Магниты Духа

NEW LIGHT CREATION Torsion Field Generators, Inter-Spatial Generators. Through Tatyana P. Potapova

Through Tatyana P. Potapova \ Russian Reed –Pipe

On 01 – 14 – 14 our group of Light Workers (Tryohgorni, Chelyabinsk reg., S\Urals, Russia) did our work to consolidate the connection with the Inter — Spatial Torsion Fields Generators created by the scientists of the Subtle World in 10 – 2013. They are designed for neutralizing negative influence upon people’s health of radioactive wastes, harmful chemicals – chemical substances, and much more…

Stage 1
We came to the mountainous space where we had activated the World Rose Crystal, Lotus before. We asked permission of the Spirits of that area to carry out our next step of Light Work.
Then we started our meditation with the Invocation to the Sacred Unity Flame, Violet Flame and the Revivable Life – giving Tenacious Fire.

Stage 2
Then we, Light Workers, expressed out Intension for unification and increasing activity of the Torsion Field Generators.
To make our work more successful we asked the Great Cosmic Teacher headed by our Beloved El Morya, and also the Subtle World Scientists headed by Michael V. Lomonosov (the famous the XXVI century Russian scientist).
We also asked our Dear Mother – Earth — Gaia to take Her hearty part in our meditation; we invoked to all Inter -spatial Torsion Field Generators to join our work.
There are thirteen generators all in all; they are headed by Detinets ( Kid – Child).
Their names are:

DETINETS, GUIDE, MONASTERYA, HERMIT, GREEN APPLE, RED ROSE, JOHN, GOLDEN SUN, RAM, BLACK STONE, JOE and CONSULTANT. We also invited our entire CLAN to make our work more successful.

Stage 3
Working with Our CLAN or KIN.
It involves different Prayers and mantras to Glorify Our KIN or CLAN.

Stage 4
Invocation for Good Luck.
We used certain Invocations to invite Our Beloved Heavenly Teaches:
Sanat Kumara, El Morya, Melchizadek, Ashtar Sheran and Vargus Laert.
We also expressed our assurance that all participants will do their best working for the greatest good of all.
And again we expressed our Intension to invite into our circle greatly respected Subtle World Scientists to coordinate and assist us in our work with the Generators.
We also invited to join us in our meditation and mutual work ALL Light Works of our Beloved Gaia – Earth.
We also addressed the Collective and all individual Higher “Self” of all intelligent Minds of our Planet and all Friendly Planets to respond our invocation and join us.
We also called upon for the Egregious of all countries, cities – towns and settlements on our Earth; we invited our friendly groups (known to us) all over the planet in the Subtle World. We also invited the Spirits of Mountains, Forests, Fields, Oceans, Rivers and Lakes; Elements of Water Air, Land and Fire…

Then we addressed namely each Torsion Field Generators, our beloved Kids:
You are our beloved Kids. You are the Representatives of all planets and constellations and galaxies!
Your Rays are the Arm and Hands stretched with Love assisting Our Planet and All Its Forms of Life (including us – People) at this crucial time of Transitions! By shaking hand you are amplifying, making it titer the bonds of Friendship and Love among Worlds!

Translated from Russian,

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