Магниты Духа

Invocation to All Bodies

Suggested by KRAYON

I address all my BODIES, which accompanied me in my three- dimensional Life:

I have give birth to you; I was wearing and cherishing you.

         You protected me in this of dense Physical Matter World.

You had been important ingredient in my life till that point when I came to the decision to get out of the Reincarnation — Embodiment Wheel.

Now I have entered into the New Energy Flow that will allow me to Ascend, changing you, my early created bodies, to new, more perfect ones that correspond to the 5- dimensional frequencies.

I express great admiration – gratitude — appreciation to all my bodies, which accompanied me in this Life from the moment of my birth!

 Now I ask you to step aside harmoniously with grace and revelation, giving the way to the Bodies which are being born inside you and letting Me ascend and live in the 5- dimensional existence.

Greetings, my beloved New Bodies! 

And I confirm their evolving and perfecting under the influence of the New Energy of Love and Harmony!

I am releasing my dependence from the Wheel of Reincarnations.

         I merge with the Ascension Flow.

         I am accomplishing the Quantum Leap into the 5- dimensionality!

May my whole structure correspond to the 6-th Race Human Being Structure within the Ascension Flow! 

And so it is! Amen.


Through Marina Shults,

Translated from Russian,
Larisa Malgosheva- Bartone

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