Магниты Духа

Message of El Morya before the 5th World Action for Flora and Fauna Protection on Earth

My dear Light-bearers,

Dear Children of the Blue Flame Planet,

Your old friend El Morya is again speaking to you.

While we were together performing Flora and Fauna actions, we became closer with you like real relatives. Our relationship became closer and more trustful, you became closely acquainted with me, and I also came to know you better.

I guess you will agree with me that it is easier, more comfortable, and what is most important – much more effective to work together in such an atmosphere.

My dear ones! You all know perfectly well that we are all living now in a historic time, when the Planet and the entire Humankind are going through a culmination moment in their development. We are all now on the threshold of epochal events, which are going to happen between 12.12.12 and 12. 24.12. This period of time coincides with the Second Harmonious Convergence, when the humankind of Earth gets involved with active construction of the entire planetary life.

These events are to occur on 12.12.12, namely: the completion of building up the 144 Planetary Crystalline Grid, the activation of the two last temple master-crystals (The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy and the Thoth Crystal), as well as coding the last Crystalline Solar Disk, these will be the final steps of preparation leading us to the day of Winter Solstice in December and the Birth of the New Earth on 12.21.12.

Using Kryon’s numerology, let’s turn to the two dates to consider what they are bringing to us.

These two dates vibrationally resonate with the master-number 11.

(12.12.2012=1+2+1+2+2+0+1+2=11 and 12. 21.2012=2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2=11)

You all know that 11 is Kryon’s number, denoting a new beginning – the Birth of the New Earth.

This number also bears the numerological frequency of transfiguration of the Physical into the Divine.

What’s going to occur on 12.21.12?

On 12. 21.12 the Galactic Alignment will occur, and all the planets of the Solar System with the beautiful Gaia will line up in one line in relation to the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. This will open the Light Portal and an endless flow of Divine Light and Love will pour onto the Earth.

The Earth itself and all forms living on it will be saturated with these high-vibrational energies, and you will witness the New Earth being born, which will, in its turn, accelerate humankind’s awakening and cause a qualitative leap in the human consciousness. This shift of consciousness will affect the new level of understanding, giving awareness that All Life is Unified, Interconnected and Interdependent, and what is happening to one part of it surely happens to the whole.

Now, on this high note, I want to bring you gradually back to our work on Protection of Flora and Fauna on Earth.

Now you understand, at what remarkable time I suggest you performing our Final, 5th Action.

Yes, now is the most favorable time for performing any Light work on our Planet.  The fact that we all participated recently in the Action on removing dual energies from the Planet will also undoubtedly help us in our further work.

Also, don’t forget that your work on protection of Whales and Dolphins was supported by beings in all spheres and worlds of our spacious Galaxy. In the planetary worlds of duality, where the Cetaceans are in the same condition as in yours, work on their protection has been started. The Galactic Cetaceans’ Community is now consolidated as never before.

Do not forget that the Quantum Shift will occur not only on the Earth, but all over the Galaxy, and the Cetaceans are getting ready for this remarkable event together with you. And very-very soon you will be able to communicate with them and understand their language; and they have much to tell you.

So, my dear ones, I invite all of you to take part in our Phenomenal 5th Action for the Protection of Flora and Fauna on Earth that will take place on 12.12.12 at 12:12 Greenwich time.

My Beloved Ones! Those energies that will be radiating from the already built 144 Planetary Crystalline Grid will multiply our efforts by a thousand times!

So, let’s unite our hearts in one flaming aspiration and send Love and Gratitude to our Beloved brothers and sisters.


With Love to all people of the Earth –

Yours, El Morya

Channeled via Aestra


Translated into English: Nina Sukhanova

Edited in English: Ellina Mezheritsky


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