Магниты Духа

Invocation to DNA

днкKRYON, 2010

In the name of my beloved I AM Presence and my Holy Christ “Self”

I call to the Mercy of Our Beloved FATHER-MOTHER –GOD of our UNIVERSE and humbly ask to give me Will, Wisdom and Power so I could complete the Transformation – transmutation of all my Bodies, and also to take into consideration my presence on the Planet EARTH at the moment of this GREAT TRANSITION.

Will You turn my Will as a vector of Your WILL to unseal the coded messages in the strands – spirals – threads of all my DNAs towards my absolute Health, beautifully and harmoniously structured Body that could be appropriate for the Image of the Sixth Race Human Being.

Will You turn my Love and Wisdom into a vector of Your LOVE and WISDOM for the Transformation – transmutation of those processes of all my DNAs that will provide me with Longevity of Youth and perfect Health.

Will You turn my Power into a vector of Your POWER so I can keep in passive state all my old programs, preventing my proceeding along the Path of ASCENSION Here and Now.

I command and demand all my DNAs’ strands by their Will, Power and Wisdom (that they contain within) to start archiving All Information that do not respond to my striving to ASCENSION and Transition into the Quantum State of  Consciousness.

I command the strands of all my DNAs to bring into action all the Information that will provide Rejuvenation and Health for all my Bodies until they fully fit the Bodies of the Sixth Race Human Being,

I command and demand all my DNAs to turn on\\ switch on the resonating connection with all Planetary significance reconstruction processes (on planetary scale) and accept all New Information, concerning the future Evolutionary processes of the Earth, and at the same time to take into consideration the reflection of all the Evolutionary reconstruction – transformation — mutation within me.

I command all my DNAs to choose the most optimal way of my bodies’ regeneration to the Quantum State of Consciousness transition and also to tap into the Fifth Dimensional Reality. Amen,

12 — 2010

Through Marina Shults,

Translated from Russian, Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone.

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