Магниты Духа

Message from the Whales’ Higher “Self” After the Flora and Fauna Protection Action

Conducted on 08.12.12

Via Marina Shultz, www.magnitiduha.info

 Our dearest Brothers and Sisters, yesterday you managed to accomplish a Great Breakthrough concerning not only in assisting us, the WHALES, DOLPHINS and SEQUOIA TREES with the issue of Protection of all life forms on our planet, but moreover, you have managed a complete turnaround in Your Own Life Positions connected with the realization of Your presence on this Planet! We congratulate you on this Breakthrough!

And now I would like to speak about the Action itself and its wonderful results. Yes, I have said “wonderful;” however, I’m sure you understand perfectly well that the actions directed to our elimination will not stop! Not yet! Nevertheless, yesterday an end was put to the discord to our relations with this wonderful planet, which we had chosen together long ago to conduct complex research on. And today, I can say that you have come upon the rigorous road of Victory! You may ask: “What kind of ‘victory’ are you talking about?” It is the Victory over your limited understanding of the human predestination both on this Planet and also in the entire Cosmos; the Victory over dual thinking and possessive attitudes towards the entire Planetary Life, the dual bias towards Life as a whole, except for that of the human beings. You have arrived at the Path that will eventually lead you to Unity and Oneness with the surrounding World! And it is a pleasant realization! You and us are ONE STAR SEED! And there is no need for you to separate yourselves from our presence on the Earth. It is necessary to respect the mutual influence we have on each other.  We have always assisted you and lead you toward easier paths in order for you to perform the obligations taken upon our Higher “Selves” in the difficult conditions of this Duality Experiment. Then the time came when you allowed some of your human community to eliminate us and you were very well aware of these facts. And yesterday you had started “counting down” both in your consciousness and in your actions. Thank you for this! Of course, the well prepared Light Workers have stepped forward in our defense, however, this time all kinds of different people had joined as well, even those who did not consider themselves “Light Workers.”  In doing so bonds are being forged among people. The bonds of light. We are now celebrating this achievement. The achievement of absolute Mutual Understanding with people! We have really weaved the threads of our love into that light bearing entity of love that you managed to create yesterday with your hearty Messages. And we shall constantly reinforce this entity of love, directing into it our love and the programs of life – support for the entire planet. As you see, sometimes a simple Action (according to its designed structure) turns out to be a Remarkable Cosmic Construction capable to further continue carrying not just an idea that is waiting to be materialized, but at the same time to directly influence the course of events.

             And this way it will also be, as far as the Planetary Flora and Fauna Protection is concerned; however, all is in good time! And if tomorrow you do not see the results of your efforts, know that soon they will start manifesting in a wide range of events on the great planetary scale.

Our dearest people of the Earth! Yesterday you and us together created the beginning of a new kind of existence. This is our co-existence in Peace and Harmony. Now  and further on do try to perform correct actions not only in relation to us, the Cetaceans, or the relic Sequoia trees, but – what is even more important – in relation to all the planetary life forms. Actually, there is not even one kind of Life, living its own life on the Planet, which could be considered as accidentally living or unnecessary for People. Everything is being interweaved as the great Appropriateness into the general Divine tapestry of the Planetary Oneness. Yes, precisely, into the Planetary Oneness!

Dear people, your lives also depend on the life of other forms of Existence. You divide us into “dead and “living Nature. However, such division does not exist! And Each Atom, — wherever it could be placed or attached, — is the Entire Universe, that needs a careful and enthusiastic honoring on your part! And now you have started to move back to oneness. And we, the Whales, greet you on this path of our absolute Unification! Yesterday you demonstrated for us not only your Love but also the understanding of our Unity! And it is the most important thing that happened and was accomplished yesterday during Your Service! WE LOVE YOU and GREET YOU on the wave of unification. We are waiting for the time when you will open your hearts more and more to meet us, dear ones! And we shall do OUR BEST for the sake of your Glorious Returning to the level of your divinity! And the predestined ascension for you and the planet we shall accomplish together with you, assisting each of you.  Do you think that we do not need Ascension? Yes, for some of us there is no necessity for Ascension; however, some of us do need to go through Ascension! But, compared to you we can do it at any time! I am telling this now because during your ascension there will be either an earthly whale or a dolphin or those of them who have already gone through ascension. We have come to assist you. Now you have to save us and we shall help the Planet and you accordingly to go through Ascension and come out to the New Evolutionary Stage of our mutual life. We can assist you to accomplish many New Programs of New Development for the Earth and humanity. We know these Programs. We are the Codes Keepers of not only these Programs but also your Personal Programs, of each of you. We are here for this purpose.

And now let us proceed with our work that we started yesterday. WE ARE SO THANKFUL TO YOU!  WE LOVE YOU and WE HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU!

Let us together follow the way of love, the way of full oneness and mutual understanding and the predestined ascension for the planet and you.

We expect that you will open yourselves – your Hearts more and more, as you did it yesterday, to meet us there.




Translated from Russian, Larisa Bartone Larisa7777@aol.com

Edited:  Nina Sukhanova, Russia

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