Магниты Духа

Revelations to the Keepers of Sentinel Crystals.

Krayon 21

From the series: “Krayon from Russia”

Greetings, My beloveds!

            I AM KRAYON from Magnetic Service.

This spring, 2011 during the days of Spring Solstice 24 New Great Teachers have started to collaborate with the Humankind of Planet EARTH; and many Light Workers do know about it.

And besides these Teachers another Great Cosmic Entity has joined this work; actually, the ancient prophases had not informed You about ITs coming.

All of Them have come to assist organizing the GREAT ASCENSION DANCE. The main essence of this Dance is within harmonic acceleration of all events programmed by the FAMILY of LIGHT.

Now the harmonious and coordinated — concordant movements of all “dancing collectives” are very important!

And the participants are not only the Human Beings or the Habitants o Planet Earth!

And it is not only all Light Family Services, which are now “providing service” to what WE now call the “Great Experiment.”

         It is necessary to synchronize and put or pour into a single Whole the “GALACTIC DANCE” of those, who (as they believe) have nothing to do with this Great Experiment

Events are to happen for the whole multitude of civilizations that have Karmic connections both with Humankind and the Dolphin and Whale Civilizationsthe Representatives of the 8-th non Ascended planet of Free Choice…

The 24 New Teachers have already started to manifest themselves as Great Teachers of Humankind. You may recognize Them, for instance, by such Words as: “Ascension Dance,” “Convergence of All Existing,” “We ARE ELOHIM,” “Light Family Collective Creation,” “Get Ready for the accelerated Veil Lifting!”

The Coming of the New Teachers is signified by the new stage of Work… Precisely,the WORK! That kind of Work that many True Assistants of LIGHT (whose Souls have already awakened) are long for, but THEY have not yet started  an active collaboration with the Light Family.

The Collaboration will go along three Main Directions that are well known to You:

  1. 1.      Informational work; Communication with the Light Family; Propagation  of Spiritual Information.
  2. 2.      Practicing Group and individual Meditations; Mastering various Spiritual Practices;  Developing Healing as a Natural Ability of embodied Angels from the Great Central SUN; People and the Planet Healing.
  3. 3.      Active Collaboration with the Spiritual World; Conducting Joint Mutual Planed Work of the Collaborators of Spiritual World Services and Embodied Human Beings. Light Workers Activity Coordination; Specific interconnection – collaboration; Mastering various types – kinds of Energies; work on the Planetary Energy Balancing; Mollifying – releasing the tension of the Planetary Cataclysms and many others.

This kind of work has been accomplishing and it will be continued both by individuals, special groups and large collectives.

This kind of Light Workers’ activity implies also the accomplishment of mutual Mass Actions like the one that was dedicated to the Celebration of the First Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence in August, 1987. (note of the translator: This year it takes place in Tucson, Arizona, August 13 – 18, 2011 – Remarkable Activity of LIGHT).

It is important to note, that at the New stage of Work the 1-st place takes the 3-d direction — trend:

Joint Planned Work Accomplishment of the FAMILY of LIGHT and the Embodied Light Workers Services.

The main purpose on this stage of Our Co-Creation is the Spiritual – Material Base Preparation for Planet and Humankind Ascension.

 What does it meant? –


The Awakened People Energy is supposed to reach a necessaryenergetic point,” certain  energy — energetic  potential.

And We are speaking not only about the percentage of the Awakened Light Workers who are joining and will join the Common — general Work, but also about the quality of the Mass\ Collective Spiritual Cosmic Consciousness of the Earthly People.

Right now this Conscious is like a baby that has not yet risen on its feet. The “Baby” just starts to perceive the surrounding Macrocosm adequately.

But from all sides negative flows of energies are directed at him\ her, preventing his \ her Self – Awareness.

Therefore the Light FAMILY the Development of Humankind Spiritual Cosmic Conscious considers to be the Task  of Primarily Importance.


Activation of Main fragments of Planetary Crystalline Greed (PCG).

         It is already known to You:

            For billions years the Earth, as a Galactic Library, was enfolding into Its own “Self” the Spiritual – Informational Crystals, representing different experiences of various Civilizations of the Galaxy.

Many of You, Dear LIGHT WORKERS, during millions of years had been delivering these Crystals to Planet EARTH, or You were those Who used to receive them here for storage and conducted sacred ceremonies while transferring —  instilling the Spiritual – Genetic Information into the Planet Crystal Body.

So, what the Earth has turned into lately, — within the last Five million years?  — Has It Tuned just into a “Galactic Library”? Or, perhaps, It has become a “Galactic Computer”?

Well, YES, to some extent, — using your technocratic terms.

Yet, a “computer” is memory, connection to the data bank and its usage.

The Planetary Crystalline Greed  IS not only a “Galactic data bank,” “Galactic Memory,” a “Library of only one Part of the Universe.”

It is a Great Instrument for the further Universal Evolvement.

The LIGHT FAMILY has been carefully creating and cherishing it during millions of years for a One Wonderful Moment, – Really, a WONDERFUL ONE! – SO, this Wonderful Instrument could become effective and launch into operation hundreds of other “levers” and Instruments all over Our Galaxy!

            Then these Instruments will start to interact with other similar fragments in Other Galaxies.

That’s it! This IS the GREAT COSMIC CONVERGENCE.                  

Here you are! This IS the Magic Dance of Galaxies!

This IS the Dance of One Whole Universal Band — Collective!

The Planet Ascension Dance grows into a Dance of Accession along the Spiral of LIGHT.

The Light Workers – that’s what is Important to underline.

The Planetary Crystalline Greed Activation will be happening ONLY with the Embodied People participation.

As the Activation Codes of the Planetary Crystalline Greed fragments are instilled within YOUR Deep- laid MEMORY!

         Your Conscious (not your physical mind) IS the Bearer of extremely important information.

         You are the Guardians — Keepers of the Crystals.

You are those who had put them into “archives” for saving, and You are those who CAN “GET” these Crystals back from the “Library.”

Some of You are the Keepers of the Crystals; others are Masters of their Activation; and others are Masters — Experts in\ of “assembling” the Crystalline  Spiritual Geometry; some of You are the Bearers of specific energy, without which the Crystals are not going to work.

Each Light Worker has his \ her own task, his \ her own Mission in Crystalline Planetary Greed Activation.

Moreover, this Mission You have to fulfill consciouslyto Activate Your deep-laid Memory.

You must Recall: Cods, Mechanisms of the Crystals’ interaction, their lay-out or arrangement and the procedure, “order of starting.”  And from this the next task of preparation for Ascension comes out.           


Multidimensional Human GENOME Activation.

We have got into the way of speaking about it as a “Magnetic DNA.”

Yet, DNA is a Deoxyribonucleic Acid, a part of the Material World.

Besides, it has magnetic components.

Yet, the multidimensional Human Genome is much more than just DNA magnetic layers. The multidimensional Human Genome has a much broader notion, that includes the whole organic totality of Your Light Bodies, and the most important thing is that, about which You have just started to get some idea.

They ARE Your Spiritual Immortal Gens; otherwise, IT is Your Genetic code of Divine Beings, which were evolving while submerging into the dense layer of Matter.

When We were working with the previous information of this series (“Genome As a Universal Treasure”), the information about the “Solaris” group did not look “a precise one” for our channeler  (the one who conveys thoughts or energy from a source). Somehow, there were some doubts,  —  whether the “Solaris” group really returned Home, into the 6-th Dimension??? And it was a reason for a doubt.

Yes, the group itself did came back! But here, ONE of them stayed in your world; the One who had decided to continue the work on his own. And it was his decision which had been approved both by the “Solaris” group and the Spiritual Government of Planet Earth.

         This Collective Entity from the “Solarisgroup has multitudes of Its manifestations in your reality. We are talking about the Ascended Teacher TEZAURUS.

         The Ascended Teacher TEZAURUS  has a special Mission on the planet and it is connected with the of the Planetary Crystalline Greed important fragments Activation.

He will get in touch with numerous Keepers — Guardians. The Information of the following character will be sent from Him:

  • About the Working Plan of the Planetary Crystalline Greed  Activation.
  • Methodical Recommendations concerning the Keepers’ deep-laid memory restoration.
  • The order – consequence and the activation “mechanisms” of the Crystals meant for the “energy generator” launching which is supposed to activate the Work of the PCG very important fragments.

And now, beloveds, I shall inform you about something that has never been mentioned.

It is a real revelation for many of you!

In the nearest future the Codes and Methodic of PCG Crystals’ Activation will be awakened within many Embodied Human Beings Who ARE the Ancient Keepers- Guardians.


NOBODY  will be able to bring forth the CODES and METHODS from Outside!

For they EIST ONLY within the deep-laid Memory of People, WHO used to take care of the Crystals’ “archiving” for eons of time.

Not only since the Lemurian Time, but much early, during more ancient times when the Intelligent Beings living on the Planet differs a lot from the modern Humans. Yet, they were and are (in the Present Moment) the ANGELS from the Great Central SUN, otherwise, My beloveds, They ARE YOU. And to be more precise, — MANY of YOU!

So, where is the NEWS?

Be attentive, dear Ones! I used to speak about the Lemurians as the Ancient Soul, and others, Young Ones who came here later… Yet, there are those among You Who used to come on the Planet even earlier.

So, I address You! You are not the Lemurians.

You used to come here long before the Cosmic Experiment has entered into its concluding phase.

Almost 221 million Embodied Human Beings ARE those who WERE the representatives of other, much earlier civilizations (before Lemurian civilization came into existence).

You had lived in different time, in different worlds and You HAD had absolutely different physical bodies.

It is difficult for You to Imagine the great diversity of the y Physical Forms of the Galaxy!

I just would like to tell You one thing:

Any species of your animals, fish, birds or insects somewhere, in some world IS a dominating Intelligent species.

And it is not a fantasy! It is the manifestation of the Law of Infinite Diversity of Conscious and Body Forms about which your scientists will know soon.

Within the deep-laid Memory of the Angels from the Great Central SUN who had lived before Lemurian epoch and are embodied — incarnated now, it is preserved  the Collective Code of starting the Planetary MER–KA –BA that had been created on the Earth 4 million 900, 000 years ago and since then, it has been perfecting during all this time.

For the last 100,000 years nothing was happening to IT.

As the Planetary MER-KA-BA has been isolated from \ against any interactions with the PCG, in order the planed reconstruction of this PCG could be accomplished.

It is possible to say:

The MER-KA-BA is ready for the Planet Ascension while

the PCG is still getting ready.

Besides, it should be realized that the MER-KA-BA, as it is, Is not a part of the Planetary Crystalline Greed (it is not a part of the Planet Multidimensional Crystalline Body), but rather a multidimensional Energy- Carrier that gives energy for the PCG working – operating.

All People, even those who came here “for the first time” have already had connection with the Earth, with the Galactic Library

All Embodied Humans are a Part of the Galactic Collective Mind and hence Their Consciousness is closely connected to the Crystals which are within the Earth Planetary Crystalline Greed.

Each of the Humans Embodied Now played at least ones  a Role of a Spiritual Intelligent Being, which had invested its investment into the Galactic Library. Now We are speaking not only about the Planetary Chronics of Akashi or Akashi Records.

What We are trying to say is something else:

The Galaxy has focused its experience, knowledge and skills – abilities, precisely, at this Planet.

As Angels from the Great Central SUN, You have been Creating the Planetary Crystalline Greed even when You embodied on Other Planets.

The PCG is a large volumetric multidimensional and a Great Project of a large number of Civilizations of the “Milky Way” Galaxy. The significance of this Creation You, the embodied People, even cannot imagine for the time being!


I have already told you that TIME IS a measurement.

You imagine your “reality” as going into the “past.” Yet, “past” does not exist!

TIME could be imagined as Infinite quantity of fragments which are situated on the Continuum of Time Measurement.


Imagine a seed, a plant and its fruit as a whole one, existing HERE and NOW

Just imagine the Earth Globe as a number of globes, placed one after another.  Intelligent Dinosaurs live on one of the globes; Intelligent Dolphins – live on the second one; Intelligent Snakes- Serpents live on the third one; — Intelligent Hominids live on the fourth one …

And all these globes are not in the “past” reality.  All of them exist in the “Present Moment” – “HERE and NOW.”


So, the SOULS of all these dinosaurs, dolphins, snakes and hominids HAVE Embodied into People. They ARE there, in the Past, however They ARE also NOW… Is it too complicated for your understanding? (Krayon Smiles).


What do You mean, Krayon? Do You want to say that within us, people there is experience of not only Hominids, but Dolphins, Dinosaurs or, for instance, Intelligent Ants?”

—         That’s right, My beloveds! Absolutely!

—         You ARE the Realizing Space — Time Continuum of the last Five Million years, which is concentrating on the Planet EARTH!

Imagine that these Five million years are “compressed” with the help of a special program, and archived in a certain one point

Time (in a simplified way) could be represented as a vector line or a spiral, directed from Past into Future, which consists of multitudes of points – fragments.

            And if this straight line or the spiral could be rolled up into a knot, and then compresses  into a dot that can be placed on one of the points of this straight line or spiral. Do you guess what I am driving to?

Traveling along a straight line or a spiral we may come to a similar point and de-archive it. Otherwise, to unfold the entire Great Program in all its fullness and volume along the whole multidimensional Universe!

This kind of Task stands before the Embodied Angels from the Great Central SUN during the preparation for ASCENSION.

The Planetary Crystalline Greed is, literally, being “bombarded” lately by the Cosmic Energies.

         It is appropriate for You, the Crystals’ Guardians to know what Energies are being sent to the EARTH now so it could help You in “starting — launching” the “first stage” of the PCG Fragments Activation.

The Main Energy Flow, meant –for the PCG Activation, is coming into Your World through the Portal located in the Sirius Star System, not far from the Star that is known to you as “SIRIUS-B.”

Here are the schematic pictures of the Energy movement for the PCG Activation.


Cosmic Energies Movement for the PCG Activation, which are coming along the corridor “Sirius – Pleiades – Orion – Earth.


The Energy comes from the Galactic Great Central SUN into the Sirius Star System (big circuit) and further on It goes to the Earth (small circuit). In the 4-the Dimension the Earth and Sirius are very close. Yet, the Energy does not move  straight. It travels through or along a rather complicated way, getting charged by the Pleiades and Orion Constellation Code Information.

Pay attention to the sign “eight” that is formed in the center of the Energy flow. Right here the energy path gets crossed, moves along the “Orion’s “eight” that is burned as if it is getting ready to become an “infinity sign” – unlimited possibilities.

Yet, the energy does not go right away into the “eight,” and strives into the Pleiades Constellation. Here it is getting charged by the Pleiades Energy. And only after that it goes into the “Orion’s eight.” After that it comes out on the “starting curve line” and goes to the Earth.

The “Sirius – Pleiades — Orionconnection is extremely important as, namely, in these Star Systems the 4 out of the 16 civilizations dwell which have given the spiritual – material genes for the contemporary Humankind multidimensional Genome.

Each of these civilizations invests their own “portion” of energy for the multidimensional human Genome activation when the next impulse – energy flow goes through \ passes by. Each civilization has its own fragment of the multidimensional human Genome which it is responsible for.


Movement of Energy, that has come along the corridor “Sirius – Pleiades — Orion” and through Solar System.


 The Energy that approaches the Earth “emerges” from the sub – dimensional corridors (special differently measured structures) between Mars and Earth orbits, relatively not far from Lunar – Moon orbit. Then it goes away from the Earth, moving towards the Jupiter orbit. Over there it makes a turn at 37 degrees and proceeds its movement towards the Pluto orbit; then it makes an abrupt turn at 93 degrees and again rushes to the Jupiter orbit. And again it turns at 37 degrees – this time towards the Earth. The next turn the energy flows make again at 93 degrees at the threshold of the Earth, between the Earth and Mars orbits.

Then the energies come into the Earth PCG through pyramidal complex, magnetic poles and other energetic planetary centers.

And now pay attention to this schema.


Energy Supply for the PCG activation via Star SystemAlpha Centaurs.”


  This picture also reflects the Cosmic energy flow’ movement.

However,  now We are speaking about different energies.

They are not coming via the Sirius Portal, but through a different one which is situated very closely to Solar System, actually it is in the neighboring system —  Alpha Centaurs Star System.

The circle (to the right) in the picture is the Alpha Centaurs Star System. From here the energy makes its way to the Earth along two streams; the flow separates into two energy streams: “male” and “female. 

Just note that the “femaleenergy (the upper flow) travels by a shorter way than the “male” one.

The “female” energy that is coming via the Alpha  Centaurs Portal is the energy of a special frequency that has started to come to the Planet since, relatively, recently – Spring, 2011.

It is a type of Special CRYSTL — CRYSTALLINE ENERGY (some call it “Diamond Energy”), which is called upon to play a very important role in activation of main igniting – starting fragments of the Planetary Crystalline Greed.

Besides that, two more types of Female Energy are coming to the Earth from Alpha  Centaurs; they activate some Chakras, Spiritual Centers of the awakening Light Workers.

Somebody may dislike these Energies as they provoke someunpleasant physical sensations:

The first type of energy causes dizziness; the second one – works intencively with ANAHATAheart Chakra, causing heart arrhythmia. (Krayon smiles).

The energies from Alpha Centaurs are a variation — variety of “KA” and “BA” energy.

As you may understand, they, being connected with Human Activities and Planetary “MER-KA-BA,” launch into action some fragments of the multidimensional human Genome.

In particular, We are speaking about working with a part of MERKABA, known as a Star Tethraedr (two penetrating into each other pyramids – tetrahedrons).

“KA” Energy is the Collective Energy of Ascension, promoting Collective Multidimensional Human Genome Activation.

BA” energy is the Individualized Ascension Energy, promoting the Collective – Individual Human Multidimensionality Activation.

Both these energies even in the nearest future will open a “new window” of possibilities for MER-KA-BA Activation.

The thing that the Light Workers could not reach before (in the process of MERKABA activation) even in spite of  the greatest efforts application, soon will become possible as a result of pure INTENSION and simple (not complicated) Spiritual practices.

The Male Energy journey (the lower flow) is much longer, as if it is directed to the “detour.” It is not accidentally. Male energy from Alpha Centaurs is that very energy which came forth as a result of interbreeding of a “Cosmic virus” and an “antivirus preparations.” (Krayon smiles).

Actually, I spoke about it in the previous message. (“Genome — as a Universal Treasure”).

This type of energy, before it gets to the Earth, travels along the Orbits of three Solar System Planets: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

On each section of such Journey about the Solar System male Alpha – energy not only reduces – lows down its frequency (getting more adapted for the Earth), but “getting saturated” by the Informational Codes which are called up to play their role in the Activation of the PCG and the multidimensional Genome.

The bottom line is that thanks to this ENERGY many ASCENSION processes CAN BE Accelerated repeatedly!

The Light Family which is working over the Great Cosmic Experiment considers this type of Energy as the CREATOR GIFT – Dispensation, unexpectedly sent down to assist All of Us!

(To be Continued..)

With LOVE from RUSSIA,

Through Sergey Kanashevskey

Translated from Russian

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