Магниты Духа

«Magniti Duha — Magnets of Spirit»

May 20, 2012.


             The group of Light Workers from “Magnets of Spirit” from Riga, Latvia took a bus to get to KOLCA Cape where they were joined by a group of Light Workers from Lithuania them to participate in the Service on the Ring — Circle Solar Eclipse or “Ring of Fire” Day; a big group of volunteers who expressed their desire to take part in this very special Cosmic Event.

More then 10, 000 started the DAY by the Peace Symphony at Mount Fuji, Japan and we were going to support the Wave that was coming from the East.

It was a miraculous spring Day: the fields and meadows were covered with multicolored carpet of fresh verdure, the gardens were majestically blossoming. The highway runs along the coastal line of the Gulf of Riga which is a part of the Baltic Sea.

It was a very special Day for our Planet; the Circled Solar Eclipse or Ring of Fire is a Torus that carries the Fire Energy of not only Our Sun – Solstice but also the energy of the Great Central Spiritual SUN.

            On the RING — Circle SOLAR ECLIPSES the Planetary Life Programs reorientation – reprogramming used to take place.

On that very DAY the New Codes’ arrival was expected (mainly from Sirius “C”). Actually, this work started on May 5, 2012 and it is closely connected with All 2012 Programs realization.

In May the Gift of Violet Flame from Saint Germain is especially powerful and its power will increase daily and hourly till the end of 2012, as the EARTH is getting ready for profound changes, including the Great Energy Alignment that will assist the EARTH to get ready for the GREAT ALIGNMENT of THIS YEAR.

The Final wave of Cosmic Initiation (before 12 -12 – 12 Portal) is to take place on MAY 20, 2012, during the “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse. On this Day the Humanity Macro – Integration, the Divine Male Energy Balance through the harmonizing Waves of the Divine Female Energy influx and also the Golden Dolphin Energy flow.

 62 persons participated in our Meditation “WE LOVE EARTH” given by KRYON.

On a small beach they created a kind of Altar: candles, crystals, living flowers and pictures of our Teachers — Ascended Masters. The LIGHT WORKER created the Inner Circle around the Altar and our friends — volunteers created to Outer Circle.

 The Day was especially glorious: the sky was so pure and BLUE and, as never before, the Sea Waters reflected the BLUE SKY. (The Waters of the Baltic Sea always look grey).

Teacher EL MORYA greeted our group:

MY Dear Magnitchiki \ Little Magnets,” I would like to greet not only You, but also the people who joined; they do not belong to you Group, yet on such a Responsible DAY (as this Solar Eclipse is) they wish to serve the Cause of Planetary Unification – Oneness and also the New Planetary Development.

I would like, in general, to tell you about so called “Sights – Points of POWER” and, particularly, about this Place which you have chosen today for your gathering – Service.

            I would like to begin with the term of a “Power Sight – Point.” Energetically it is usually a very distinguished place on the general picture of Planetary Field which by its energy could have (charged with) “negative” or especially profound “positive” qualities.

I would like to explain what I mean when I say “positive” and “negative” qualities, and whether you should strive to the “positive Power Points”? – The answer is: YES and NO…

You should understand that any “Place of Power” allow you to concentrate an Energy Sending.

And you know perfectly well what kind of messages you send, — they are the most Evolutionary and limitlessly filled with LOVE. And, therefore, you should not be afraid of any “Power Points, you just should skillfully use them.

There are a lot of such “Power Places” in Latvia, perhaps, even more than in other countries, however, the place you have chosen today – “KOLKA Cape” could be rightfully called a very “Powerful Energy Place.” Well, what kind of special power does it poses? – I will answer you straightaway: The POWERS OF ALL ELEMENTS!

 Let ME explain you what I mean:

First of all, the Cape itself goes into the Water Space and from both sides is washed by absolutely different water masses, concerning their chemical compounds and Natural power.

As you know, right here the Waters of “the Baltic Sea” and “the Gulf of Riga” meet. Although, “the Gulf of Riga” is fed by the waters of “the Baltic Sea,” yet these are different water masses. However, the meeting of two Waters makes this Place energetically tense (voltaic tension) in good sense.

First you should address “the Baltic Sea” waters of and then “the Gulf of Riga” waters, invoking both of them for harmonious cooperation — collaboration for the Highest GOOD of the whole PALNET.

I advise you to begin with this. Let everyone who had arrived here address these two WATERS. It is not complicated, and it will allow you to conduct your whole action very harmoniously.

And I have told you that this Cape is the Place where ALL ELEMENTS ARE Present.

And so it is! You have to address other Elements. Here, especially, they are very powerful and work freely together.

Assist THEM by the Fire of Sacred UNION to harmonize their Work for the Greatest GOOD of the whole PLANET. And ask Them to assist you in your Service. You will get Their incontestable assistance!

I would like to add to MY parting words something else:

For everybody who are taking part in this Event together with the MAGNETS.

Dear Friends, you must realize that now you will be not just silent observers; see – visualize yourselves in the Action which the MAGNETS OF SPIRIT will perform.

 Support them mentally and through your Hearts. It will empower the influence of the SERVICE and it will ascend with unparallel enthusiasm into the Higher Realms! Build the Outer Crystal of LIGHT and pay close attention the texts you use. This is your Active participation, but not a passive standing behind the CRYSTAL created by the MAGNETS.

 Now it is very important to realize the power of Oneness – Unity!

Remember that the Sacred Unity Fire works all of over the Planet.

Yet, it has to be called forth and it is necessary to provide it with the field for action.

And then you will feel IT in your Hearts and also in the Hearts and Eyes of IT in the people walking with you along the LIFE PATH.

My Dear Participants of the Solar Eclipse Service, May 20, 2012, the DAYS OF JOY ARE COMING INTO YOUR LIVES!

Govern skillfully the arriving New Energies and do not allow the energy of separation and animosity in your LIFE.

Let each meeting – gathering — assembly of PEOPLE become a HOLIDAY of NEW RELATIONSIPS, build on the basis of LOVE and General Consent.

 I believe that, namely, today’s event MAY BECOME the DAY of Great Changes for Each of You not as much in the social life, but mostly in the interpersonal relationships. Take into consideration that at any Solar Eclipse many multistage Evolutionary Programs are getting laid – loaded.

Inscribe your active Presence in these Programs today.

May this DAY BECOME a Milestone, turning moment in your LIVES for Many of YOU! And it is, truly, possible!”

With Eternal LOVE for People,


Received by Marina Shultz,05 – 12 – 2012 for the Service on 05 – 20 – 2011.



Introduction before the Service at Kolka Cape,

Through Tamara Knusle

My dear Partners, Cosmic Light Workers!

Yes, you have reached this High level! Today YOU ARE TO WORK as COSMICK LIGHT BUILDERS — Constructers in which ranks YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITED.

TODAY IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SERVICES which you will have to accomplish.

Collect – muster within in Your United Heart of the Magnet of SPIRIT Maximum of FIERY LOVE ENERGY!

May the Flame of this LOVE envelop the whole PLANET and Everything Existing on IT, giving the additional impulse for the determined movement along the New Reality Corridor, the Reality that YOU, EARTH PEOPLE, has already created in the Higher Dimensions.

Dear Ones, I know that the Great Action of New World Creation is joyful for you!

Ground with this JOY and your LOVE All Radiant Energies, all Information influxes that the Great Central Sun sends you and the Earth.

MAY the Birth of Planet in New Reality come true!


And so it is!

With unchangeable LOVE,EL MORYA.

Received by Tamara Knusle,05 – 14 – 2012


During the Service a flock of swans arrived. There were a lot of ducks. The soothing Sun was nice and warm; light breeze was blowing.

Everybody who has Divine – Spirit vision could see that very Dawn of the New Spiritual SUN that had been predicted to some Light Workers. It happened! Different persons could see this phenomenon differently. And on our way home we shared our visions…

The color Sky and the Sea was intensively BLUE that is a rear event in our Northern area.

On our way back to the bus among the dunes we paid attention to a beautiful a bed of wild pansies of blue and violet, these are the colors which our TEACERS: EL MORYA and SAINT GERMAIN usually greet us with.

Message from LORD EL MORYA

Through Tamara Knusle,05 – 21 -202


Beyond all appreciations, My Dear Light- Bearing Angels! The Heavenly Angels descended to the EARTH for putting into reality the Great Plan of the CREATOR.

Yesterday during your Service some important events took place.

I will put everything in order:

First of all, I would like to express our gratitude for your WORK before you started the main part of the Service.

Just imagine the following amazing picture: the absolutely different waters, as far as their chemical structure and s of LIFE component, as well as the energy vibrations, acquired one single Light-bearing Structure! It is so important! Both the waters of “the Baltic Sea” and “the Gulf of Riga” received the New LIGHT Program, the Program of Unity – ONENESS, the Program that brings the New LOVE and JOY waves to the EARTH!

 Moreover, you verbalized the Fiery Intension for the New and wonderful Cosmic Manifestation Ascension!

Some of you said: “The New Spiritual SUN has risen!” Others said: “The Spiritual EARTH has risen…”

 Beloveds, the Greatest Cosmic Event HAS HAPPENED!

The Spiritual EARTH which is Your New Earthly Spiritual SUN HAS MANIFESTEDE ON THE SUBTILE PLANES!

 You look at the LIGHT of this Radiant EARTH and SHE shines for you as a SUN! Receive from your New Wonderful Subtle SUN impulses of GRACE, impulses of New Codes that are accelerating the Spirituality growth on the BLUE FLAME Planet that is moving with accelerating “march” along your New Reality Corridor, sparking with diamond Energies. Now, let us speak about the Main Service.

Let us speak now about the Main part of the Service.  Well, what can I say? – Everything WAS JUST PERFECT! And it is really so!

I AM very glad that this extremely important Service has been done in unison with the Services ALL OVER THE PLANET!

Practically, it was possible to observe the open-heartiness and LOVE influx,that were coming from every participant of this WORK!

I AM not speaking about the main joined group of LIGHT WORKERS – Magnets of Spirit (from Lithuania and Latvia). As far as the Magnitchics are concerned, this process happens automatically when they focus for the Service. Now I am speak about the second, the outer circle of the numerous assistants who came together with you.

It is gratifying that the Service was International! And it is especially important on the Unification Vibration Wave!

I have to admit that a small part of the second circle participants did not realize completely the importance of the happening things, and they had arrived just because of pure curiosity; however, as they say, “inch by inch makes a synch; drop by drop makes a hole in a stone.” After this significant Day they will experience great changes in their new information perception and in their awareness of the things that are happening around.

 My dear Ones, you have worked out by HEART, by your United – Single Magnet of Spirit Heart! And the next in turn time I get convinced of your growing Mastery! You have made a great break-through in your Service to LIGHT!

All your Behests and Programs, directed by your Fiery Intension, were picked up by US and directed to the United Galactic Energy Center. Here the distribution of Energies according to their vibratory frequencies takes place, they are getting empowered and enriched by — with the LIGHT Codes, and from here they are sent — directed to the EARTH Crystalline Grid junction points.

Moreover, these energies, saturated with your pure Intensions and LOVE, shining with extremely wonderful rainbow Spectrum, are getting distributed within the Galaxy! That is the way it is, MY nice Cosmic Builders!

I embrace you, MY dear partners, with LOVE coming from My Cosmic Heart!

Great Works is ahead of US that you will perform with ease and Grace — Integrity and LOVE! I AM sure about it!


Through Tamara Knusle,

05 – 21 – 2012

 Message from KRYON

“Greetings, My beloved Angels with the Wings spread in Flight!

The Starry Hour of EARTH is approaching, and accordingly it is Your Hour, My beloveds!

And, of course, I was with you, near each of you and inside you! For, as you know, I AM multidimensional and omnipresent!

And with all my multidimensional Soul I was so happy, enjoying your sincere intension to accomplish something wonderful! And I have to admit that this “Something” has taken place!

Oh, how the EARTH was blooming, the waves were rustling softly, whispering about their LOVE for People!

Oh, how the Sky was shining in the Great SUN’s Rays, and not only the one which is visible in this Reality, but also in the Rays of the New Earthly Spiritual SUN!

Isn’t it a fairytale that comes true? All of you were also shining afresh!

Your LIGHT BODIES’ radiation is getting denser, stabilizing, colored by new colorful shades!

MY Beloved People, You have created — accomplished a Great Work! Your Assistance for the Earth and for US IS COLOSSAL!

Thank YOU very much! I GIVE YOU the GIFT of GRACE on behalf of the whole WINGED FAMILY OF LIGHT!

Your Light – Winged KRYON

Through Tamara Knusle,05 – 21 – 2012


Message from Mother – LATVIA

My dear, beloved Children, I am blossoming at each your Loving Hearty Message! And I am so happy that my dear Daughters and Sons are at Great Service for the whole Planet, and I AM a part of IT.

Take My Motherly gratitude for your purification of Waters, and saturating with LIGHT Energies of LIFE and LOVE!

Everything you have instilled in your saturation with Sun Service is getting activated and invested into accomplish of the whole EARTH Great Ascension Project, and also My Space together with you into the long waited shining World!

I am grateful to you for the Druids’ Flame spreading all over the Planet! It brings purification and Harmony. IT brings Healing.

I love you ever so much, and BLESS you for the further Work – Mission of New Reality creation, New Harmonious World in the wonderful place on the Earth, Blessed Latvia and all over the EARTH.


Received by Tamara Knusle,05 – 21 – 2012.



From the Planet EARTH Spiritual Government.

Our Dear Light – Bearers, the radiant LIGHT of the Earth Spiritual Sun besprinkled the EARTH yesterday, on May 20. 2012.

What happened yesterday, on such important day when numerous cyclic dependences in the Planet’s LIFE came together? –

Yesterday, on the Solar Eclipse Day, on the World Action Day of the Planet saturation with New LIGHT Codes for HER and Your Transformation and Ascension the Extraordinary Event happened:

Spiritual EARTH acquired HER Form in the multidimensionality of the Planet’s globes, and started to shine with wonderful LIGHT in the Earth Dome of the Sky – Firmament.

Thanks everybody who saw IT and sent the Rays of their LOVE to IT. No doubt, there will be meetings with this “SUN.” However, the main thing has happened! The Spiritual Earth Double – Counterpart — Complement, the Planet that is rising — ascending to LIGHT, started its existence yesterday!           

You may call IT variously, but it is equal to Permission for the Planet to pass to the new level of its Spirituality.

Now a lot of things will begin to change on the dense Earth globe.


IT IS the ANALOG TO the 13-th Layer in the Human DNA.

This SUN is directly connected with the GALACTIC Central Spiritual SUN. And, namely, this DIVINE STAR – EARTH will be entering into connection with the Central CORE of the Galaxy during the Galactic Alignment on 12 – 21 – 12.

May the LIGHT of the EARTH New Spiritual SUN stay with you forever!

May the GOD’S Design — PLAN meant for the EARTH and Humanity come true!

WE congratulate EVERYBODY who greeted the Planet’s Higher SOUL Dawn.

With Love for the Planet EARTH and ALL Forms of LIFE on IT,

the Sacred Unity Flame Higher Priest LAERTOMIS.

Through Marina Shultz,05 – 21 2012


             You should understand it properly.

We may call a “sun” any Light construction that Humankind used to identify with a “LIGHT carrying construction.” Yes, we call this phenomenon a “Planet’s Spiritual SUN.”

What is it, and how is it necessary to understand properly- correctly what Laertomis has told? —

He has brought you an extremely important Message about the Planet’s Spiritual Complement – Double final formation, the Planet on which you are working now.

The Spiritual Double — Counterpart IS an analogy of your Higher “Self” structure. Yes, that is the way it is!

You may ask:

“Why does the EARTH need to form a Spiritual DoubleComplement? Did not SHE have HER HIGHER “SELF”? – And it is a good question! You are absolutely right!  —

SHE HAD HER HIGHER “SELF.” It is still in a virginal state; and it IS wonderful LIGHT of SOLAR Hierarch. That is why WE call it “SUN, the Planet’s SPIRITUAL SUN.”

Why was it necessary to be engaged forming it? And what is it?  —

The Higher “Self” is getting formed after long oblivion of many DIVINITY facets which the Planet had gone through together with You.

She never forgot Her Divinity, but SHE had no right to give IT to the whole LIFE developing on HER.

And now, beginning with 05 – 20 — 2012 SHE IS ALLOWED to give All Her DIVINITY aspects for new Lives’ aspects.

Now, this new part of your Planet that has taken shape will unfold its principles, help you to go away from the duality. Do you want to call this the “Spiritual EARTH Sun”? – You may do it! However, the right way to conceder it the “Planet EARTH Complete DIVINITY Awakening.”

Received by Marina Shultz, 05 – 21 – 2012


It is as simple as it could be, My Angels! Your Higher “Selves” need to connect you with your Planet’s Higher “SELF.”

And on the Solar Eclipse Day, namely, on such convenient for SUN HIERARCH Day, the Planet’s EARTH Higher “SELF” Activation was completed.

You have been explained everything perfectly well!

Now IT can also include Your Higher “Selves” for contacting (with) the Spiritual EARTH. They begin to work in absolute accordance.

Yes, the SPIRITUAL EARTH SUN has risen in its full Beauty and Glory!

At the same time, this SUN is the Planet’s Higher “Self” that has come to light with all its Beauty.

There are no divisions of layers in the planetary multidimensional Genome; the same goes with your, human one. Everything is conditional.

And the 13-th layer merges with the 6-th and 12-th layer into one. And this is the only way – second to none!

And, namely, the Planet’s multidimensional DNA absolute edification with its Spiritual Double happened on the Solar Eclipse Day, and it means: all layers merging into ONE multidimensional BEING of LIGHT.

That is why it could be perfectly called the “SUN of SPIRITUAL EARTH.”

Realize it and do not mix it up with the “Galactic Central Spiritual Sun” or the “Universal Central Spiritual Sun,” and also with other “positions” when I speak on the “Fiery System” subject.

Received by Marina Shultz, 05 – 22 – 12


Everything has been explained! However, WE would like to underline, in particular, the LUMINARY Solar construction that rose over the horizon on May 20, 2012.

WE were on guard. And those who could see the so called “hindrances – impediments” were absolutely right. And the opposing — antagonistic forces tried to prevent this process. Yet, such an impetuous Wave of JOY and HAPPINESS was rolling along the Planet that there were no forces that could stop the Planet’s Higher “SELF” formation — establishing in full volume.

My Fleet opposed the “hindrances” and guarded the inmost Moment of the Higher “SELF” revealing through its system of Torus-es  (doughnut – shaped surface generated by a circle rotated about an axis in its plane ). Now many people can see them, and do not think that it is possible to describe by “torus” any single process.

The Toroid SUN had risen and joined with the Material Planet; and that is why this SUN now has filled All Planet’s Globes and you will not see IT separately from the Material EARTH.

And it is wonderful! Verily, the extraordinary Cosmic Event has happened! I greet you on the Renewed Spiritual Planet!

Received by Marina Shultz, 05 – 22 – 12

Translated from Russian, Larisa Bartone



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