Магниты Духа


Dear friends!

Join our most noble affair and send copies of this text to your friends and acquaintances!

This World Action for Flora and Fauna Protection on Earth, including Whales, Dolphins and Giant Relic Sequoia trees, as well as all Life on Earth, was developed by joint efforts of a group of Lightworkers and the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy of our beloved Planet. It was approved by the Milky Way Galaxy Council of the Federation of Free Worlds.

This Action was for the first time performed almost four months ago, on August 12th, 2012. Together with the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy and all Light Forces, we announced that day as the Earth Flora and Fauna Protection Day.

The results of the first Action were fantastic. The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Spiritual Leaders of Whales and Dolphins asked us to continue acting in the same direction and conduct at least 2 or 3 more Actions. They also asked us to inform people on a broad scale about the problem of intended extermination of Whales, Dolphins and Sequoia trees on the direction of the Secret Government, but through people’s actions. The main reason for their intensive extermination at present is neither a business nor any “traditions” of some nations, but the fact that these highly intelligent and highly spiritual creatures are the Life Keepers of Earth, the Regulators and Harmonizers of all live fields and geobiocoenostic processes. Killing them, people kill themselves and their own future, as well as their children’s and grandchildren’s future.

Whales, Dolphins and Sequoia trees are also the living Keepers of information about true Earth’s history. They are living information databases and Historians-Chroniclers. A part of their mission is to return to people that KNOWLEDGE lost by humanity.

The time has come for all the people to learn who indeed are Cetaceans and Sequoia trees, and also other highly intelligent and highly spiritual beings, incarnated in the Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms of the Earth. People and humanity as a whole should know what high Missions these star brothers and sisters of ours do perform, and how they help both of us, the human ones, and the Planet herself, and also all biologic species; what an immense role they play in the processes of the planetary Healing and Transfiguration.

You can learn all the details on the issue from the materials ATTACHED to this Letter.

Your participation in the Action won’t take you much time – ONLY ABOUT 20 MINUTES, HALF AN HOUR, OR A LITTLE MORE. We intendedly formed the texts in such a way that even their reading aloud, distinctly and in full awareness, would already give a significant effect.

On Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 12:12 Greenwich time READ ALOUD  text for the Action, in the way you usually read Affirmations (those who can, do it with visualizations, but it is even not obligatory; the principal thing is taking part in the Action sincerely and in full awareness. (the instruction is attached to the text of the Action).

Change carefully beforehand the Greenwich Time to your local time (with correction according to the shift to either the “winter” or “summer” time you presently use).

You can easily learn your regional time compared to Greenwich time here: http://time100.ru/GMT

Join the World (and PEACEFUL) Movement of the awakening humanity in Defense of LIFE  on Earth!

With best regards,

Jiva S.A.H.

And the initiative group of Lightworkers:

Aestra, Alex





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