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How to behave during earth cataclysms

Message from EL MORYA 08 – 24 – 2011 My beloved People! You have started to experience some tension (so far it is not so big) associated — connected with the beginning of the serious actions of Elements on the Earth. However, even this events have caused panic — alarm. Well, it is understandable, first of all, I speak about ordinary Earthly people, the majority of whom do not even suspect — suppose on the edge of what events they…

Krayon in Riga-Latvia. 07.31.2011

Trough Marina Shults www.magnitiduha.info Greetings, my dear friends, at our new meeting with KRAYON! I would like to remind you that today here in Riga, in this hall it is our 9-th meeting with KRAYON. Number “9” is a very special figure in numerology. Our channelings have grown into a serious spiritual work. Before you usually came just to listen to KRAYON, and since long ago He has suggested or invited us to WORK. Actually, All Lords of LIGHT and…

Revelations to the Keepers of Sentinel Crystals.

Krayon 21 From the series: “Krayon from Russia” Greetings, My beloveds!             I AM KRAYON from Magnetic Service. This spring, 2011 during the days of Spring Solstice 24 New Great Teachers have started to collaborate with the Humankind of Planet EARTH; and many Light Workers do know about it. And besides these Teachers another Great Cosmic Entity has joined this work; actually, the ancient prophases had not informed You about ITs coming. All of Them have come to assist organizing…


Greetings to You THE FIRE OF DURIDS that has come into my Life! The FIRE of DRUIDS, assist me\ us to bring forth Balance and Perfection into the surrounding world Life! The FIRE of DRUIDS, help us to Harmonize the Space of Life in my \ our Country and give all People the Joy of Existence and the Beauty of Over — Earthly Realms! The FIRE of DRUIDS, nourish my bodies with Your Grace and allow me to lift up …

Druidic fire.

Returns          Every day of our Life now brings Spiritual Events of Planetary Significance. On May 15, 2011 KRYON, when I (Marina Shults) was channeling Him in Riga, Latvia, told us that soon the Fire of Druids would come back to the land of Latvia and this Event would be significant not only for Latvia, but for the whole EARTH. I knew since long ago that in ancient times I had had embodiment on the land which is known now…