Магниты Духа



TODAY, MAY, 5/ 2012

Dear Friends!

Today WE invite you for the concluding stage of WORK in the New Solar Energies. It is not the end of the work with the “Our New Reality” Project, as the process of entering and fixing – fastening of Earth in the “New Reality Corridor” is not over. The stage of EARTH fastening in the New Space Corridor with Solar Energies is near completion (see Saint Germain Message, 05 – 03 – 12, through Marina Shultz). The further corrections and further work will be connected with Different Energies and different types of adjustments. It will become evident and understandable for you quite soon.    

And today WE are concluding with you the WORK, namely, with the Solar Aspect of the EARTH building into the NEW REALITY Space –Time Continuum.

It is an Important Stage of the WORK, it witnesses that the “Our NEW REALITY” Project enters the phase of Definiteness, when ALL of US (from our side of the “Veil”) and all of You (on your side of the “Veil”) with all determination CAN SEE the growing signs the NEW REALITY realization in your LIVES.

It becomes evident even “with the naked eye.” The Changes are coming into power and into the phase of manifestation. Very soon you will witnessed of the New Amazing Events that will happen in your own Lives and also in the lives of your close relatives \ near and dear ones.

You will SEE the tremendous acceleration of moving forward in different directions.

WE view it not only as your Consciousness extension, but also as Your Whole Material World Expansion beyond 4-th dimensionality.

            MAY 2012 is an exceptionally powerful month; it is the month of changes and they are coming all the way, in all directions!

WE SEE how you are becoming more multidimensional (in volume), and WE SEE how JOYOUSLY you are moving to meet these changes.

From OUR vantage point WE can see and it is absolutely evident the tremendous Steps you, the embodied LIGHT WORKERS, have done are, and WE also know what colossal Steps have been done fulfilled by the Higher Worlds’ Subtle Forces!

It results in the summary of potentials, and gives a powerful impulse for all processes of the NEW REALITY development.

WE are leading you further on along the Corridor of Eventfulness and will tell about our mutual work which WE together with you HAVE to accomplish TODAY.

WE suggest you to create Two Circles: the Inner circle and the Outer one.

The Inner circle, or the Center will consist of three persons: Marina Shultz, Sergey Kanashevskey and Svetlana Drachova; you created an Equilateral Triangle which will become the basis of the Central Pyramid.

Today WE create with you a LIGHT PYRAMID. The top of this PYRAMID will be directed to the Great Central SUN. Today YOU ARE TO WORK and COMMUNICATE with the GREAT SENTRAL SUN. Right from there, from the Center of Our Galaxy, you will receive the Primordial Energies. You will attune yourselves in your work this way that you will go — move forward in the stream of the eventfulness which will be unfolded at the momentum of your Work.

The Outer circle will be created by your companions – in — arms, which will join your work both internally and externally, in their electronic presence. You need to invite all of them as soon as the work starts – at 20: 00 p.m. (Moscow time; at 3: 00 a. m. Eastern Time); however, it will be fine whenever you join us, Dear Souls…

The LIGHT WORKER of the Second — Outer circle create a Multi-faceted Pyramid which top will also be focused to the Great Central SUN. The coordination of the Pyramids is performed through DIVINE INTENSON.

         The purpose of the created by you geometry, the LIGHT Construction of both Pyramids is: receiving and anchoring of the Great Central SUN’s Energy on the Five-dimensional Planet EARTH.

While doing it ALL Participants will BE the Conductors – Transmitters of these Energies.

You visualize the flows, coming from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN, which go through your bodies and further on are getting grounded, being sent into the Planet’s CORE.

This WORK will help ALL of US to conduct the additional flows of MOTHERLY — Maternal Energy from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN for the NEW REALITY unfolding on the EARTH and also to expend the possibilities of the temporal – provisional (?) Corridor the Planet is moving now.

Today you will consolidate – secure — fix the Success of April, 22 / 2012 and give the Planet New Impulse in Her progressing towards multidimensionality.

         The Work will not be complicated, yet it will be rather prolonged, for you will feel yourselves the Energy – informational volumes, which flow through you at the Transmission session moment with the GREAT CENTRAL SUN.

Special energy – informational codes will be transmitting through YOU; and they will get grounded, connected with the Earth CORE.

Namely, MOTHER – EARTH will begin to unfold this energyinformation codes with great care.

It is time for ALL Awaken LIGHT WORKER to start unfolding the “OUR NEW REALITY” Project!


Those who will not manage to do it at time (which is mentioned above) may join it in the regime of “Quantum Presence.”

WE would like to assure you that such kind of work is absolutely appropriate and effective!

You Pure, Loving Intension and your readiness to assist the “Our New Reality” Project – that is what MATTERS!

Your Willingness to move within the boundaries of this unfolding Project in accordance with Your Higher “Selves” Choice: to reside on the multidimensional EARTH with All Its Kingdoms and multidimensionality.

It is an Important Work; it should not be underestimated; it will assist the Planet EARTH to enter smoothly into the crucial phase of passing through the Space – Time Reality Corridor, corresponding to HER multidimensional status.

So, WE are waiting for you today to participate in our Collective Work.

Just imagine your Higher “Self,” standing in the circle together with all LIGHT WORKERS.

All of YOU are holding each others’ hands, hand – in – hand.

All of YOU are expressing a single one Divine Intension:

To Conduct and anchor the influx of Energies that are flowing from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN for transmitting the most important energy codes to Planet EARTH.



Lord EL MORYA and


Transmitted through Svetlana Drachova.

Translated from Russian, Larisa7777@aol.com   Larisa Bartone      





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