Магниты Духа

“Transition into New Energies” Archangel MICHAEL’s Message . Through Eli Kabakchieva, Bulgaria, Varna

Dear Friends, Dear Family of LIGHT, dear Svetlana,
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all of YOU for the wonderful words – reaction concerning the Message, that are coming through me. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart… Now I am sending the AA MICHAEL’s Message to You with the request to spread IT as soon as possible.


The Message has turned to be as a suggestion, a loving assistance to all people which are painfully receiving the New Energies and changes – mutations that are taking place in our organisms during the Transition Time of our Ascension.

WE are speaking about the physical body’s movement along the Infinity Sign, around the main Energy Centers of the Energy Channel. It is extremely beneficial at this time or situation.
There are some points on the Energy Channel axis round which the organs of our physical body can move along the Infinity Sign.

Do several deep in and out breaths.
1)    Stat with your EYES:
The zero or crossing point of the Infinity Sign is the “Third Eye” (chakra).
Move your eyes along horizontal number “eight.” Move to the right, making a full loop; the “Third Eye” is in the center. Then move your eyes to the left, making a full loop and returning again to the starting point (the “Third Eye).”
We continue doing this way for 8 times (along the horizontal line).
Then we do again 8 movements but this time we change the direction, and stat moving first to the left, make a full loop, then return to the central point and  move to the right…

Now move your eyes 8 times back and forth (forward and backward); then we change the direction of our loops — forth and back.

Move your eyes 8 times up and downwards; then change the direction: down and upwards; do it as if you are drawing a flower with the center in the “Third Eye.”

2)    Now your “Throat” IS central point of rotation. Softly and smoothly we perform the same movements – exercises as we did with the Eyes but now we are performing it around the Throat Energy Center; we perform it 8 times moving from right to left, and then change the direction – moving 8 times from left to right.

Then without changing our central (throat) point we perform 8 times moving our loops up and downwards; then we change our direction moving first down and then upwards (8 times again).

3)    Now the Heart Centre is in the center of our Infinity Sign; we move our shoulders and the chest around the heart center.
4)    Movements around your Solar Plexus.

5)    Moving you hips around the lower part of your belly (as your the center).

6)    Moving both your knees simultaneously: 8 loop to the left and 8 times to the right; then change the direction (right – left).

7)    It is advisable to move the same way your feet (ankles); while doing it you may be sitting; move to the left – right and backwards.

8)    We are rotating both arms simultaneously around elbows making the Infinity Sign to the left – to the right and backwards (8 times); we move our arms slowly and easily.

9)    Now rotate simultaneously both your hands around your wrists turning your hands up and down – backwards.

10)    Finely, we are shaking: hands, arms, legs… for about 5 minutes. If you like you may shake your entire body as long as you like.

Finish the Exercise by doing some deep in and out breathes

Do it every day. It is easier to get adjusted to the changes which are going on – taking place within you and also getting used to the New Energies.
It may also assist you to get rid of the toxins,  stagnations or blockages. These exercised may act as tonic for the entire organism and help you to overcome or ready for any activate work.

If any discomfort within heart area or any other parts of your body appear during daytime or at night do these exercises in the corresponding center. The effect or the results will be manifested fast and effectively.
All movements should be done smoothly, easily and gently.
It is a great honor for me to serve HIM and YOU.
With love from
Eli Kabakchieva

Translated from Bulgarian into Russian by Eleonora Pencheva;
Translated from Russian into English by
Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone,

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