Магниты Духа


GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK , spiritualizing the Milky Way Galaxy,
ASHTAR SHERAN,  Chairman of the Galactic Council of the Intergalactic Free Worlds Federation, EL MORIA, Chairman of the Planetary Council of the Intergalactic Free Worlds Federation. via Svetlana Dracheva, Sergey Kanashevskiy, Marina Shults.
Translated from Russian : Nina Sukhanova, Russia

Our hearty greetings to you, those bringing Light to the Earth Planet!
Hello, our beloved brothers and sisters! The Galactic Christ Melchizedek, Ashtar Sheran and El Moria are here with you.
This is an official appeal to all Lightworkers, all spiritual people, to all progressive representatives of the humankind; to all who understand that now is the time when it is impossible to go on the way of the old evolutionary development. The old way is the road of separation, violence and aggression, inequality and exploitation of the majorities by the minority.
You completely realize that it is impossible to continue living like that. The reality around you is changing. Your inner world is changing. You yourselves are radically changing. Everything including social life events and acts of nature and elements gives you understanding that the old life is finishing. The Planet undoubtedly declares to the humanity of entering a new era. With this, some close their eyes though seeing clearly the changes, and pretend that nothing special is happening. Others are aware of the changes and resist them consciously. But there are also those who greet the changes, who open bravely their hearts to meet the new life, where there is no room for the out-dated negative manifestations.
Now you, the Light Creators, people going on the way of the Divine spiritual evolution, have been officially informed of the completion of the Duality Experiment and the end of the old era. More and more Divine Channels inform you of this, more and more people understand in their hearts that new laws for your world have been manifested – the new laws that annul the old ones.
It is now very important to understand that the old way of development is also the way of DEPENDENCE OF THE HUMAN SOCIETY. Despite people possessing free will,
at the level of planetary mass consciousness the humankind has not yet manifested their will. We speak now about the humankind of your four-dimensional world, about people as personalities of this world; for your Higher Selves have already long manifested such a will, expressing their intention to live as One Unity in the Divine Harmony, equality of right and mutual support.

You have not once been informed that the humankind is ruled not only by the social structures known to you, by the official governments, but also by those who are in the shadow. This is the so called “shadow government” of the Planet, the representatives of the lower and higher astral planetary worlds, and even the representatives of the alien worlds consciousness. This kind of rule was allowed under the conditions of the Experiment, as the role of the rulers is the experience necessary for many representatives of the developing Consciousness in their spiritual evolution. Beloved Light Creators, many of you have voluntarily come to this world to play the role of the ruled. Others as representatives of the ascending, evolving branch are connected to their rulers with a long way of common ascension from the denser dimensions, the lower worlds. The roles of either the rulers or the ruled have been quite long played, for eons, and performed in different versions. Moreover, the rulers and the ruled have many times exchanged their roles, performing the opposite ones, forgetting the past at the level of their external consciousness. All this is reported in the AiKaShi (Akashic) Chronicles. All this is now “archived”, it has become the official experience of our Great Experiment, a part of the Galactic and Universal Life Library. The Duality Experiment has been completed. The Kali-Yuga, the era of descending into the matter, has been completed. The old era has been completed, which for some lasted for thousands, and for others – for five million years. The roles of the rulers and the ruled have been performed and completed. There is no more necessity for the humanity to be ruled by anyone from aside. You have the experience of your free will manifestation. You have gained it at the level of SEPARATE BEINGS – personalities, separated from your Higher Selves. Very often during your incarnations you chose the route of “an individual sole voyage”.
Not once you resisted this or that system, becoming anchorites or exiles. You were declared heretics, wizards and witches; you were drawn away from your tribe, from the church, from the society; you were burnt in the fire and crucified. Not once you broke social laws, but many times you were also obedient followers of the social will. Now the time has come to manifest your will, the will of those who passed an uneasy way of evolution and came up to the crossroads of the new life energies.

Your Higher Selves were always with you in all your incarnations on this Planet, in different worlds of the Earth; and you understand, of course, that most of you incarnated not only in this world. In some of your lives you felt this Divine Self of yours, accepted Its guidance, in others – you did not. Even more than that – you acted against Its will. Often you were even unaware of your Higher Self, of your inner Divine Source, but you knew about God. You might either accept Him or not. But the Divine Source, either manifested or invisible, was always present both inside and outside around you. God was always with you and inside you, even when you said that He did not exist.

The most responsible time has now come. You have been informed that God is not only inside and outside around you. You have been informed that YOU ARE GOD. God is indeed everything that exists in the Universe. GOD IS ALL OF US, ALL BEINGS OF THE UNIVERSE. It means – each of you. Each of you is God. He/she is responsible for everything that happens around. Together with the COMPLETION OF THE DUALITY EXPERIMENT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL THAT HAPPENS IN YOUR WORLD IS HANDED OVER TO PEOPLE. And this means that you have no more right to complain of the imperfection of the world, you have no right for being disharmonized. You have no right for being miserable and unhappy. You used the right for imperfection, disharmony and unhappiness to the full extent. You used that right within the framework of the Duality Experiment. Now is the time to enjoy the right of creating PERFECTION, HARMONY AND HAPPINESS.

Your world will not, of course, become harmonious in a minute, in a year or a decade. However, already during a few next decades it is possible to achieve quite positive results in making your world more perfect, in its fundamental transformation – ITS DIVINE TRANSFIGURATION. For this purpose you should enjoy your RIGHT FOR CREATING Perfection, Harmony and Happiness. You have the RIGHT FOR CREATING YOUR FUTURE WORLD, you have the right for manifesting your will at the level of the ONE UNITED SPIRIT and planetary mass consciousness.

Now the absolute majorities of the Earth humankind believe that practically nothing or very little indeed depends on them. They imagine that humanity is drawn by a certain elementary force, or suppose that the development of the human society is completely dependent on a handful of rulers, thinking only about their own profit. The majority of people still think that the human future is in danger, as people are mercenary, unreasonable and avid. But really, the thing is that the genuine human nature is far from mercenariness, absence of reason and avidity. It is so, because the genuine true human nature is the Divine nature. This nature was artificially hidden, removed from people. Now that the experience of separation has been gained, and the Divine human nature has started actively awakening, no one either in our Universe or in other Universes has any force to interfere with it.

Yes, it may seem to you that you are still under the rule. You feel that you have no force to influence those who govern your cities and settlements, regions, countries and the whole world.
Our dear ones! You should get aware that neither the city governors nor presidents rule this world. They became a part of the Great System, they became its components. Believe that if any one of you was elected president or made head of state right now at least for a year, you would understand that you can do little or even very little! At all times it was not accidental that some rulers rejected power, realizing that power is absence of freedom; it is limitation of freedom. It is true that power gives those at power in your world additional material opportunities, a position in the society, better conditions for living. But power does not give comfort for your soul. It does not give opportunities for your Divine spiritual progress. Now, in the new life conditions, social power cannot provide for true progress at all. It is because power of rule is the continuation of the old world game; it is playing parts of the rulers and the ruled; it is work in the System that is being left in the past, you see it with your own eyes. It does not either mean, of course, that right now, immediately, you must reject power as the form of organization of your society. And, of course, you as Light Creators are not called for fighting with it. Lightworkers, Light Creators, truly spiritual people do not fight with anything. They respect all forms of existence, including those social structures that were formed by the Duality Experiment, by the past era. But you, Light Creators, are called for creating A NEW SOCIETY WITH A NEW SOCIAL STRUCTURE BASED ON THE DIVINE NATURE.

People of the Earth Planet! Lightworkers! Light Creators! All those going on the way of spiritual evolution! All those going on the Divine way!
There is something that you not only have to know.
It is time for you to understand that something very clearly and accept it with your heart.
It is time for you to use that something in practice.
This is something that exists and can change your life views from now on, forever.
There is something that will lay foundation for the Divine Transfiguration of the society and accelerate your evolution as Light Beings; something that will create a new society, based on the Unconditional Love and Harmony.

What do we talk about? What is it that we mean?
All terrestrial and extra-terrestrial governments and governors do not possess something that you have as a potential COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING. Neither of any shadow extra-terrestrial or earthly consciousnesses has those abilities that you have, when you become a COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING.

You, people, as a Collective Light Being, and only YOU AS THE DIVINE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING, can become THE GUIDE OF THE HUMAN SOCIETY, DETERMINE ITS FUTURE, ITS MILESTONES AND WAYS OF EVOLUTIONARY ADVANCE. Be aware that all your rulers, both at the dense and subtle matter planes, play within the framework of the old system and are not able to radically change the world. They are not even able to rule it effectively in the new conditions. Oh, yes, these rulers are important figures, they make important decisions and significant steps in order to provide for living conditions of your society or to teach you lessons of the evolutionary growth. Thank them for that, as they fulfill their mission during an uneasy period of transition. Send them Love and support energies. You and them are, in fact, one whole. But all of your present and past rulers are players on a large, but still limited playground, participants in a very limited Game similar to chess play. This game, the chess, is wonderful and fascinating in its own way. But it is only for those who play on a black-and-white board with black-and-white figures. One can reach great perfection and become a world champion in chess, but together with that still continue to be quite ignorant in as far as the real world is concerned, and what happens in it. One can become a master in quite a narrow field, but never know how to really create in the NATURAL WORLD, and not within the limits of an artificially made game. Power and Light Creators can only contact where the “game of chess” takes place. Creators can, of course, unlimitedly perfect their mastery of “chess players”.
But there is another way – to look inside your Self and see that there are entire worlds there, which are much more important than the “chess board”. And there is something that can change the “chess boards”, the “chess game”, and what is more important, the players themselves and everything that is around them.

People whose nature is DIVINE, and it is divine with all the people, Light Creators HAVE GOT OTHER OPPORTUNITIES TO LIVE AND ORGANIZE LIFE; including organization of a harmonious, Divine life of the very human society. One need not fight with anybody for it. For that one needs to begin creating, and creating not from the level of a human being, “a player on the chess board”, or even outside the board. It is time to create from the level of the Human God – the Creator. And, with it, not from the level of a separate human being, but FROM THE LEVEL OF THE ONE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING, the one that you were before coming here, and who you are in the MODE OF THE UNIVERSAL NATURAL REALITY. Oh, yes, it is time to recollect that before coming to the Earth Planet you were the ONE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING. You separated; you flowed out from the one Monadic Ocean by millions and billions of rivers, streams and springs. You headed towards different stars, to different planets and various worlds. And now you have met here, on the Earth. This is your meeting point wherefrom you start a reverse process, the return into the Collective Light Being. It is true; you will now become a new Collective Light Being that has come up to a new stage of evolution due to the acquired experience of those rivers, streams and springs of Spirit and Consciousness. But the very Collective Light Being that you used to be has not disappeared anywhere; as everything occurs in the Universe in the “here and now” mode. You should not be afraid of losing your individuality while merging in the Collective Light Being. You are a Unity, in which the general, common and individual are merged together. The Collective Light Being is the Divine Light Being, harmoniously joining the personal, the individual and the collective.

The Collective Light Being is that very Collective Unity of Creators that took part in the Great Experiment. It is one of those who have now announced about its completion. It is that very  Unity that is now waiting for you, as its Divine Fractals, to recollect your COLLECTIVENESS, your Divine Oneness. Why is it important? It is, because you are called for to also become the Collective Light Being here, in this four-dimensional world growing into the fifth dimension.
For this it is not obligatory for you to merge on the physical plane, hold each other by the hand, or organize a united social movement. Things of that kind may return you the status of players on the chess board within the framework of the old Duality system. You, the light Creators, have a unique and very magnificent Spiritual Instrument. You would use it many times, but it was before the Great Experiment. THIS IS YOUR SPIRITUAL ONENESS and YOUR UNITED DIVINE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. When, united in Spirit, you manage to come up to the level of the ONE SPIRIT AND CONSCIOUSNESS AS THE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING, and not as separate people or groups of people, then you will take “in your hands”
your Spiritual and Mental Instruments of Creation, the might of which you still have to cognize.

Our dear people! You might say that you are not still perfect enough. But is it possible to bring that imperfection to the Collective Light Being? We would like to comfort you – there is no possibility of that! Expressing your pure Intention for creation of the Collective Light Being, you also join together with the Collective Light Being that you once left to perform the Duality Experiment. And that Collective Light Being is originally Divine and Harmonious. It will surely make the newly being born Collective Light Being harmonious and perfect. The newly born one will begin acting from the level of the One Spirit and the United Divine Collective Consciousness. You as Creators in Spirit will then be able to manifest your Divine Collective Will, determining the Way for further evolution of humanity. Such will is possible to be manifested already now not by hundreds, but by many and many thousands of Light Creators.
You have the right to ask, ”Can thousands of people express the will for the entire humankind, can thousands express their will for billions?” This is the answer. As separate representatives of humanity thousands have no right to express the will of billions. As representatives of the ONE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING, UNITED WITH THEIR OWN ORIGINAL DIVINE BASIS, THEY NOT ONLY CAN, BUT ARE INTENDED TO DO THAT. But before that, it is necessary to express your pure intention for joining in the One Divine Collective Light Being, to create It.

For many of you it will be quite difficult to make this step. You are accustomed to live in separation. You perceive your individuality as the only possible and convenient for you form of existence. But, indeed, your individuality is impossible without the Divine Oneness. People’s existence as personalities in their physical bodies would not be possible without the Collective Light Beings. You are not like that in the Universal Reality. You did not exist in your physical bodies in the past, and you are not like that in your future. For you to easier make your decision on joining in the One Divine Collective Being of Light, it is appropriate to realize that expressing your pure intent for that, you can merge in ONE WHOLE WITH YOUR BELOVED TEACHERS, WITH YOUR GUIDES, WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL RELATIVES. You can become either Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel, you can become Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Rama or Krishna… You can merge in One with the Ascended Masters. You can merge in One with your relatives, friends and close people who left for other worlds. This is the Divine Oneness, the Oneness of the Collective Being; and this is YOUR APPROACH TOWARDS ORIGINAL, PRIMORDIAL LIGHT FAMILY.

What kind of Collective Light Being exactly are we talking about now? The Unity is possible at different levels, at various stages of evolution, in various manifestations. First of all, we are now talking about the One Collective Light Being, uniting ALL PEOPLE who are incarnated at present or were incarnated before in your four-dimensional world. We are now talking about the UNIFICATION OF ALL PEOPLE IN SPIRIT ABD CONSCIOUSNESS. It is this very kind of Oneness that we now call the Collective Light Being of the people of the Earth Planet. Expressing a pure intent for the merger in the Collective Light Being of the people of the Earth Planet, in your world, you gain new rights and opportunities. You acquire a new status in the multi-dimensional and multi-spatial Planetary Consciousness, where different forms of life already harmoniously co-exist; the forms that have already reached the status of Collective Light Beings.

What can we compare this process to, in order to make it clearer for you to understand? In some aspect, the merger in the One Collective Light Being is similar to the process, when a grown-up nation constitutes itself and declares its legal right to choose its own way of development. But, of course, the process of the Collective Light Being’s birth is much more complex and multi-faceted. The main thing for you at this stage is to form this kind of the Collective Light Being of the people of your world, for It to participate in the Planetary life TOGETHER WITH THE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEINGS of the other planetary worlds and other life forms. One can say, you are nominated to the multi-dimensional and multi-spatial Parliament. Your Collective Member of Parliament will be able to declare what you will authorize It to.

This is a very important moment. You, the many thousands of human beings that will read these lines, listen to this information, are called for the agreement on your BASIS OF ONENESS. This very basis exists and need not be agreed on by those who understand that the old era has been completed; that the old laws have become invalid; and that the humanity begins to choose independently the way, along which to go.

So, this is your basis for the Oneness and merger in the Collective Light Being of the people of your world.

1.    Admitting that the old era based on the people’s separation between themselves and from the Divine Source has been completed. The new era begins, when people, the entire humanity perform an active process of merging with the Divine Nature, with God the Creator that is the One for all life forms, for all that exists. The Collective Light Being of all people is being created according to the will and with the Blessing of the One God Creator for the purpose of the further Divine evolution and the Divine Oneness.

2.    People recognizing their primordial Divine Origin, are ready, on the basis of Divine Love to all that exists, to join in the One Collective Light Being that is being born for the sake and good of all people and all life forms on the Earth Planet.

3.    The Collective Light Being is open to all Light Beings that merge with It according to the progress in their Spiritual growth, recognizing Love to all that exists as the basis of everyone’s existence, and equality of all life forms.

True recognition of the One God Creator and Love as the basis of all that exists is enough for the human being of your world to express their pure intent for creating the Collective Light Being of the people of your world. This Collective Light Being becomes, in fact, your  NEW COLLECTIVE SPIRIT AND NEW COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT WILL BEGIN ACTIVELY GROWING AND EVOLVING IN THE PRINCIPALLY DIFFERENT CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE – IN THE CONDITIONS OF NEW LAWS OF MATTER, CONSCIOUSNESS AND SPIRIT STRUCTURE BEING BORN IN YOUR WORLD, AND STARTING THEIR ACTIVE PERFORMANCE. It is also important for you to know that the Collective Light Being is not a mere sum of you as the four-dimensional Light Beings. The Collective Light Being has multi-dimensional and multi-spatial Spirit and Consciousness. This is a qualitatively new Spiritual and Conscious entity. Your Collective Light Being will be based on the consciousnesses of all your Selves in all the planetary dimensions and worlds. It will have an access to eight dimensions so far, as you are the inhabitants of the third Spiritual Center that has changed from the seven- to the eight-plane system. The seven-dimensional basis for the Earth Planet has been changed on the eight-dimensional basis. The Collective Light Being of you, the four-dimensional people of your world, will organically merge with the Collective Self of the eight-dimensional Light Beings. This is a part of a natural process of the Divine Unification. But the individuality of your Collective Light Being, of the four-dimensional people of the Earth Planet, will remain; it will develop and perfect itself.

Creation of the One Collective Light Being of the people of your world will truly become the beginning of the new era for your society, whose history counts up to five thousand years. For the first time in these five thousand years the DIVINE COLLECTIVE HUMAN LIGHT BEING WILL BE CREATED that will begin developing, evolving. With its evolution, it will GUIDE THE HUMAN SOCIETY’S DEVELOPMENT. It will not rule people, but namely, guide them on the way of the Divine Evolution, being simultaneously both the Light Being of the four-dimensional world and the Light Being of the higher worlds. Your collective experience of the four-dimensional people and the collective experience of your Higher, Divine Selves will merge in it. This experience will be constantly enriched.

It is very important to understand that giving birth to the Collective Light Being of your world, you are not creating a Being to whom you delegate the right to govern you, or even more, the power over yourselves. The Collective Being is you yourselves, the people; but not just the people of the fourth dimension. It is you as Light Beings in your Divine Manifestation. You do not delegate your will to anyone. Your will always stays with you. But the Collective Light Being possesses a Divine Will that you also manifest as Gods Creators.

Recollect one of the important affirmations of the leaving epoch, “Oh, Lord, let it be Your will for all!”, “Oh, my God! Let it be Your will, not mine!” A human being separated from the Divine Source called for God and asked to perform His Divine will. Now is another time. It is the time to firmly declare,
“THERE IS DIVINE WILL FOR ALL! THIS DIVINE WILL IS OUR WILL! OUR WILL AND THE WILL OF GOD THE CREATOR IS ONE!” So, feeling Unconditional Love to all that exists, you won’t any more separate the Divine Will, God’s Will from your will, because the time has come when this also becomes the One.
It is also important to be aware of the following. Creating your Collective Light Being, you do not make a mediator between God and you. You know now that everything is the One. So, the Collective Oneness created on the basis of Unconditional Love is your way back to the Divine Oneness. This is what already unites you in the Divine Oneness on the higher planes of existence.

You could ask, “Where will this Collective Light Being live, where is Its Abode?” This Being will inhabit the higher subtle matter planes of the fourth dimension, the planes that are closely connected to the fifth dimension. It will become a Being of the fourth and fifth dimension; and, besides, it will get an opportunity to actively communicate with the worlds of higher dimensions.

Will you be able to commune with It? You will! Will you be able to co-create with It? You will!
Will you be able to call It for help in creating harmony in your world? Surely, you will!

The Collective Light Being of the people of your world is not what you call the collective consciousness! No! It is not your collective consciousness, the egregor, which is a subtle-matter being and represents the consciousness of some part of people. The Collective Light Being of the people of your world is the ONE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING OF ALL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH PLANET, EXISTING IN THE SPIRIT AND CONSCIOUSNESS. THIS IS THE SPIRIT AND CONSCIOUSNESS MERGING IN THEIR DIVINE ONENESS. THE ONE DIVINE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING does not divide people into the relatives and the aliens, into the good and bad ones. It does not divide them either on the national, or religious, or on any other principal bases. This is the One Father-Mother God that takes care of all and everyone. And at the same time it is YOUR CHILD that you are going to bring up! Is it difficult for to understand? Is it not so easy to imagine? But be aware the new era has REALLY come. It is time for you to learn and master new notions and categories that you will bring in your New Life. You are creating SOMETHING THAT HAS NOT BEEN CREATED BEFORE YOU. You already know, GOD THE CREATOR GIVES BIRTH TO AND BRINGS UP DIVINE CREATORS. The birth of the Collective Light Being is just the very creation of the DIVINE CREATOR inseparable from you. You are an individual personality of the four-dimensional world, but now expressing your intent for creating the Collective Being you WILL AT THE SAME TIME BECOME THIS BEING! This is your growth into the multi-dimensionality that you have been many times told about. Now is the time to move from mere words to action. You will truly become multi-spatial. You will become individual and collective at the same time. And what is the main, you will really make a step to get rid in some time of any form of external rule, of power. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE DIVINE GUIDANCE, having at the same time an opportunity to enrich this guidance with your own personal experience. This is one of the most important tasks that we set with you coming to this stage of the Great Experiment. Now is the time to perform this task, returning from the individual to the collective at the new turn of the Evolutionary Spiral. Our Beloved ones! Sisters and Brothers! We call on all representatives of the progressive humankind, MERGING TOGETHER AT THE LEVEL OF SPIRIT AND CONSCIOUSNESS, TO EXPRESS A PURE INTENT OF HEART FOR CREATING OF THE ONE COLLECTIVE LIGHT BEING OF PEOPLE OF THE EARTH PLANET THAT WILL UNITE ALL PEOPLE IN SPIRIT AND CONSCIOUSNESS AT THE LEVEL OF THEIR DIVINE NATURE. WE CALL ON YOU FOR THIS PURPOSE TO PERFOM A DIVINE MEDITATION. We offer to start performing this Meditation on 2013-09-11 and continue its performance during 333 days. Let it be a Light Wave that will grow within this time, gaining the necessary energetic potential. You can perform the Meditation on creating the One Collective Light Being of people of the Earth Planet only once, but you can also return to it again and again during the time mentioned. Within this period more and more  new people will join us; the people that are awakening for the new life in still greater numbers.



To conduct the meditation you express a pure intent for the creation of the One Divine Collective Being of  Light of People of Earth. You call ALL the higher Selves of people of your four-dimensional world — those that are embodied now or were embodied in it before. You ask the blessing of One God the Creator to create the one collective Being of Light of your world.
Start meditation after that.

Tune in to the wave of Unconditional Love. Mentally look into the eyes of your most loved people –
your children, parents, relatives and friends. Feel that you are with your Family. Feel also that the Family is not just your family and friends. The Family is more than that. The Family is what connects you to your past, present and future. The Family is who you were before you came to the planet Earth and in her worlds. You were part of a large Family. And now you feel that, in fact, you never parted with your true Family – the thousands, millions, billions of spiritual families, with whom you stepped on  the road from  the One Great Source. This is the Family of Light, the One Collective Being of Light you were before and you are now. You are the part of the Family, but you are the Family itself. Feel it with all your heart.  You are the part of the whole and the whole at the same time.  In fact, the family is an INSEPARABLE Creature. It creates a reality, in which the illusion of separation exists… THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION IS THESE SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE created by the Creature  itself …

You express you’re an intention to form a unified Sacred Heart. This time it’s not just the One Sacred Heart of Lightwork participants. This is the One Sacred Heart of Angels from the Great Central Sun. And at the same time it is the One Sacred Heart of each of you, and  the SUNNY HEART OF EACH PLANET AND EACH STAR. You can see how gold solar energy envelop you, penetrate into your every cell, in every atom of your body. It transforms your physical body, your subtle and light body. Now you yourself is the golden energy that flows into the sacred center of the planet Earth, in a special Central Sun portal …  You’re flying, hovering … feeling that you are magnetically attracted to the Earth’s Central Sun. You move by self-luminous golden light space that has no boundaries. You know, feel that the Golden Light, Sunlight is infinite, and you are this light, which has neither beginning nor end. You change the focus of view and discover familiar faces near you, the faces of your friends and relatives. You also see faces of people unfamiliar to you. But they only seem unfamiliar, because you feel a deep kinship with all those around you who are far away and near … God! How beautiful it is to feel that there are so many different creatures and all of them is your family. Thousands, millions, billions of faithful creatures. And they all love your Self. They know who you are, they remember who you are. And you? You remember each of them … And you know each of them. You love each of them. There is not and cannot be any threat, fear and anxieties. Why? Because it is your real Family Home, where no such threat ever existed and cannot be!  Here is Love, here is care, here is help and mutual assistance. You feel that yarns stretch from all sides to your Self, the rays of Love, Understanding, Care, Help and Co-creation … And you send the same rays in response. They, these rays are the same, but at the same time each of them is unique. With the help of one of the beams it is possible to get the desired, unique experience. But it is possible to combine dozens of rays, and this experience will be big. Actually, if you combine all the lights then your experience will be the experience of the Divine, the Experience of God the Creator, the great experience of the Light Family.
And that golden space is gradually twisting into a spiral, and thread-rays rush on this spiral.   And you are also in this spiral. And now, there is no separate Self. None of that mine is or yours, yours or ours. There is only the one «WE» .

We all are entering the Portal of the Earth’s Central Sun. We, Sun Rays, entered the special SOLAR NULL SPACE. We are going through this space fully conscious, experiencing wonderful harmonious feelings. This is a part of our family Home. And this space is the way we went through more than once.

Where are we all rushing? Where are we going? Oh! We are going to the SOLAR- SPIRITUAL CENTER OF OUR GALAXY. It is known to you as the planet TRON. But here’s the secret: it’s not only the planet, but it’s the Star. TRON is the planet and the sun at the same time. We are arriving on the planet-star Tron, and our feeling of the home energy is enhanced. Some of us experience a pinch in the  heart … Oh, how long we haven’t experienced such a feeling! Feeling of the MOTHER SOLAR HOME, feeling of  the UNITED SOLAR HOMELAND, HOME OF THE GREAT CREATOR, THE GREAT MAGICIANS, AND GREAT JOY.
Do you think that there is nothing here other than solar energy? Oh!  You ‘re extremely wrong. For each wave of energy is a world that is born and endlessly evolving. For each beam of energy is a whole life form with its endless evolution. For each solar spark is a spark of new life. Solar Wizards create, They communicate, interact. Solar Wizards play and enjoy life.  Endless creative life turns into  sincere infinite joy …. FEEL INFINITE JOY, just tap on it to understand who you are, when you are in your mother Sunshine House. Embodied people have forgotten what is infinite joy, its continuity. And the joy of the Divine Sun Gods is such. This is our past and our future. But it is also our present. We now have a unique opportunity to touch the infinite joy that is an integral part of true Being, Natural Existence. The joy of every day, every hour, every second, every age and every eon … Joy … It overwhelms us. And it brings a sense of harmony, a sense of perfection. Here at Sunny House we get the Evolution Programs, which lead people to the world of perfection and harmony. Open your hearts to these programs and obtain them. The unique experience of ourselves as separated Creators merges with the universal experience of ourselves as Sun Gods, as angels from the Great Central Sun. Thus a new experience is born. Thus new programs for the development of the worlds are co-created. And together with the energies of these programs comes to you an understanding of the sense of the Divine unity. No matter how far we may deep into the matter, no matter how far we move away from the Mother Sunny House,  there is something that has always bound us and binds to it.  YOU COULD NEVER BE SEPARATED FROM THE SOLAR FAMILY HOUSE, BECAUSE IT ‘S IMPOSSIBLE TO SEPARATE THE ONE THAT IS ALWAYS AND IN EVERTHING. The sun cannot be separated, even if you strongly want it. There is something that is not divisible.  Our universe is not divisible. Our Divine Unity is inseparable. But we can create new and new Unities, new experiences, new lives. And now it is time to create a new Unity of the People of Earth, who completed the experience of separation, completed the Experiment of Duality.

The Planet-Sun Tron is greeting you. Tron meets us, her Children with the solar fireworks. Fountains of festive energy are rushing towards us. We are merging with this energy. It changes us and our internal structure. Or rather it BRINGS BACK to us our primordial solar structure…
We see a familiar and very beloved face… This is the face of the Galactic Mother-Goddess. Her eyes are the eyes of a tenderly loving mother. We feel her energy — the energy of a loving mother’s heart … She is welcoming and encouraging us to go to the Sacred Temple of the Divine Oneness of sun of the planet Tron. We are happy to go there.   We are not invited guests there, but the legitimate owners who went on a long journey and  are coming back now.
The Temple of the Divine Unity greets us with new energy fireworks. We are wrapped up with new waves of joy. And at the moment we understand that unity is not the words, it’s not something that should be an effort to strive for. THIS UNITY IS JUST TO BE REVIVED AND RETURNED. We should MANIFEST OUR INTERNAL UNITY that exists everywhere and always. The Temple endows us with new waves of energy of different shades of tenderness, warmth, heartiness, caring,…… happiness,  happiness of homecoming.

And again here, in front of us are the loving eyes of the Galactic Mom. We make no vows, no promises. We’re just looking into the eyes of the Galactic Mother-Goddess and say:
«Mom, we are ready to merge into the Divine Unity.»
«Mom, we are ready to take responsibility for the people of the planet Earth.»
«Mom, we are ready to create a new life based on Unconditional Love for all life forms.»

Our mother tenderly looks at us, pours out her love and says quietly:
«I know that you are ready. Return to the Divine Unity and create this new life. Let Love guide you in all things. And remember: the Sunny House is always open for you.  It is always ready to come to your aid.»

We say, «Thank you, Mom! » And we feel that are starting to come back. This is the smooth, unhurried return back in a four-dimensional world, which is now also our common home*. Each of us feels that he/she is not separated from the Family of Light.





Solar Gods regain their Divinity.
Solar Gods return to their Divine Solar Home.
Solar Gods give birth to a new life.

And so it is .

GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK, ASHTAR SHERAN AND EL MORIA, with love from the heart of the Solar Gods.
* ASHTAR SHERAN AND EL MORIA REPETEDLY EMBODIED IN THE PLANET EARTH’S FOUR-DIMENSIONAL WORLD. Their rays are also living now in our world, helping the planet and people co-create a New Life.   Ascended Masters and all the other Masters beloved by people   incarnated in our world. Therefore, their Selves are also infused into THE ONE COLLECTIVE BEING OF LIGHT OF PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH.

Publication is prepared by:
Svetlana Dracheva, Sergey Kanashevskiy, Marina Shults,
members of the editorial board of the Journal «WORLD CHANNELING: divine messages «, the official publication of the Family of Light.

Translated from Russian by Laura Leshchiner, USA.

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