Магниты Духа

Concerning Air Catastrophes.

KRAYON    09 – 13 -2011

Light Workers!

Certainly, you have paid attention that air catastrophes happen more and more often.  What do you think, why the air- plane and helicopter crashes have been happening so often?

Does it mean that the matter is only in their technical faults – defects, equipment disorders – wear out – deterioration, wrong way of exploitation or so called “human factor”? Are these the main reasons?

Anyway, that is the way they prefer to consider it. 

And, may be the public opinion is incorrect? Perhaps, there is an absolutely different MAIN reason of the air catastrophes?

The Planet Air-Space gives People numerous alarming signals:

Attention! Such kind of air –travelling is not appropriate. It is dangerous for people life.”

The time has come when the vibrations of the air-plane engines have become incompatible with the vibrations of some fragments of the Planet air-space, where very powerful changes are taking place.

We are speaking about the changes of the Space- Time Structure.

In some places Space – Time is getting so discharged, transformed that the weak points – parts of air-plane constructions just cannot manage to deal with the energy conditions at this or that part of the air-lines.

As a result of this situation the air – crafts’ equipments get damaged, destructed which causes or leads to accidents and air- crashes.

We are speaking about the powerful transformation of the Gravitation Energy Structure, Magnetic Field and other Energy Fields which influence the air-craft engines’ vibration frequencies and other instruments – equipment.

The Modern Aviation does not respond to the Planetary Life conditions.

The engines based on the (internal) fuel combustion have become obsolete.

And does not matter what kind of new air – crafts, flying apparatus could be created with such kind of engines, they are not able to become absolutely safe.

 And ONLY Absolute Safety of the devices for people travelling should be taken into consideration.

The increasing number of air- catastrophes has nothing to do with the growing number of air-crafts or helicopters.

The number of air-crashes is growing not proportionally to the aviation — technique store – stock or fleet. Actually the investigators – researchers or official authorities look for — search and find out the reasons or explanations for these accidents. However, the MAIN Reason for THIS HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIOND:

The Incompatibility of the Modern Avia-technology to the development level to which the Planet Itself and the Modern Human Being have approached!

Your Dimension vibration level promotion, your Magnetic Field New Structure, the Planetary Crystalline Grid activation come into dissonance with rather “rough — dense” technologies.

The MATTER vibration levels raise is more noticeable, namely, in the air –space, for its vibration frequencies are much higher than on the planet surface.

Here, in the air-space, the process of numerous Cosmic Radiations, coming to the Earth, is taking place. They reduce their level of vibration when they come closer to the Earth surface.

Sooner or later the Humankind will refuse the technocratic civilization way. The traveling – journeys into Space\Time will become possible without using any technique. And so far the Sky tells people:

“Attention! Think over the fact why the air – catastrophes have become so often! Search for the True reason of the accidents!”

Actually, there are not a few people who understand:

A principally new approach for Air – crafts, flying objects – apparatuses construction is required — needed!

It is time to start creating principally new types of devices for moving — flying in air which action should be based on usage – applying of the Magnetic and Electro–magnetic Fields and their Interaction. Then the Gravitation can become an ally, but a rival.

In order to reduce the Force of Gravity is not necessarily to use — apply the combusting fuel the rough force. It is quite enough to know how to operate the magnetic and electro-magnetic fields.

Besides, it should be taken into consideration that the Gravity Force can be reduced artificially.

It creates the possibility to move along that air – lines that HAVE BEEN CREATED by the PLANET.

Yes, yes! There a kind of magnetic air ‘rivers” along which a Man – Human Being can travel absolutely comfortably by\ in new air – liners. The devises that in your near future will be able to record these magnetic “rivers” or special air – lines have being already created.

For the inventers – investigators that create new types of flying apparatuses, it is good to know that Magnetic and Electro-magnetic Fields can receive principally new qualities – properties when they interact with Crystalline Structures, including the newly created structures that are getting born by the Nanotechnology (the art of manipulating materials on an atomic and molecular scale, especially to build microscopic devises).

And to start with the Crystallography (science that deals with the forms and structures of crystals) should focus – concentrate its attention, record and study the unusual qualities of crystals, creating “subtle” fields.

It is necessary to “plunge – dipthese crystal fields in special neutral fields, created with the help of the technology of the newest generation that is used while creating super – velocity inside \ within micro-particle accelerator units (?).

As a result of it at a special wave diapason the unique micro — particle frequency is modulated that allows greatly to increase – raise the Crystal fields’ vibration level, and, as a result of it, to create a unique energy that is capable to move in space large volumes of living \ alive and inanimate matter.

Light Workers, You should create and express a Collective Spiritual Intension, concerning the Creation of principally New Type of Flying Apparatus. It will allow making the movement in the Earth Air –Space maximum safe.

And there is something I would like to add …

Be thankful to all THOSE who have left this world as the result of air-crashes… Send them your Energy of LOVE

Those who had left this world are already with US…

They are surrounded with the Spiritual World LOVE and Loving Care.

As you know to leave (pass away) THIS WAY was, actually, their own decision, that they had accepted before their embodiment in your World…

The tragedies in the SKY are also happening to approach the Time when the Air-crashes, practically, will become Impossible!

That is why People should very intensively react to the signals that are addressed to THEM for almost 24 years:

Look out! Carefully! Your Planets’ Air-Space is becoming different! It is changing! It is impossible to fly in it, as you used to do!

Look for new ways of Air-travelling!

The assistance, concernin  this QUEST is on the way, beloveds!

Sincerely yours,


Through Sergey Kanashevskey,

RUSSIA, Siberia,

09\ 08\ 2011


Translated into English,


Larisa Bartone 

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