Магниты Духа


Greetings to You THE FIRE OF DURIDS that has come into my Life!

The FIRE of DRUIDS, assist me\ us to bring forth Balance and Perfection into the surrounding world Life!

The FIRE of DRUIDS, help us to Harmonize the Space of Life in my \ our Country and give all People the Joy of Existence and the Beauty of Over — Earthly Realms!

The FIRE of DRUIDS, nourish my bodies with Your Grace and allow me to lift up  the vibrations of all my bodies to the permissible level so I could accomplish my ASCENSION into LIGHT!

The FIRE of DRUIDS, erase from my Life stream records the traces of old energies which prevent me to move within the ASCENSION Flow!

The FIRE of DRUIDS! Help to let the Highest Love Energies go through me, the energies which I have to accumulate within myself!

The FIRE of DRUIDS! Give Me Illumination on the Path of Ascension and help me to rise over duality and move away from it!

The FIRE of DRUIDS, stay with me in each my Thought – form and assist my Thoughts to become a creative source for building the TRUE REALITY, both Planetary and Human.

I Love YOU, the FIRE of DRUIDS!


Dictated by the FIRE of DRUIDS Supreme Priest.
Through Marina Shults,
07 – 17 – 2011
Translated from Russian


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