Магниты Духа

Saint Germain s Message. 09.29.2011

Through Marina Shults, www.magnitiduha.info

         My precious Family! Beloved People of Planet Earth!

            The wonderful period of the Year of Enlightenment, when the Light of KNOWLEDGE has been lowered down, literally, into the very Core — Heart of every Earthly Being (all of them),  is coming to the end.

And I AM, Lord SAINT GERMAIN Confirm it!

         Today I would not like to speak to you on the subject of necessity to “wake up the sleeping ones,” as I used to do very often.

Well, it is high time to speak about the topic:

How to prepare the “awakened ones” for those radical transformations, which soon will become so evident on the Planet and also within You, that it will be absolutely impossible to deny them!

And again, and again together with OTHERS who are anxious about Your Evolution and Your Current State, I would like to touch the topic, that concerns the Ending of All Old Cycles which You and the Planet Earth have already CONCLUDED or are terminating. And, verily, it is a GRACE for You and the whole Planet!

The Old Cycles are being completed, rolling up into a tight spiral of accumulated Information, and at the same time extinguishing everything that was unworthy of Your Status as a Human Being of the Universe.

For as soon as the old information is gone, it will be much easier for you to go ahead along the Path of your Journey!

And here you are! You are already on the threshold of New Cycles and the possibility of the New World Creation and absolutely New Planet EARTH!

It was told long ago that the Kali Yuga Epoch would be over by a slow transition to the new one — Sati Yuga Light Epoch.

And what does this Transition mean in the language of your predecessors? – Some prepared people will say right away: The “Dusk or Half-Light.”

I will say: DAWN.” And in your Consciousnesses I will affirm this happy expectation of the Rising DAWN on the wonderful Planet EARTH!

And at the same time you have not realize yet, that the full power of this very DAWN has been already present in all spheres of your Life! You just need to learn to observe it, gaining the power of observation!

Let us make a small absolutely close to life comparison:

When falling asleep, at night – in the evening, you hope to find everything on the same – proper places in the morning, and start the next morning with the regular procedure. However, it does not always go the same way.

A certain event comes into your life that starts to change your usual – habitual or regular way of life, but you take or accept it as a necessary transformation in your life…

And before this event comes, you had already known that it would be necessary to change your life and get ready for this change as an inevitable transformation, as an indispensable new stage.

Now I would like to speak about the Current Planetary Changes and Changes in Your Life.

And you should accept everything that is happening on your Planet with which you had connected your Lives for long – lasting ages!

Many of you do know and have been working together with the Planet EARTH over these Transformations!

Yet, there are even more (greater number of) People for whom this INFORMATION is still hidden under “seven locks!”

Well, you know that, namely, about these people WE are speaking very often!

And now I want to make all of you happy by the fact that a lot of people have done great shifting in \ to the Conscious Enlightenment\ Enlightenment of their Consciousnesses. And so it is!!!

I am happy that many people have responded to KRAYON World Action concerning the Collective Conscious Reprogramming!

I am glad that many people have supported the Method of Working with People Collective Conscious through the GOD Presence “I AM” that had been suggested — given by ME!

And now I would like to remind you the fact that the habitual Methods of living your lives are undergoing serious changes!

The EARTH is getting changed, introducing great corrections into all spheres of your Life. So, I would like to speak to you about it.

Have more patience, beloveds, and you will realize that you are not completely standing on the DAWN Threshold, but inside its most Culminating Point!

Actually, many people still believe that everything will come back “on average,” the way it used to be. However, it is not true!

And you have to understand that your Home – Earth is not the same, and absolutely different Life Energies are flowing through you! And the World of Relationship with the Planet and Everything Existing — Evolving on the EARTH is getting built anew!

Well, do not you see all these Things around yourselves?

It is just necessary to give the Right for its Existence, and weave yourselves into the tapestry of the Planet Development!

Try the Planet New Garment on yourselves and agree with the fact, that in order to test the fit of something new, it is necessary to take off the old and worn down one.

Exactly the way it is in your Life the same way goes with the Planet, only on different scale! The way you become happy with a new dress for yourselves or for your children, exactly the same way the EARTH is happy when SHE puts on a New Garment  and Her Children are in a harry, trying to do the same.

Now the EARTH is becoming or turning into a LIGHT- Bearing Planet. So, you should increase your Light Bearability! And now it easy, very easy to do, to fulfill it as the EARTH Herself allows you to do it!

Now a great Cosmic Work is on the way, concerning the Solar System Planets’ Reconstruction and, naturally, the Planet EARTH; as SHE \ IT has to go through not an ordinary Process of ASCENSION.

And, naturally, You cannot stay away from this Process in your life! Therefore you are standing in front of the Choice whether: to put on the New Clothes, leaving – getting rid of the old, worn down ones, or press to yourselves the worn down rags – things in which you cannot enter into the New Phase of your Planet Cosmic Life.

Your future Path will depend on your Understanding or misunderstanding of the current situation on Planet EARTH!

Now you are provided with the opportunity – possibility — Dispensation, through reorganization, by retuning, to follow the Planet into the New Phase of Existence. Otherwise, you will have to change your Evolution Line and start (or continue) it in other Worlds…

My beloved Earthly People just observe the dawns in the mornings! Observe how much the Nature of the Planet has changed! Just pay attention to the great changes that have taken place in the life of Plant and Animal Kingdoms! How greatly the behavior of the Animals has changed, especially the Highest Domestic Ones with which you are closely connected! They have become so intelligent and smart!

Is it possible not to see that even Rivers (and other aquatic – aqueous areas) have started to behave differently?!

Open your Consciousnesses and feel how the Planetary Life is getting changed together with the Planet! Literally, everything is getting changed!

And this may lead you to right understanding of the Essence of the things that are happening.

Analyze the social disorders – shocks which are taking place all over. Don’t you see the special regularities in the events – things that are happening?

The World Economic Crisis is the “world one” because it has the same foundation or basis:  the changing of the Social Processes’ Energy Element component \ constituent.

Where the passions are bubbling and local wars are taking place, at the same time People Consciousness is also getting awakened.

At some places aggression has accumulated and it is getting revealed or opened, as a pussy accumulation – postulant.

And in other areas there are different kinds of confrontation and people are coming to really shocking results (I am just kidding) – they realize that

It is necessary to Live in Peace with Each Other!

And some nations — countries begin to show an example of absolutely New progressive collaboration – coexistence, and it is the result of the New Energies action, New Planet Conscious Structure and People Collective Consciousness.

My dear Earthly People, today I call upon you to try the New Clothes on with Joy and Love towards EVERYTHING happening around!

However, it is not enough just to try them (the clothes) on! It is necessary to claim them (without any doubt) and put them on, for only in these New Clothes, weaved for you from the LIGHT of your Light Perfection, left behind once \ at some time, together with the Planet you will be able to fulfill the Quantum Leap into the New State of Being — Existence and begin to build New wonderful Life in accordance with Your Own Most Profound, Audacious Dreams.

And may the Dawn of the New Epoch –  Era — Age give you Strength and Confidence that You could go through, transition into the LIGHT of the Wonderful DAY – the Age of Harmony and Perfection!


With lots of Love to the Earthly Angels,

Saint Germain

Translated from Russian,

Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone.


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