Магниты Духа

Address of Konride to Humanity On the Event of the World Action On Protection of Flora and Fauna on Earth


Dear Konride, first let me introduce you to all those who are taking part in the World Action on Protection of Flora and Fauna on Earth.

Dear friends! Here is Konride, the leader of the Cetacean Family in the third dimension, who recently came into contact with me. He is a wonderful being – a huge Whale, emanating Divine  energies of peace, pacification, wisdom and endless Love. He confessed that he has known me since long ago. It turns out that we have been acquainted in not one, but many incarnations. I have only recently recalled him, and he started our conversation at once.

So, I am giving the floor to our respected dear Konride.

Dear children of Earth! My dear sisters and brothers!

Today I am addressing you for the first time with a message from the entire Cetacean Family. I am the leader of the Cetacean Community in all the seas and oceans of our beautiful Gaia.  I am responsible for the coordination of Whale and Dolphin activities including movement, migration and their life in whole, in its full variety. I am also responsible for the safety of every one and all of my formerly large Family – the safety which is necessary for performing the very great mission that we were destined to perform arriving on this planet.

You have been already informed that the whole Cetacean Family is in danger of annihilation. Believe me, my heart bleeds as I watch how the part of humanity not yet awakened is treating us. However strong our love towards you is, we do not have the advantage to await your full awakening or becoming aware of our mission on Earth. Soon all traces of our existence on Earth may disappear, judging by our rate of elimination. As you well understand, my beloved brothers and sisters, this situation could be by no means allowed. We arrived here to help you and the beautiful Gaia rise, and we will do everything possible on our part to reach this goal. And so, on August 12th 2012 a long-awaited event occurred, which we all had been so long looking forward to. An appeal for help and protection of Flora and Fauna was spread all over the Earth. My heart rejoiced when humankind awoke at last and recalled us, your true friends. Joyful news of help being rendered to us shot forth like lightning throughout all seas and oceans. We believed and knew that people would say their word in our defense.

Yes, on the day of the first World Action you, indeed, succeeded in creating an energy capsule around each of us, and these capsules really exist; but they are still thin and unstable, they may still be destroyed with negative intention. That’s why, my dear friends, we urge you to repeat the Action a few more times. After you repeatedly send the message of Love towards us, our capsules will grow stronger and won’t be so vulnerable. With your persistent efforts you were able to create a positive background and preconditions for awakening and lifting up the awareness level with the rest of the humanity. Believe me, what you performed for the first time surpassed all our expectations, and we felt your love and care for us. Now we are firmly convinced that we did not arrive on this planet in vain. Our existence here is welcomed by you and met with full awareness.

The great moment of our Communion has come. The Humanity rose in our defense and protection, which means that we will not only be able to peacefully co-exist, but also co-create the New Wonderful World of Gaia together!


With Love to all people of Earth,

Konride, the leader of the Cetacean Community in the 3rd dimension

Channeled via Aestra, USA

08. 29.12

Translated from Russian: Nina Sukhanova, Russia

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