Магниты Духа


Melchizadek, Galactic Christ

Today I, Melchizadek, the Galactic Christ attract your attention to the impossibility of any super power catastrophic stations on your Planet because WE watch thoroughly — carefully all extremely tense — strained points where the of Elemental Forces’ tension and the possibility of unpredictable man-made technological processes could lead to or cause planetary catastrophes.

            WE CANNOT allow to destroy the Planet after such complicated and responsible Experiment for the whole Universe!

However, PEOPLE, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND how much the POWER of YOUR THOUGHT (form) HAS Increased!

Actually, the “veil” has become thinner (more subtle) to so greatly that the momentous reaction of your Thought (pattern) may either raise or destroy and not only you, but also your PLANET.

Therefore, I call YOU ONLY to CREATIVE ACTIONS, based upon Creative Thinking.

And I assure you that, namely, it is Your Thinking will allow you to withhold ALL ripen (ready to be manifested) catastrophes, including those that are characterized as technocratic ones.

Believe in Your Power and proudly bear the Honorable Title of HOMO SAPIENS!

         I convincingly ask those of you who are able to lead other people; those LIGHT WORKERS who have connection all over the World, those who can conduct — accomplish the Work of individual regulation – management should try to introduce into your LIFE permanent assistance in all directions — aspects of possible (or assumed by you) both technocratic and Natural catastrophes.

It is better to work before the supposed or assumed situations could happen, eliminating the panic within people surroundings, or the catastrophes mentioned above.

The EARTH has COME OUT or ENTED INTO the NEW REALITY CORRIDOR and nothing should happen on IT that could threaten the Whole Planetary Life and the Planet Itself!

            Yet, YOU, PEOPLE enjoy all RIGHTS now to Plan the LIFE on the PLANET the BEST WAY, FOR THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL and EVERYTHING on IT. 

Remember about your Mastery and your own ability to rule – manage – control ALL Processes on the Planet. And the EARTH will be with great pleasure fulfilling them together with YOU.

Start doing the Harmonization all these situations all over the EARTH right NOW!

And the most important thing is: Do not let any panic take place within the Planet Dwellers’ surrounding!

The panic moods provoke distorted – negative energy explosions; this energy roots go deep down into duality, and You have been liberated from it.

So, create Your FUTURE and your Planet’s Future courageously!


Your Heavenly FATHER,

04 – 29 – 2012

Through Marina Shultz,

Translated from Russian, Larisa Bartone

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