Магниты Духа

Gaias message to the earth people

07 — 10 — 2011

MY BELOVED CHILDREN! GAIA is calling upon You again to Redeem Your final sins – transgressions!

MY Natives, MY Golden, Precious Ones and every One and All of You, the most different Ones, but dearly and endlessly Loved!

Today I AM absolutely ready to do that determined action on which MY and Your Bright Future in the Light depends. I AM ready to do — accomplish the unprecedented in the history, both yours and Mine, slip out into the multidimensional existence.

All My Bodies are within an unprecedented tension, and therefore the unseen before by their power and frequentness the Elemental, so called “natural,” calamities are happening now. These are calamities for You, and for ME it is an turning into the Higher Dimensions.

YES! I AM READY for what is called “Ascension,” and it means that the accomplishment is not “somewhere behind the mountains.”

How can I reach Your ears and hearts, My Dear Children, the Soul Balance\ Peace of Mind that I HAVE already reached in the threshold of this EVENT? How can I bring for You, how can I get admission to Your Hearts, how can I explain You MY JOY in the premonition of the perfect renovation?

The JOY is filling ME and those of ME Children are singing second who are waiting for This to happen and understand how \ to what extend this Leap into Future will change Our Mutual Destiny!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Be De-LIGHT-ed, Dear Ones!

From distant stars and galaxies, from lives past, present and future many of You have come into My embrace namely in order to live through all of IT together with ME.

Rejoice, as the whole of Our Universe is Enjoying and delighted by the unprecedented Transformation, which is second to none in the Galaxy!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

As the moment of Transition is very close and I Need to Go through It accompanied with Your Joy and Love!

May All Days of this Great Transition will be filled with the understanding of what is happening and great joy for the Event that is finally HAPPENING for the sake all of which All of You ARE HERE, Dear Ones!

JOY and JOY again!

You have ripped for this Transition just the way berries are getting ripe for harvesting! Be Happy and Rejoice to the fact that Your sufferings are coming to its end and the LOVE LIGHT will, finally, connect US with a Diamond Thread!

I AM RIPE! I AM READY! I just NEED Your Peacefulness and absolute Understanding of the Necessity of Going through the ASCENSION culmination point!

Actually, when You wait IT with fear, You slow down the Process of MY ASCENSION.

When You enjoy the Inevitable MY “deliver” will be at time and more successful for the Material Plane.

I Ask You, My Beloved Children, Don’t forget to Be Happy, Delightful and Enjoy the Coming of the Spring to which Light WE can go only through the Critical Point and only Together, and only with full of Joy of the expected accomplishment of MY Wondrous Metamorphic Transformation.

I don’t know when the Cosmic Gong, calling ME for the Ultimate Actions is to sound. Yet, I AM ready and waiting for it with impatience. And therefore, MY Dear and Beloved Ones, I address You again:

Don’t Slow Down Inevitable by Your fear! Be Joyous for My sake! Be Joyous for Your sake! Invoke the Cosmic Light Forces for assistance!

Everybody has arrived and MY New Birth will be delivered by the High Ranged “midwives” of the LIGHT FORCES. Be compassionate for ME and Rejoice!

With Joy We shall move easier to the New Border!

Rejoice! Everything is beginning!

MY Love IS with Each of You, My beloved Children!


Through Marina Shults


Translated from Russian

By Larisa Malgosheva – Bartone


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