Магниты Духа

How to behave during earth cataclysms

Message from EL MORYA

08 – 24 – 2011

My beloved People! You have started to experience some tension (so far it is not so big) associated — connected with the beginning of the serious actions of Elements on the Earth. However, even this events have caused panic — alarm.

Well, it is understandable, first of all, I speak about ordinary Earthly people, the majority of whom do not even suspect — suppose on the edge of what events they and their planet are now.

And, how are the things going with the LIGHT WORKERS? —

— They are prepared, at least theoretically, for the coming Earth cataclysms and other events connected with the Earth and a portion of Humankind ASCENSION.

Yes, now I dedicated My Message to the LIGHT WORKERS – Our Stronghold during the Days of Serious — Grave Tests – Trials.

Surely, till the reasoning — arguments stay on the level of speculations, everything seems much easier. When it erupts or shakes, floods in some other regions of the Planet, then it could be explained with ease.

But, how it is necessary to behave oneself, since it is, precisely, in your region the unpleasant consequences of the Earthly cataclysms start happening? –

That is the purpose of My Talk to you.

My dear Assistants!

During the ASCENSION Process still there will be a considerable amount of difficulties and each of you is to decide – solve an important question:

How and what YOU WILL DO, if something grave happens in your country, in your region, or in the vicinity, neighboring region. Well, it goes without saying that all over there will be panic.

How to deal with this kind of situation?

How to extinguish it?

How to keep safe, to guard people against wrong actions at such critical moment of threatening situations?

How to react properly to the Earth cataclysms, when they touch directly you? –

Well, there are a lot of questions; yet there are much more Answers to them, beloveds!


And what YOU have been preparing yourselves for This, not just for one year?!

Now, I am going to say the Most Important Thing what you, the Light Workers are to observe.

And, as I have already said, it is the Most Important Thing to DO! Does not matter, what is happening personally with you, or in your family:


And within this CALMNESS should be irreproachable JOY because, ultimately, the THING – EVENT for which sake you have come into this  life – time  or embodiment HAS HAPPENED; and you have been waiting for THIS MOMENT for a long time!

Well, it sounds a little bit strange now, when all these cataclysms start happening, does not it?

Yet, you have been getting ready for THIS for some years, multiplying your Knowledge and Abilities, precisely for THESE Critical Days!

JOY of Accomplishment and Tranquility in your SOUL, — that is what You have to keep for!

This goes first, otherwise you will not be able to help anybody and, especially, to the precious Planet EARTH! No way to sadness and frustration! In spite of all un-quietness – distortions, that will be happening, you should stay Calm and Balanced!


You should direct all your experiences and knowledge you have gained lately (during these years): methods, prayers, affirmations, and various regulations to stabilize the situation in the troubled region.

Make out your groups active Assistants for GAIA, and it means for the whole World.

Make your meetings — seminars, study groups, mutual events, legislative measures directed to stabilization of the ELEMENTS actions – Work, since it is happening in your area – region and also somewhere on the planet. As now You Have to Help Each other.

The Third, and which is not less important:

You should efficiently inform each other (while the means of communication are still working) about everything, happening in your areas. It will allow you to join your efforts, assisting each other. By joining your efforts, you will increase your regulations.


Send Them LOVE and JOY.

For They are performing Evolutionary Task – Job — Assignment concerning the Planet Cleansing and Transformation.

Do not blame Them!

They will be gracious to you when they hear your appreciation — understanding and feel your sympathy, concerning the Planet Renovation!


Now I appeal for ALL PEOPLE, though I do not hope to be heard by absolutely everybody, but I hope that I could be REINFORCED by Out Co-workers – LIGHT WORKERS.

PEOPLE of the Planet!

My appeal is coming from the bottom of my HEART, I ask you to make an effort to understand, that everything may happen quite harmoniously, if YOU SOW less fear and invest more Understanding into everything that is happening on the Planet. It is irreversible – irrevocable!

Help each other!

Try to reach the authorities, ruling structures, asking timely evacuation of people from the dangerous areas.

Do make corresponding regulation, so that the inevitable — unavoidable cataclysms could move on more smoothly and harmoniously!

Everything is in your hands! You Can Do It!

That is why WE were training the ARMY of LIGHT WORKERS, so they could behave themselves accordingly in the contemporary World, assisting others to overcome all these temporary difficulties.

The Future is worthy of IT!

My beloved People of Planet EARTH!

Today (countless time) WE are explaining you the, inevitable events that are happening on Planet EARTH.

Will it be possible to avoid the cataclysms on a large scale?  —

WE are constantly working at \ with it, but it is necessary to help US too, as the active position of People, concerning this issue plays a significant role in reaching the n required result.

The tapestry, created by the LIGHT WORKS, reveals – comes out from this point of view.

Turn to the active specific actions, regulations, avoiding purely theoretical speculations.

You have been already filled with KNOWLEDGE!

Now, imagine yourselves as the New Creators of the Renewal EARTH and Help your Planet, and also ALL People to live through this Great Transition — Leap — Shift!

Go ahead, dear Ones!

Such portion — section of your Journey you had never experienced before! And I would like Our Assistants to walk it together with US, and manage to stand this Severe Test with dignity!

With Love for those who bring JOY in any experiences


Through Marina Shults

Translated from Russian,


Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone,


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