Магниты Духа

Saint Germain.

 10 – 05 – 2012

My Dear Earth- People!

You have started the most serious period of following – succeeding the NEW Reality Corridor of Planetary and your own Way to the New Ear.

Yes, everything is moving – going on at — with growing tempo, and so it had been conceived — planed. The Space and Time tight spring begins to coil (moving in a spiral course), so later on it could release an absolutely new canvas (tapestry) of your development, which you do not know much about.

Yes, of course, your Higher “Selves” realize everything perfectly well,  solicitously leading their Earth — reflections (and not even one!) along the outlined — planned Way; however, it is far from being all their embodied persons awake and start joining in time this wonderful movement that leads forward.

However, the most important thing has happened!

You KNOW that the Duality Experiment has been canceled.

And the Earth has sighed with relief enveloped by the of New Energies’ influx, and now it is rushing, with increasing LIGHT Speed, along the New Reality Corridor.

WE have already told you that you would have to do certain set outs — corrections on this New Course — Journey so the stability and harmonious combination of all parameters of movement could provide consolidation for you and the Planet in the New Reality.

So, today I would like to inform you briefly about the New Work which ALL of YOU has to fulfill in order to provide stability for the NEW COURSE of Planetary LIFE.

It will not be complicated and will not take much time.

Just do a short Regulation — Service that should be timed for to the following Date:

It is necessary to arrange at the Summer Solstice Moment – time — date.

This position has always been markedcharacteristic by special Energies, yet this time it will allow to fix — secure all Solar Corrections that had been done already and with which you were working successfully on 05 – 05 – 2012 (5 – 5 – 5).

So, do the Regulation — Service fastening — firmly establishing or consolidating what was accomplished on the Day. (You have the reports concerning this event).

However, there is plenty of time before that Day comes.

And during this period of time, on this section of the course (a month and a half) there are some Days which I would like to mark as special ones.

You know that soon (in May) there will be Solar Eclipse.

And many People have accordingly received special materials for Service (regulation) on this Day.

I just wanted to pay your attention to the singularity or uncommonness of this Sun Eclipse.

It will take place after the Work you did — accomplished on 05 – 05 – 2012, and therefore in the frames of the New Reality corrections, expressed – manifested by the anchoring through your Sun – Solaris the Energy Information of the of the Central Spiritual Sun, transformed by — through the New Sirius Sun (Sun “C”).

This fact should be taken into consideration, because at the moment of eclipsing Your SUN – Solaris will make the final fixing — fastening of the received codes. Here it is. This is the peculiarity of this very Solar Eclipse.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (06 \ 04\ 2012) will be another important landmark. 

And if you remember how or the mechanism of Moon influence during its Eclipse then you can realize that the same subject of New Planetary Course Code correction will proceed.

On that Day MOON will begin to unfold these codes and you may ask IT directly to decode them for the Planet and the Whole Planetary LIFE.

Right after the Lunar Eclipse the Great Event in Humankind LIFE as well as in the whole Planet’s Life will happen:

The VENUS Transit across the SUN disk that happens at VENUS Leap (06 – 06 – 12) will cause the great Motherly Divine Energy influx on your planet.

However, two days before the VENUS Transit, MOON will do the same thing: it will unpack the codes sent — directed to you by the Sirius Maternal Energy.

And therefore, pay special attention to these two DATES!

Think over what is the best way for you to organize – conduct you Services (regulations) on these Days to join – combine into one impulse one and the same subject and at the same time to make your Services effective:

Is it necessary to combine your Services on this subject?  —

It is necessary and possible! Even it will be better to combine these two Services on MOON Eclipse Day.

As the VENUS Transit has been already Cosmically prepared and, naturally, it will not happen within a moment, it takes time for the Planet to go across the Solar disk.

Yet, the main thing is: the MOON Eclipse, namely, will ignite also the VENUS’ work; and VENUS will finish its work on 06 — 06 – 12, specifying all details and working up all left behind moments. That is why put together — combine your services – regulation right on Lunar Eclipse Day.

My dear People! Now, especially, one can observe how People’s awareness of their Cosmic Origin is developing.

And it is not the only case!

Many people, whom WE consider as “sleeping ones,” on the level of their subconsciousness are actively joining the WORK.

The most interesting effect can be seen — observed from the work of those who are working consciously. LIGHTG spheres are spreading fan-like from those who are working consciously.

KRYON’s Magnetism works at the level of People’s subconsciousness approaching the awakening of the “sleeping ones.” And they on the level of their subconsciousness accept everything that the LIGHT WORKERS at their Services or other type of their organized activity of planetary significance.

And this way the interconnection among all people and Planetary LIFE happens.

GAIA is very glad of all ITS Children, of everybody without exclusion.

I congratulate you for the new opportunity to serve your Planet and the whole Humankind!

Remember that All LIGHT WORKERS, both embodied and disembodied, work very harmoniously now.

And that is why, while performing any of planetary importance regulation — services, remember that to the whole quantity of embodied companions you know, the disembodied LIGHT WORKERS should be added as a must.

And all “parts” (embodied and disembodied) of your Higher “’Selves” work very harmoniously.

Do not forget to invoke, greet them and after your work is done you should express your gratitude for their valuable participation.

And I should say that often times, namely, the disembodied LIGHT WORKERS take the main load of your Service (regulation), as sometimes they are capable to do more and they from their vantage points can see the processes that are happening better than the earth — persons do.

I do not say “good — bye” because WE shall speak about these events not even once. Perhaps, it will be necessary to do some kind extra — efficient service in-between the dates mentioned by Me. And then WE shall call and tell you what and how to do it.

I hope you have realized and welcomed the NEW Course or the Planet and Yours.

With the JOY of New Accomplishments in the Life of the Blue Flame Planet!


With Love from,            SAINT GERMAIN

Transmitted through Marina Shultz, www.magnitiduha.info.lv

 Translated from Russian, Larisa7777@aol.com Larisa Bartone




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