not had before) to penetrate, to see through into the Subtle Matter appears in you. You begin to see psychic dreams and it means to accept exact information during your dream. It happens differently to each person. But pay attention to it and don’t take it as “symptoms of sickness – illness,” for it is the sign of your evolutionary perfecting.

You Brain is evolving now.

We told you long ago and a lot about the fact that, especially in those persons who are striving and focusing on their evolving, the work of the hemispheres of your brain starts to change. And these hemispheres which were working differently before, — each of them was doing its own job: the left one was responsible for Logic; the right one – for Intuition and connection with the Higher Self.

And now We are telling you, that they have started to work coherently, together as one, mutually adding each other. And now they are not separated. And the callosal (callous body) that used to separate them has started to lose its density.

Well, you see, I use the same term again! And gradually it (this callosity) disappears to give a possibility for the Brain to solve the problematic issues of your life in harmony and within a single impulse.

It will be exactly this way and it is happening with great speed. So, don’t be surprised by these wonderful phenomena in your life! It is evolutionary! You should only be congratulated with such symptoms!


Now I want to say some words about you nourishment – feeding.

I have already told that eventually you are to be nourished by Prana, however so far it not right time for it. And for the time being We will not consider the small group of people which exists in your World and, truly is being fed by the Solar Prana. Now we are talking about you.

Bring to your memory what I told you about the Kingdoms of Nature Evolution and think whether you, the Intelligent Beings, which are now acquiring your Cosmic Power, will continue to eat animals that are becoming very intelligent???

You, as the Higher Beings on this Planet, are responsible for the evolving of the Lower Kingdoms of  Mother-Nature, and in the first place for the Animal Kingdom, and then the same way carry responsibility for the Plant and Mineral Kingdoms.

And now you have to guide their Evolution wisely, assisting them. How are you going to assist the Evolution of Animals since you eat them the way you did it before?

Now the meat-eating should completely go away!

In general, any kind of animal killing: whether for leather, fur or meat should be excluded completely!!!

Connect in your Consciousness everything I have told you and realize: THEY HAVE BECOM INTELLIGENT!!! 

Realize that this Intelligent Kingdom will live in the Fifth Dimension next to you, in absolute harmony with you, and then, do something so they could live with you in absolute harmony now!

I have told you already how to eat Plants – Herbs. And far as the graduate transition to Prana Nourishment, well, it will happen! And it will be wonderful!

And I know that all of you will do it!

You will manage it perfectly well! As I am looking now at your open Hearts – Lotuses and if you only could see or know what radiance is filling the hall!

Moreover, this radiance has created a Pyramid, coming from each four sides of the hall (KRYON shows in horizontal plane a lot of Lotuses and from them to the center of the hall a four-sided Pyramid is ascending).

You have created this Pyramid from the radiance of your Lotuses and it is illuminating; this LIGHT will stay in this hall for a long time. You, who work at their Services, building Crystals of LIGHT, know perfectly well that these crystals of Light stay in the very Space, where you were conducting your Service. And they begin to fulfill on their own the role of enlightenment – illumination of the Planet and those people who are getting in touch with this Space.

Wonderful, my dear Angels! Wonderful!

And now I would like to speak to you again, discussing one topic, since we have touched your responsibility for other Nature Kingdoms and, naturally, including your Planet. You must preserve It and assist It in all possible way, using all you power and strength!

Remember! You ARE a Part of the PLANET! Yes! A Part of the Planet!

And it is not only because the chemical elements that are inside the Body of the Planet are present within you.

When you are getting born within these dense physical bodies — vessels and, generally speaking, building your space –suites, that allow you to live in this Physical – Material World, the PLANET gives you a part of  Her —  Its matter.

And since it is Her part then You by these parts or by these bodies constitute a Part of Her Body. As your Dense Body IS a Part of Her Dense Body; your Astral Body IS a Part of the Astral Body of Earth. Actually, it is known since long — long ago.

I think that for you there is no revelation in this information.

We told you many times that:

There is a holographic image of the Material Universe.

Why the Information is getting sent — transmitted all over the Universe within a moment?

We are conducting conversation with you now and the whole Manifested Universe knows about it.

And, of course, the whole Planet, the whole Solar System and your Milky Way Galaxy know about it too, because according to the holographic principle any Information spreads momentarily. It doesn’t need time for being spread. And gradually you will learn to get Information from the surrounding Space, because Cosmos is also sending you Information.

Now you have certain filters within you which don’t let this “sea of information” to rush upon you. Yet, gradually you will remove one filter after another and more and more you will get into the contact with the whole Universe, and, naturally, first of all, with the Earth and the Solar System.

We used to give you various examples of connection between Microcosm and Macrocosm. And I believe that many of you know these examples perfectly well. And today an idea crossed my mind to give you a different example.

May be for those for whom the connection with your Planet, and the whole Cosmos this example will be the very starting point when a human being may feel oneself a Cosmic Human Being, and will feel his her connection with Cosmos.

You know that you body, all your tissues consist of atoms.


Well, what does it consist of? They teach you at school:

It is a nucleus around which electrons are rotating.

A nucleus consists of protons and neutrons.

A charge is carried by: protons — positive (+) and electrons – negative (-). And neutrons, depending on their quantities, give the things that in physics and chemistry are called as “isotopes.” However, We will not speak about isotopes now. We are going to speak about the model of Atom itself.

You scientists consider a great number of various versions. Well, how to build a model of Atom that could fit reality the best way?  There are very many such models now.

Yet, at a certain time it was suggested a planetary model, otherwise a model which looked like the Solar System. Really, it is very close to the Truth and, more over, in greater degree than the scientists themselves can imagine it! And I think they should not reject this modal.

It is just necessary to take into consideration that just a correspondency to the visible Solar System is impossible totally transfer the structure of an Atom. (Kryon puts a stress on the word “visible.”)

So, let’s say that the nucleus is like a Sun round which the electrons are rotating. And each electron has its own orbit. The scientists called it an “electronic cloud” because they are spinning not just in one plane.

And once it was clearly accepted a “planetary system,” where the proton nucleus was the Sun, and electrons represented planets which are spinning around the Sun.

However, for a while the scientists were confused by the fact that the planets rotate around the Sun not exactly the way the electronic cloud do. However, the fact is that you study Cosmos by your physical eyes and tools – instruments, which are only making your physical vision stronger, so you don’t see the true structure of Solar System.

When you learn to see the subtle objects of the Solar System and realize that It consists not only of visible by you planets, then the scientists will come back again to this model of atom structure,  the planetary one, and they will understand that it corresponds the reality more.

And why do I speak about it? What is my point? — If the Atom that is inside your body corresponds the structure of the Solar System, then in this Solar System your planet Earth runs along an orbit. It means that a certain electron, spinning around the Atom is an exact copy of your Earth.

The rest electrons repeat other planets of the Solar System. Yet, the Atoms in your body are different a various chemical substances have different structure of their atoms. Therefore, some Atoms in your body may reflect Solar System, our Solar System, others – other Solar Systems and even Galaxies.

This way the whole manifested Universe is reflected in your bodies.

You contain these patents in your Microcosm as the whole image of the Macrocosm, because regarding you the Solar System could be considered as the Macrocosm, or, moreover any other larger system.

Actually, your Solar System is not a large one. It is one of the small systems. It is still developing and eventually it will develop into a big system.

I give you this example so you could feel how Mother-Earth, about which We are caring now, and you must care for it too, has place (represented) in numerous Atoms of your body.

Yet, you do want your body to perfect, to be healthy, to become Light –bearing in the new conditions, don’t you? So, the same we — you should wish for the Planet! And just know, that when you are working for the benefits of the Planet or for the sake of the Planet, you automatically reflect all your work within yourself, on your atomic level. And when you are taking care of yourselves or perfecting yourselves at least following the methods that I have mentioned, automatically you lead the results of this work on the Global level: both to the Planet and further on into Cosmos.

By this example I wanted to show you, in the first place, your connection with the Earth. And in general We are speaking with you about the connection of Microcosm and Macrocosm. Now, taking into consideration the reorganization of the Planet, this issue is extremely important!

I would like to tell you that for you, when you were in the state of duality – polarity, this difference had been introduced purposely on purpose as if there were two polarities: Microcosm – on one side and Macrocosm – on the other side. It is high time to move away from these notions.

Now, if We mention to you these two terms, then take them conditionally, as there is no difference in meaning. In fact, Microcosm and Macrocosm are just different degree of dimensionality of Space. And is difficult to say where it is more or less. As there are no such things as: on one conditional side is more, and less — on the other one.

And may be for some beings which according to you exist in Macrocosm, you look as if you were Macrocosm, while they consider themselves to be a Microcosm. Therefore All is One. There is One — Single Universal Hologram.

And you know the main property of a hologram:  ALL IS IN EVERYTHING.

It means that each and every element whether it is the Earth or You, or an Atom inside You – All of it Altogether at the same time IS a Large Manifested Universe.

I am telling you all these things, My dear Angels, so you could understand to what extend now you work is important with regard to the Planet, you yourselves or other Kingdoms of Nature.

Actually you have been commanded to get into absolute contact with the Cosmic Mind starting with the end of 2012.

And now, as you know it, there are many representatives of Extraterrestrial Civilizations among you. I have already told you about Dolphins and Whales. But the great majority of them are dressed in the same human space-suits I have just mentioned about. And outwardly they don’t differ from you at all. And at times you don’t know that next to you is a Being from Sirius, which incarnates — embodies now to assist you to go successfully through this difficult transition period.

There are representatives of other civilizations from other Stars about which you don’t know much, but soon they will become evident.

Others will arrive too which are not embodied on the Earth as people – humans. Therefore, the sooner you get aware of your contiguity to Cosmos and realize that you yourselves as We call you, are “Angels,” and this is the right terminology, that you are Cosmic Angels, who have dived into this Dense Matter for a while to gain experience in the Physical World, in its density, in Duality – polarity and in the three-dimensionality which exist only in a few locations in Cosmos.  And now all of you are in the process of a difficult transition period.

You are getting assistance, but you can go through it on your own, helping the Earth and everything developing on this Planet. By doing it you will accelerate the transition, and this way you will help other people, which have not become absolutely aware in what processes they are being involved.

But just because they still have not realized this, it doesn’t mean that they had come to the Earth accidentally. All of you when you were getting ready for embodiment over there, in the higher realms, when you had been blended with your Higher Self, you accepted this Program. And you knew perfectly well that during such difficult times of a Transition Period the greatest opportunity for a Spiritual Leap were available for you.

So, this is true! Therefore, those who just did not wake up together with you; they were also walking together with you and they were determined to accomplish this Program.

Right now, as I have told, the conditions for waking up all these people are turning to be very beneficial. Therefore address other people, protect them, assisting them to expand their consciousnesses. And the most important that you have to remember is:

You are Microcosm and Macrocosm at the same time.

I think I have told you a lot today. And I would like you to contemplate over some main issues we were talking today about. Well, what did we speak about today?

—          Did we speak about the Earth?

—          Yes, we did. We did speak about your Planet.

—          Did we speak about Humankind and other Kingdoms of Nature?

—          Yes, we did. We spoke about Humankind. That is right.

And may be all our conversation was dedicated to each of you?

So many weighty arguments

Sounded here defending the One

Which soon inevitably

Will shine as a Sacred Peal.

The radiance is growing in the Sky

Flaming with the clothes freshness

The tender – blue Planet,

The Planet of the joyous hopes.

Today you need to work so hard

To bring to completion that project

Which all of you willingly

Had decided to join.

You decided to lighten your Home.

You opened windows to the wind and Sun

And even the small window

You need to open without fail.

As those doors, windows and small windows

Had closed the trash stored inside you.

Open yourselves to the wind and Sun

Sweep away from the shelves the dust of those days,

That doesn’t let you Joyously

To rise at flight freely,

Spreading the wings soaring in the sky,

And swiftly moving into the Heaven.

Into the world that waits for you long ago,

Where Balance reigns.

And, ultimately over there, it will be given

For you to know the Sources of Eternity.

Peace and harmony embraces

Will bring you happiness.

And it is given for you to be there

The People of the Almighty’s symphony.

You need so much to berry forever

The power of your loses in your consciousness.

You need so little to flight into the height

To wake up as a new Light Human being!

And I — Kryon bless you

And glorify in each of you the Sparkle of Eternity.

Natal Angels! The miracle has happened!

Now and here, In the Eternal Endlessness.

The Star of Earthly People has been kindled

It will attract and draw your Souls!

And again the Love Divinity

Will open wide the gates of Temple.

The Temple is descending from the Heaven

And shielding your Souls with the Light!

The Temple is the Higher I AM Presence,

Which you need to listen to.

Today you are the whole one with It

Prolong the moment of you joy!

The merging with your real Home

I ask to carry it with you. And without doubt.

In the current life will here come to life

The happiness of your Family reunion.

Kryon loves you and leads you to

The Source of Light. Just follow him!

And it is Me, Kryon who gathered you at night

With only hope of Mine to wake up Light

Within, beloved Angels! Ascend your Payer

In Support of the best Planet in the Cosmic realm.

Our Father’s Daughter is now turning into a Bride

Again transitioning into the One

That had become forgotten

In human Consciousness. And soon

You will comprehend how it is possible to live in Light

Without violating Peace and Harmony on your Planet.

And you have to Love It

The way the Earthly kids Love their Mother.


Dear Friends, Kryon has asked us to pray for the Earth. Today there are a lot us and all of us have merged, have unified with our Higher Self. And it is a great Power, dear harts! Let us pray together:

Beloved Gaya! Today and here

We carry You our Light and Flame.

Let’s merge together by our Higher Self – I AM,

Filling the Earth with our Fires.

We send the News to the World

About Your rebirth and Light.

That You deserve to bloom

Shining with starry multiblooming.

Beloved People! We call upon

All forces and striving to unite your

For creating from our Mother – Earth

A Planet of the Promised Land of Happiness,

Taking under the charge

That delicate World, getting born anew.

We know, we can do, may only Love prevail in Life,

Carry the progress to the World and resurrection.

And it is reality, without fail!

The process of the Earthly renewal is on the way!

The Earth is leaving the old track,

Taking different directions in the life.

Dear Earth! We shall accomplish this Reality

With lots of Love. And we shall put to oblivion

The whole old Earthly mode of life,

Preventing Its flow of Ascension.

We shall ascend with you with joy.

Restoring our inside Love Sources ,

We‘ll build the world with whole friendly family,

In which  happiness will be established forever.

We bring this joy to our Father –Mother Creator.

We sing the Angelic Hymns!

We are giving our Thanks to those

Who has brought us to the Fiery World of Light.

Thanks Everybody who has filled the New world

With the wish to Live, to Love, staying ageless!

With the desire to wash the Planet off with Joy!

Moving away from the old paradigm to die in fear,

For being resurrected into Light!

And we are ready to enjoy again

Wonderful Planet Earth rebirth.

Shine, beloved Star! May the miraculous novelty

Present your bright Face to the World!

And we shall be born together at that happy moment,

When human Consciousness allows

Ascension windows to be widely open.

And the cry of Happiness will open the Heaven!

Beloved Gaya! Take us inside You

We are the whole one with each Your atom!

We are gratitude for all, Our Dear Planet Earth,

We are glorifying you now and forever! Amen.


We are leaving you and my Escort is walking away with Me. We are grateful that You have accepted Our Love. I leave the veil lifted for a while so that you could in full merging with your Divine Essence ascend another wonderful Prayer – Invocation to the Universal Creation.

(The Hymn “ Universal Creation Prayer” is performed.)

In the name of Heavenly Father —  Mother GOD!

May the following happen:


BEATY and HARMONY prevail on our Earth

As it is in the whole Cosmos,

And may our Cosmic Home – Planet Earth be blessed!

And so, be it now and forever!


Translated from Russian:
Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone

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