Магниты Духа

Message from Saint Germain

09 – 15 – 2011

My Beloved People (Mans)!Today I must admit — certify with great regret – sadness that you have not grown enough to the final stage of your three-dimensional journey!

And it is very sad! Naturally, I do not speak about the all people! And I would like to mention — admit both the positive shifts in the realization of the changes, happening on the Planet, and at the same time complete stiffness of some Human Consciousnesses.

What shall WE do? And what are going to do those (standing on the Path of Service since long ago), who have been defending the interests of the Evolving Humankind and Planet?

And how will All of Us behave since the time of the Planet Transformation is so close and you will have to choose between the joining the Earth and the Vanguard of Humankind or leaving the planet for “additional work over” your consciousnesses somewhere else, in different worlds for the sake of you further evolving?

Many things are going to change on the Planet for the sake of your further Evolution.

And it is very sad, that many of you who strived so passionately to gain Earthly Experience, do not understand now that you are standing at the Last Boundary, for the sake of which you had gone through a real competition of \ for Earthly Embodiment.

And, moreover, it is even more sad to realize that MY MESSAGE will read in the first place by those who are lagging behind in their consciousness development, but by those, who are on their way for a long time, and since long ago they are marching along the Path of Transformation and will be ready for the Final Phase, whenever it comes.

And believe ME, it is not difficult at all to do it! WE are watching how people are waking up. And for a short period of time some of them manage to go through such Light Transformation which some people were achieving for centuries.

Such is the Time and such are the possibilities of the current time!

Well, what do you and Us have to do now?

How to reach the Great Quantity of People and help them on time to go through ASCENSION together with the Planet?

This is the subject of Our Today’s Messages are dedicated to this subject, and WE are speaking about it for a long time!

It means that WE HAVE to repeat again and again this subject, as the process of People Consciousness Awakening goes very slowly.

You may ask:

“Well, what can we do joining our mutual efforts? We are trying to wake them up by talking, arraigning meetings, publishing books, organizing all kinds of seminars, conducting Services. At least, we are doing our best trying to change the Collective Conscious of Humankind. What else is it possible to do, and how to assist people to become aware within a short period of time left before ASCENSION?”

And these are the questions of All LIGHT WOEKERS without exclusion, of all Our fervent Assistants…

Well, let us consider one more Active Method of Humankind Consciousness Awakening when neither WE, nor You violate the Whole Humankind Free Will, not an iota (you are always right when you are anxious about this  issue).

Let us make following suggestion about the Structure of Human Conscious which will never violate the Human Being “Free Will.”

Human Consciousness is Individual in the degree in which a Man himself – herself is an Individualized Being – Entity. And at the same time any Man is a “reflection” of his \ her Monad that IS Divine Presence or GOD Presence.

In different Worlds of the Universe Monad has many Revelations – Exposures, and now not even one of you knows any details about them.

This way, you can always suggest, that communicating with other people through highness of Glorious Divine I AM Presence, you can address directly to any Human Being of the Universe, and, of course, to any Earthly Man.

Some of you worked with other people through your own and their Higher “Self.” And this is exactly a part of that way which I would like to suggest you for performance.

So, let us begin to address others — not awaken people through their Victorious Presence of GOD “I AM” to wake up the Sleeping Ones and prepare those who are still dozing for the Great Transition – Quantum Leap or Shift.

For constant usage I give you the following MAGIC PHRASES:

«My Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of GOD of my Being, “I AM,” I invoke — call to You, asking You to embrace – envelop the Humankind Consciousness of Planet EARTH with Your Grace and lead out of sleepy state the Consciousnesses of those who have forgotten the purpose of their coming into the Earthly Plane at this time of Planet Great Transition into Multidimensional Existence.

My Beloved Mighty Presence of GOD “I AM,” Light of my Soul, blaze forth Your Divine Flame of Illumination into the Humankind Collective Consciousness to wake them up and bring forth to it the Information about the Great Transition; Infuse Illumination into all Sleeping People Consciousnesses and this way make the work of All Light Workers effective, concerning the Sleeping Humankind Awakening.

My Glorious, Invincible Fiery Divine I AM Presence!

My Beloved Holy Christ Self, Wisdom of my Soul!

Come now and direct Thy precious Light Ray of Divine Illumination, flood the Human Conscious, making possible the absolute transformation of All People Consciousnesses during the remaining time before the GREAT TRANSITION.

My Beloved Mighty God Presence “I AM,” I ask to connect me with all Revelations – Exposures of my Monad to provide assistance for Humankind and me in the process of preparations for ASCENSION.

May Thy WILL, Glorious I AM Presence, BE DONE!

Let the Victory of the Will of GOD Prevail on Earth!

Let the People Collective Conscious Be Awaken!

May the Transition into Multidimensional Existence BE FULFILLED at the Proper Time for Our Beloved Planet EARTH!

And so be it, beloved I AM! Amen!

Thank, My Friends, for your work, concerning the Humankind Awakening!

The work through the Presence of GOD of your Being “I AM,” and of All Humanity will strengthen your own Auric Field – Light Circle – Luminous Radiation (cocoon) around you, helping each of you to become a TRUE Human Being- Man of LIGHT!

May the Light Transformation of Earthly Humankind Come True!

And each of YOU is able to reach it, at the same time, assisting other people by Your Light Transformation.

Challenge! Have courage to do it!



With Infinite Unchangeable — Unconditional LOVE to

the PLANET EARTH Humankind from


Through Marina Shults


Translated from Russian, Larisa7777@aol.com   Лариса Мальгошевы-Бартоне

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