Магниты Духа

Invocation to Unity Fire

Flame of Unity — Unification — Oneness!

Descended into my Life and give Enlightenment to my Consciousness and lifting – ascent to the Christ – Consciousness level!

Saturate with your precious substance each cell of my Body!

Seal all sources of the old world; infuse Your Energy into the New World!

Oh, Unity Fire! Build — Create our Life in perfect Harmony with the whole Cosmos!

Saturate People Souls with Your GRACE, so LOVE and Esteem – Appraise – Value – Worship may reign – prevail in \\ among all forms of Life on our Planet.

Unity Flame! In YOU We shall cleanly see our Oneness with the Planet and the whole World of the Great Cosmos!

Unity Fire! Release from the Duality shackles and assist the Planet and all existing Life on it to go with ease and grace through Ascension into Higher Realms.

         Oh, Beloved Unity Flame! Take our LOVE and connect us with Our FATHE-MOTHER – GOD through yourself!

Thanks for the Divine Revelation!

Thank You, precious FIRE for coming — descending to the Earth!  Amen.

Unity Fire Higher Priest

 From Russia with Love

 Through Marina Shults,
, Latvia
07 – 17 – 2011

Translated from Russian,
Larisa Malgosheva- Bartone


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