Магниты Духа



Message from Pleiadian Civilization, Pleiades Constellation

Through Tatiana Mironenko,


Message for “World Channeling” Magazine

Greetings Our Beloveds! We are the LIGHT Emissaries, representatives of Seven Star Systems, civilizations that you call “the Pleiadians.”

WE are the participants — members of the Planets’ Community of Our “Milky Way Galaxy. This Concord – commonwealth could be called as the “LIGHT FORCESGalactic Confederation.”  It existed for a very long time from the point of view of your (lineal) time.

         There is also the Free Worlds’ Federation which unites the LIGHT FORCES of the absolute majority of our Universe’ Galaxies.

Free Worlds” are the worlds where Beings are developing and manifesting their freedom of Creative Evolvement, and at the same time they recognize LOVE as the bases of ALL EXISTING.

The Galactic Confederation of LIGHT FORCES takes part in the Planning of all events that are happening at — on any and each separately taken planet, without considering its size, status and the predominating Life forms.

Therefore each planet has Its Plan of Evolutionary Development, according to which all Life processes are happening on it.

Your Planet EARTH, as one of the links of planets of the given Galactic “branch,” goes through the cycle of Galactic and Universal development.

And at the same time IT follows ITS Individual Creative WAY.

Our Pleiadian part of participation and PARTICIPATION composes the biggest percentage of Friendly Interference in the business of the Planet, according to the Creative Plan and the Design of Supreme CREATOR.

         You have been repeatedly informed that the Pleiadians are your Closest RELATIVES.

WE are your Ancestors, and at the same time WE are your Descendents.

It is not a revelation for many of you.

For the LIGHT WORKERS it is appropriate to know that besides the Planetary Lineal Time there are other Time Systems.

It is timely to accept the point of view according to which “PAST – PRESEN – FUTURE” exist in “HERE and NOW” regime. 

Both in the PAST and FUTURE OUR HEARTS ARE JOINED in the Fraternal Union of Galactic Significance.

Today’s important news is to show the coming events, the Galactic Aligning of the Planets and the Galactic Center to the best advantage and the following will happen:

         The EARTH will take the place of the dominating and Major PLANET on the Map of the Galactic Cosmic Ways and Navigation Systems.

It will become one the bases of permanent location and of many representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations’ education – teaching – instructions, concerning that Unique Life Experience which you are gaining now, Dear Earthly People.

They will learn the unprecedented, precious experience which has been accomplished for the first time with the friendly Planets’ support and collaboration the right on Your PLANET.

The experience will be summarized and transformed; general conclusions will be performed and then it will be set forth in different sources of information, beginning with instilling it into the Akashi Records and Crystals, and it will be concluded with creation of NEW SACRED SCRIPTS of many Star Systems’ nations, belonging for different cultures and creeds.

New continents, new nations and stated — renovated in all aspects Planet will come into BEINGNESS.

New Institutes of Galactic Significance will be created and established with new positions of Spiritual Guides, Channellors and Profits.

Their task will be to stay permanently in touch with LIGHT FORCES’ Galactic Structures which, in their turn, will coordinate the whole Life Activity of your Planet. 

They will directly assist the EARTH to become, develop and at the same time to fulfill the Order t of Non –interference into the home – internal affairs, recognizing the “Freedom of Choice” and whole Humankind Free Will.

All newly elected leaders of countries and nations will also be coordinated and tuned with the LIGHT FORCES Galactic Confederation work.

Your planetary leaders will start to receive all required information, advices on society planning and developing through the Confederation Spiritual Institutes, just the way it happens on other highly organized and Highly Spiritual Planets.

The advanced experience of the TwinPlanets, both Spiritually and as far as the introduction of new technologies is concerned, will be transferred to the leaders of your Planet for its future development along the PATH of DIVINE LIGHT, Prosperity and LOVE.

         You deserve it by your long standing work on this Planet and by that unique Life experience that you selflessly present to Our Galaxy and the whole UNIVERSE with GREAT LOVE.

         It is your Choice, Dear Friends; you planned this given Life Scenario millions years ago. That Victory which you were dreaming about, standing at this planet’s Origin, happened right at that time when it had been planned, and the whole Experiment was developing strictly according to the Pan you had developed as the Universe Co-Creators. It was your Design created and supported by the Supreme CREATOR.

And we, the Pleiadian Emissaries of LIGHT, on behalf of all GALACTIC Confederation of LIGHT FORCES Community congratulate you on the occasion of this GREAT Experiment conclusion and wish YOU good luck on your PATH and further fruitful collaboration with US!

Till our next meeting Dear Friends, on the pages of your newly born the Galactic Events bulletin — magazine “WORLD CHANNELLING: Spiritual Messages” that will play a significant role for the Spiritual Development of many LIGHTG WORKERS.

Translated from Russian,

Larisa7777@aol.com      Larisa Bartone









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