Магниты Духа

Druidic fire.


         Every day of our Life now brings Spiritual Events of Planetary Significance.

On May 15, 2011 KRYON, when I (Marina Shults) was channeling Him in Riga, Latvia, told us that soon the Fire of Druids would come back to the land of Latvia and this Event would be significant not only for Latvia, but for the whole EARTH.

I knew since long ago that in ancient times I had had embodiment on the land which is known now as “Latvia” and that incarnation was connected with Druids.

Moreover, I have got the information about the location, — where exactly it took place. I had been already attached to the Druidic egregius and I was given my titles back: The Priestess of Atlantian Star FIRE and the Priestess of Druidic FIRE.

A year ago I was given a task to bring to that place (D. settlement) a man who used to be a Priest – Druid in those times and I so did it.

In May, 2011 after channeling Krayon the events were unfolding with great speed. Just in two days after the channeling, we got a task to go to the place of the former Druidic Sanctuary and conduct there a certain ritual of bringing back the Druidic Fire.

We did it on May 20, 2011.

The Druidic FIRE returned and began to spread fast all over the territory of Latvia. The Groups of syncdot_magnitiduha of Spirit  (Magniti Dukha), working in our Center “Abelzieds,” got a task: to teach how to use the Druidic FIRE and spread this ability by teaching other people.

I am constantly in touch with the Higher Priest of Druids on this territory. Now I would like to introduce to the brief h “Druid History,” that I have receive from Him.

History of Druids’ Service

         I would like to tell you who Druids are. Where they came from. What was their mission on this land and other territories? Where the Cosmic Sings – Symbols – ancient symbolic came from in Latvia; in these symbols Cosmic Knowledge is encoded.

         I think that, few people have ever heard about Druids, and it is almost impossible to overestimate their significance in happening and spiritual development of many nations of the 5-th Root Race.         

The Druids came to the Northern territories of present-day (geographically) Europe in those long past times which followed after the final – ultimate destruction of the Atlantis continent. You know that Atlantis did not perish all of a sudden; it survived three tremendous catastrophes, which were slowly sweeping away people and the original continent and the Knowledge accumulated by people.

            Yet, the Light Hierarchy which had been perfectly informed about the coming catastrophes had ever admitted – allowed the loss of Knowledge, especially spiritually advanced, intrusting saving and keeping all mostly important documents to a special clan of priests, which used to carry away from doomed lands – countries necessary documentation and the things belonging to cult to some new places preserving them till the proper time comes.

The same thing happened with the Atlantis Heritage. Long before the ultimate destruction of Atlantis the Light Hierarchy moved everything that was necessary for conservation — preservation and development of the New Root Race of Humankind to Egypt and some other Oriental countries.

Special constructions were being built the: pyramids or underground storages, and even underwater facilities.

         The capital of the New Priests who were laying the way for the 5-th Root Race was MEMPHIS.

Yet, the number of Atlantean Priests was not enough for the territories to which the people from Atlantis migrated. As after the catastrophe and destruction — – submerging of their continent they moved not only to African lands, but also to Eastern Asia, partially to India; they also settled on the spaces of the present- day Siberia,  Russia, but they also started to acclimatize the rising immerging continent of Europe and Scandinavia.

The nation was colonizing the new lands under the guidance of Light Hierarchy and everybody needed spiritual guidance and the number of the Atlantean Priests was not enough.

And then the New Priests came from the internal areas of the Earth; before that they had resided in the conditions of the Fifth and Higher-up Dimensions. They came purposely, focusing on the lands of Europe and Scandinavia.

The history of the Druids* is a closed book and s few information about them is available or was written.

*[Druid -s: from Gaulish – druid es; akin to Old Irish drui – druid; one of an ancient Celtic priesthood appearing in Irish and Welsh sages and Christian legends as magicians and wizards; Marriam Webster’s Deluxe Dictionary, 10-th Collegiate Edition].

They were considered to be the Gallic and Scandinavian Magicians and Wizards. They called them differently, giving them various attibutes but it was never mentioned that the Great Sages – Wizards had come to start the 5-th Root Race from the internal areas of Earth where they moved when the Lemurian Period  of Earthly People Development was over.

So, the History of Druids starts with the history of the first immigrants from the last Islands of Atlantis and the ultimate destruction of this continent.

I think it quite appropriate to consider that the Priests – Druids  appeared on these lands approximately during the Second Atlantean catastrophe, as it was necessary to prepare the lands and the first immigrants for a New Life.

At that time Europe was represented by few separated islands which were still rising, slowly creating the continent that later on was called “Europe” and which was considered to be the Continent of the 5-th Root Race Development.

The Druids were called upon to lead nations to the New Level of Consciousness and Development of all bodies, as it was the period of backward movement in the Human Evolution: from the period of compression — getting into density people were supposed to transfer into the period of subtlety  of their whole construction . And for this purpose it was necessary to provide New Knowledge and to change the way of life.

Moreover, the 5-th Root Race started to develop its Intellect and it was necessary to promote it.

And you know from the history how quickly the technology and industrialization started to develop.

Naturally, the Druids did not teach this. However, they promoted the beginning of a new work of Conscious and developing of mental abilities of the of the Earthly People.

The Druids settled mostly along the Northern Europe and in Scandinavia. Why they did not move to the Southern areas of Europe? – The influence of those Priests who moved their activity to Egypt was very strong. This way all necessary areas of the New Race of Humans establishing were covered by the corresponding clans of Priests.

The Druids were extremely knowledgeable experts of Cosmic Laws and they were teaching them people on their territories, often times giving the Knowledge absolutely symbolically, training people the ability to read Symbolic and use it consciously – with awareness.

Such kind of Symbolic that is still represented to the present time are the ROUNS, given by ODIN — a Priest – Druid.

At first they were used mostly by the Northern nations (to the extreme North), but then they were acknowledged and became as a subject of study also at present time.

The ROUNS were giving knowledge of practical application – usage of the Laws of Cosmic and people during their everyday experiences were learning the rules of working with them and were getting convinced in their effectiveness.

The ROUNS were teaching, protecting, giving suggestions, admonishing, keeping safe from bloody collisions where it was possible to avoid them.

The ROUNS gave milk for the nursing mothers; they blessed wedding unions by the ROUNS; by the ROUNS they called upon people to keep peace among nations – peoples.

            The Scandinavian Nations have retained balance and calmness thanks to their age — old coexistence alongside with the ROUNS, which have been helping them.

And now you may come across in abundance with this symbolic which scatted all over the roads, in the houses and even inside official establishments of the Scandinavian countries. And they do work now!

As every symbol, the ROUNS work at different levels of people’s Consciousnesses and different levels of your Being Reality. And no wonder, as they carry within the Primordial Cosmic Love!

You may study the ROUNS now, but one thing should be borne in mind:

It is necessary to know the New Vibrations of these Symbols, and accordingly their New Informational Filling.

And it is not difficult at all to lean all of it for those who are working with them. We give this information to all seekers!

To the East from the Center of the Northern Europe the Druids worked on those lands which are now called “Pribaltica — Baltic countries” (along the Baltic Sea coast). In the present-day Lithuania – Lietuva they were mostly the Western areas.

And the Druid Center was on the territory of the present-day Latvia, at D. settlement.

In Estonia the Druids had only a small representation along the coastal area.

            In the Eastern parts of the present –day Latvia there were Priests of Arian origin, but wherever the priests worked there were no differences in the Knowledge they used to give. Just every Clan had its own specific work with the population.

I think that you already know that OAK was the Sacred Symbolic of Druids. In Latvia this symbol has been namely inherited and kept safe from the DRUIDS.

The Cosmic meaning of an “oak” is:  the “Life Tree, Clan Tree, the whole Human civilization Tree,” and, finely, it is “Family Tree of the whole Cosmic Humankind.”

This is the reason it was considered that the Sacred Serpentthe symbol of Wisdom resides in the branches of an OAK. Sometimes the Druids were called “Sacred Serpents,” but this name, concerning the Sages or Lords of LIGHT, one can meet in many parts of the Earth.

The Druids respected and honored the Sacred Feminine Principle on an equal footing with the Sacred Male Principle. They didn’t accept the discrimination of women. And they used to explain those they guided the real correlation of Male and Feminine Female Principle in the life of each family and each nation.

Sometimes the Druids accepted or recognized the right of temporary preference of women in social life, but they knew perfectly well that sooner or later it would be balanced by the male preference in some other field of the same social life.

They were wisely directed by keeping this balance – equilibrium among the nations they guided and oriented.

They recognized the Right of Women to receive equal Spiritual Knowledge with Men and they welcomed women into their Clan.

Therefore, alongside with man — Druids there were woman – Druiddesses.

In the Druid Order the Druiddesses carried the same load or fulfilled the same duties the man-Druids did. Just like in all other Orders, the Druids had Initiated Druids and Druiddesses, who lived in the (mundane) world and alongside with them there were those having strictly limited functions within the Order itself. It gave an opportunity to bring practical appliance of Druidic Knowledge to people, that was exactly what the Initiates, living in the (mundane) world, were doing.

The Druids and Druiddesses were keeping, observing and spreading the Druidic FIRE. And I would like to dwell more upon this wonderful phenomenon that accompanied Druidic Service.

You have already come across or read the descriptions of other cults and Services connected with FIRE, which is not aPhysical One.”

Exactly the same one was the FIRE of DRUIDS.

It is a variety of Space FIRE, that is seen only on the Subtle Plane. However, the sensation of this FIRE presence is felt even by those ones who are “blind” for the Subtle Plane.

Well, one may wonder:

What is it best way to imagine the FIRE of DRUIDS? –

—         First of all, it is a Fire which is connected by a subtle channel with the Planet Fiery World. It is a Fire that does not burn, and is an extremely subtle Source of LIGHT of the HIGHER REALMS – Worlds.

How did the Druids manage to have this FIRE in their Sanctuaries and maintain Its presence in a perpetual state? – It is an issue of the Technique of those Dimensions inner areas of the Earth where the Priests had come from.

The FIRE was so “subtle” that it could be seen only the clairvoyant ones or, let us say, people with higher level of their bodies’ vibrations; or people with expended Conscious.

Yet, absolutely everybody could feel Its presence!

In the Presence of This FIRE the Druids – Priests used to perform their offerings to the FIRE that were absolutely different from the offerings – sacrifices of other cults and religions.

The offerings mostly had a spiritual character.

For instance, it could be radiations, coming from a Priest or Priests. Joining with the vibration of the FIRE, the Priests could achieve the merging with the Earth Higher Realms.

It was considered that Offering – sharing one’s own LIGHT to the Higher Realms leads to the permanent connection with these Realms.

Yet, the people who had access to the Druidic Sanctuaries, and it is necessary to mention that not everyone could get this permission — admission, sacrificed something beautiful and the best thing he she had if it had been done by their own hands and wit their heart tendency — striving.

The FIRE could not burn these gifts down, but they were filled with Its vibrations and (in a while) people would take them back to fill their lodgings with this FIRE vibrations.

This way the DRUIDIC FIRE was spreading Its influence into people’s life.

The last time presence of the Priests – Druids in D. Center could be dated by the 6-th century B. C. The FIRE was “capsuled” by the Priests and the whole Sanctuary was reconstructed in such a way that no material traces were left for people.

Yet, the traces of the sanctuary, and, to be more precise, its Information saved for the descendents, the Knowledge and Alter, on which the FIRE used to be, — everything is preserved in the Space.

 And now you are the living witnesses of the Druidic FIRE that has come to Life and WE, the Hierarchy of LIGHT have appointed the syncdot_magnitiduha of Spirit groups, wherever you are, to carry the Flame of this FIRE all over Latvia.

Let’s return again to the History of DRUIDS.

So, the FIRE wascapsuled” and it means that the Channel connecting it with the Fiery World  of the Planet had been closed, but the Channel itself was reserved till the Time of New Activation comes.

 And this Wonderful TIME HAS COME NOW!

So, let us speak about the current time.

Now the FIRE of DRUIDS is coming to Life in many cities – towns that had anything to do with the ancient Druidic Sanctuaries. It is extremely important to understand now and, especially, to know that retuning back of the Druidic FIRE helps both the countries and people living there where these actions were really happening. And you are bestowed the great honor to take part in this ritual!

As far as Latvia is concerned with its numerous problems, it will be especially valuable for the country to spread the FIRE of DRUIDS to which the access is wide open for you. It just happened that in the current incarnation two persons are living on the territory of Latvia who had direct connection with the Druidic FIRE and the ancient Druidic sanctuary in D. settlement. One of them was a Druiddess who used to live among people in the mundane world.

The second person is a woman now who had a male embodiment at that time and she — he was my direct assistant; it means that she – he had a high rank among Druidic Priests.

So, we entrusted them to conduct the ceremony of activating the Druidic FIRE. They were taken anew through the ritual of Initiation into Druidic Fire Priests and both of them will have their special functions in this quality.

As far as your groups are concerned, We have a special message and request for you: Spread the Druidic FIRE all over the Latvian territory and beyond. It is not difficult to do.

To start with you need to realize the great Importance of what has happened. You have to realize your potential role in this Cosmo – Planetary Event and the opportunity of personal growth alongside with spreading the Druidic FIRE.

  The Usage of this FIRE in your everyday life will assist to lift your vibrations. Invocation to the FIRE of Druids will allow you to fulfill fast cleansing of yourselves in all your apostasies, purification of other people, cleaning your dwellings and so on.

The Usage of the FIRE will allow you to accelerate the mastering of your New Level of Consciousness and establishing of your Light Bodies and it involves the activation of your DNA.

Bring the Druidic FIRE into your life and the Life of the surrounding world!

Right now We do not request you to perform some kind of special rituals. You must understand or get used to such unprecedented Cosmic opportunitypotentiality of Taking Part in your own Evolution, the Evolution of your Country and the whole Planet – EARTH.

As the FIRE of DRUIDS is the Subtle World FIRE and the Planet FIERY Layer.

Its usage makes You Light Being and saturates the Planet with LIGHE which IT needs so much!

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